LTD Crew Cliff Suspension

Ron Garza, John Durante, and Chris Glunt have been exploring the world, and recently found themselves at San Marcos on Lake Atitaln in Guatemala — $10 a night accommodations — and after doing some 50ft cliff dives, already high on adrenaline, Chris suspended with two 6ga hooks and rigging tied to a boulder. Looks like an amazing experience — continue reading for more photos, and add their pages to your reading list to follow their adventures of course.





And some random travel photos as well… What’s stopping you from being in pictures like these?





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28 thoughts on “LTD Crew Cliff Suspension

  1. I love Ron’s ability to have a kickass time everywhere he goes in the world. I know I’ll be hearing TONS of amazing stories in May :D

  2. interesting considering the fact that i read this daily at either my bedroom or office in GUATEMALA CITY haha recently went to Tikal (last picture of the entry) and am planning a trip back to Atitlán (the lake thingy) sometime around this year… you don’t see people that heavily tattooed down here, i wonder how many awkward questions/looks they must’ve gotten haha

    very interesting :P

  3. Central America has been great!!! The reactions to the tattoos, and piercings has been a bit (or alot) heavier than alot of other places in the world I have traveled, but most here do see it as different than the sabatrucha (or gang) tattoos. We have not had many problems at all… As far as what we do for a living we all are body piercers, and modification artists with a passion to see the world. I dont think any of us are rich (money wise). Anyone who really wants to do these things can… L.T.D

  4. well done! 3 good looking men.

    i love john’s tattoos, especially his left sleeve

  5. Great Pics! I love the poker one, the dealer has his ready made straight, I can read him!

  6. I miss that region of the world. Whoever’s going down there next to do suspensions and stuff, I’ll come with you! haha

  7. so i walk into mcdonalds early today here at a local mall in GUATEMALA CITY to have breakfast and guess who was the trio at the court table having some muffins as well?

    that was as strange as awesome haha

    if i ever travel to either Upland CA or Seattle WA i’ll make sure i drop by Laughing Buddha Tattoo to say hi to mr. John Durante :P

    how small is the world, isn’t it? haha

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