Finger Scissors

Dan‘s little inner finger tattoo of a pair of scissors (“I just really like scissors, it’s that simple”) really healed exceptionally well I think given the tough location. It was done by Gavi Snider at Sacred Art Tattoo in Corvallis, Oregon.


12 thoughts on “Finger Scissors

  1. I’m totally happy with how this healed up, especially since I work counter at a tattoo/piercing shop and am changing gloves and washing my hands sooo many times throughout the day. and yeah, I get the “rock, paper, scissors” and “you runnin’ with scissors?” jokes ALOT.

  2. What alternate jokes would you prefer?

    Hope you don’t get stopped for having those scissors while boarding a plane, I read there is no tolerance.

    I’m full of ‘em, shoot (or cut).

  3. Very cute!! Looks very nice;great detail. I couldn’t have a finger tat in my line of work though.(bus driver).

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