Sany’s New Anatomy

Be warned; this is quite graphic — please, don’t continue if you aren’t generally interested in this subject…

I don’t think it’s as tricky as one the last ones proved to be, but click through to check out Sany’s new anatomy from behind, and click the picture for a different angle.



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Shannon Larratt is the founder of BME (1994) and its former editor and publisher. After a four year hiatus between 2008 and 2012, Shannon is back adding his commentary to ModBlog. It should be noted that any comments in these entries are the opinion of Shannon Larratt and may or may not be shared by LLC or the other staff or members of BME. Entry text Copyright © Shannon Larratt. Reproduced under license by LLC. Pictures may be copyright to their respective owners. You can also find Shannon at Zentastic or on Facebook.

68 thoughts on “Sany’s New Anatomy

  1. Proving, somehow, that I am not shocked by ANY mods anymore, my first thought was, “Hey, that looks a lot like bacon..” followed by “we really ARE just made of meat..” followed by, “Cool!”

  2. im confused… can some one fill me in if not this will be killing me to not know what it is!. i love #6 violet’s comment :P

  3. PLEASE TELL US WHAT THIS IS!!!!!!! we have been discussing it and we just don’t know is it a back view?!

  4. Click through the second picture to see what it’s all about…

    One question though, how ? I get the split but it seems like there’s some other mods involved…

  5. I looks like a split penis, half has been removed and maybe…a hole cut in the back for a vagina?

    D: I’m terrible at guessing these.

  6. took me a minute to realize what I was looking at ^.^
    but I really love this, absolutely amazing!

  7. I clicked through and I’m forced to wonder the appeal to this level of wholesale change. Does it render sex a purely solo act or is there a breed of partner that digs this?

  8. Ok I stared for a while. Its a penis and I sort get subincision, its about pleasure but the funtion of day to day living with this chewed meat. how it work?

  9. i still don’t think i understand what all’s going on here. what are the bumps? is the darker colouring just tattoos? and what is behind/underneath? is the penis erect in the click-through shot on the left? so many questions! it is very interesting though.

  10. “Does it render sex a purely solo act or is there a breed of partner that digs this?”
    The internet has taught me that it’s very likely.

    This is amazing.

  11. Is it weird that I’m happily eating breakfast while viewing this?
    Eh, I hope he is happy with this and either he has a partner who enjoys it, or he doesn’t feel he needs one.

  12. A hacked up ween. It’s always a hacked up ween. :)

    That said, we need details. I see in the click through the front part which is the split head (?) but above that, the fully split shaft (?) seems so… WIDE. And is there also a cut fully around the head, too? The join seems different, as if the head is coming out of pink. Or was something pushed through something else?

    Then I suppose the subincision goes all the way to the back? Is this the same guy who had pictures of the “very deep subincision” a while ago featured here?

    I love that the subtitles on the TV behind him in the click-through picture says 個性的な取り組み, this clearly is!

    As for #19 I presume he’s discussed with potential candidates. No matter how you reshape your bits, surely there’s someone else out there in the world with bits that exactly fit them!

  13. Well, thats been sliced all the way down to god knows where. U to A perhaps?

    Either way, I really thought it was a vagina when I did the first clickthrough. Seeing that I dont think I was too far off, He has to act like he had one now.

  14. im glad to say that im not disgusted at this picture.
    in the few years flipping through bme, browsing pics, updating my iam page, and browsing the hard galleries, my reaction to heavier mods have gone from disgust and denial to acceptance and awe.
    although if i had a penis, i couldnt imagine having it cut open, i deeply respect this man for having the balls to try what most fear.I am in awe of him, and maybe a little jealous.
    but who knows, as we all get a little more desensitised, this kind of thing will proably become mainstream and the dudes with the untouched penises will be the odd ones.

  15. tassh: whoa, just imagining split penises being the new “chinese characters meaning either FIRE BLOODY COURAGE or RICE FRIED IN PORK OIL I got in Amsterdam’s Red Light District” does my head in :D

    And, yeah, desensitised. I watched the pictures with deep interest and actually I don’t know, Shannon’s warning sounded as if there would be something shocking, and the thing that worries me is that I try to think of something bodymod-related that would shock me and, um, nothing comes to mind…

  16. This guy is ballsy, man o man. Props for having the gumption to make your body beautiful in your own eyes, especially if others don’t share the same aesthetic.

    Secondly, I’m kind of craving bacon now.

  17. i kind of thought it was the subincised penis with the medically engineered vagina underneath it that was mentioned in one of the interviews on here earlier.

  18. Huh? Its a tattooed penis with a really deep subincision, looks like the balls were split and, maybe, somehow surgically altered to be more flush with the body? I have no idea. Did this person go go a plastic surgeon or was it a DIY?

  19. Answer: Full subincision all the way through the scrotum, I *think* a castration, and there’s an unusual incision that runs all the way around the circumference of the base of the penis, which has healed with a deep fissure… There are quite a few more pictures in the members section; it’s very unique. All DIY (other than the tattoos of course).

  20. I… I’m not disgusted at all, but entirely confused by this… and I usually have at least an inkling of the motivation behind mods. I’m still not sure what I’m looking at, even after Shannon’s explanation.

  21. ModBlog has officially desensitized me. I don’t know what the FUCK that is supposed to be but I clicked the teaser photo and when confronted with this bizare photo of a modified penis, I merely raised an eyebrow….

  22. *I totally just contradicted myself “I don’t know what the FUCK that is supposed to be” then stating it was a modified penis… Come on Richard!!!

  23. I just have to ask why extreme genital mods like deep subincisions have so much more negative responces than cutting your lips so your mouth no longer closes properly and visible for all to see,and splitting your tougne seems to be more accepted and more positive among us mod lovers. why is this so?
    whats the big deal of being so put off, horrified and discusted with a split cock compared to a split lip and or tougne?
    i really like to know as i have a deep subincision too and constantly get negative remarks.

  24. No one’s made a single negative comment, from what I’ve read, Martin.
    This confused me but didn’t gross me out… I was afraid it’d be something awful from Shannon’s warning, but it’s not too graphic.


  26. Martin – You know, I have to agree with LovelyGrasshopper — I actually see far more negative comments about lip cutting. I think it’s just that one is sensitive to negative comments about mods one shares, so you see them in these entries, others see them in the lip entries / etc…

  27. Can this man function ? it looks like his penis and scrotum are fused and the scrotum is empty… Please let us know what has been done to this man…

  28. Shannon LOL I think it’s because most people are so F-n confused they don’t know what to say!

    I too want to know more of the story behind this mans modifications.

  29. GOD.DAMN. That is just amazing. I’m curious about the amount of dedication it takes to achieve this look.

  30. If there are testicles in there, I’ve no idea where. with that much scar tissue on top of the cutting and the fissure, I can’t imagine there would still be room in what we can see in these images. Still curious how well those with these deep reroutes keep from getting UTIs.

  31. Some of the pictures here still disturb me a bit but this doesn’t gross me out at all because I’m to busy trying to figure it out. Even with the explanation I’m still entirely confused.

  32. i think that is a woman who took hormones until her clitoris grew to be penis like, then she split it.

  33. I went, “Oh it’s a vagina.”

    Then I saw the photo, “WTF is that? I don’t even know anymor.”

    Then I clicked through and reached Nirvana.

  34. Female…testosterone to be male.. split dick… watched Oprah on Man being pregnant… learned from it

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