Nasal Amputation Interview Posted

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247 thoughts on “Nasal Amputation Interview Posted

  1. What was the occupation of the practitioner who performed the procedure? Just curious. I actually like the way it looks, I wish we could see picks without the black bars :-P.

  2. I enjoyed this interview the most out of all the ones I’ve read recently… kudos to him.

  3. I’m assuming it was done under general anesthesia? I know people who have had nose jobs who say it hurts like hell… I cant imagine a nose amputation without pain.

  4. Hehe I’ve been looking forward to this since last april fools! i love these articles!

  5. with only two photos available… I think there’s a possibility this is an April Fool’s joke.

    If not, kudos to him for chasing his dream.

  6. Erm…. has anyone actully looked at the date today and put 2 and 2 together?


  7. i think the last answer really is a philosophy for life,
    Very interesting interview :)

  8. oh man oh man oh man oh man.
    I’ll keep my mouth shut.

    I will say, that this reminds me of another interview
    when BME was based out of Mexico a few years ago.

  9. Wow! The photo of him does remind me of the Bert/Ernie “Got your nose” gag. It’s so nice to hear about someone who is so happy! Also I love the pun in his pseudonym (Sin nariz= without nose in Spanish).

  10. I hit the main page, saw this article, and spit coffee on my screen. Thanks alot, Shannon. You owe me a new monitor.

  11. Are you all naïve ?

    It’s April Fool !

    But I admit it looks awesome ^__^”

    But Having no nose would cause severe infections :(

  12. *eyes the wall hanging with the grid and the numbers*

    I actually met a guy with no nose on the bus once. It was outside a VA hospital. The weirdest thing about it was, the guy HAD nostrils (he was on his way to reconstruction, I think). There was a bandage where the cartilage lower part of the nose is, and then two holes into his head up higher (where the nose hole is obvious on a skull).

    Looked FREAKY. But he was working it as best he could.

  13. Ive been itching with suspense at what you were going to post today! Im not disappointed, best interview ever!

  14. I really commend him for having the confidence to go through with it.
    if attaining happiness includes changing your body, then what’s wrong with that?
    I thought the interview was very enlightening. he seems like he would be an awesome person to have a conversation with.
    the only downside is that I’m sure this will be all over the internet soon,
    with people saying “he’s a freak zomg zomg!!!1″
    judging him, without really trying to understand why he did what he did. oh well, we can’t expect everyone to be open-minded.
    in any case, I wish him well. bravo for the great interview.

  15. Looks like Voldermort in Harry Potter, happy 1st april everyone.

    But……………if it is real omg its so cool (except the coughing up snot part yeuch)

  16. He sounds like a cool guy. I wish he lived in Florida– although the getting a cold and hacking up snot does not sound like fun.

  17. Drat those eyebars! I have the strangest feeling I have seen that guy Witz before…

  18. *yawns and scratches the back of her head* oh jeez, morning already? *wonders whether she paid her end of month bills*

    happy day to you, Shannon. anybody bite off each other’s fingers lately?

  19. I didn’t even have to read the interview to know what Shannon was up to in this interview.

    Good job! Haha. :)

  20. “WITZ: Don’t take life too seriously”

    i wonder if his “practitioner” may have helped out those twins with the arm-swapping from a few years ago. nice post/interview shannon. ive been looking forward to this one for the past week or so…

  21. Sweet, sweet irony would be if you had an outrageous real interview and posted it in a year, so everyone would think it was because of the day but then the prank would be that it wasn’t one.

    As always, an interesting read. Thanks.

  22. So I hope today being April fools he is making use of his Bert and Ernie nose. Everything on BME is outside the norm but within the community there a regular assortment of what you see but this is something new. I like it. It does make that bit between your nose and upper lip look uneccesary.

  23. “26.I didn’t even have to read the interview to know what Shannon was up to in this interview.”
    …i almost half forgot this morning, then i saw my calender.

  24. The best part of this April fools day joke is the allusion that Howie would be the only practitioner that would touch a nose removal… Personally I think it would be more likely that “EG” would be the artist…

  25. I wonder some things like- is his sense of smell still working- like via his mouth- how is his sense of taste affected?
    I know i get almost claustrophobic when I can’t breath thru my nose or smell- but I read SO much about our body compensating and other senses working better when one is compromised- so now I am curious…

  26. You should put this guy in touch with the Grey Alien bosyproject guy from a couple of years back – he’d dig this kind of work.

    Always a pleasure, Mr Larratt.

  27. He, he, no need to even read the interview, the heading gives it away totally. Good one!!!

  28. Kudos to 31 for the poisson d’avril reference. I was beginning to despair that I was the only one.. ha. You cute cuties of BME.

  29. @Bob:
    Sorry that I have to correct you, but it has to say “Ganz guter Witz” wich means “Quite nice joke” (quite true, I think), for those who don’t understand german!

  30. (cryptic, self-congratulatory comment, nod nod wink wink to other members of the too-cool-to-be-fooled brigade)

  31. Woah thats craziness. He seems like a cool guy, but the way he looks without a nose totally freaks me out. I don’t know, I like noses a lot and people wtihout them look super creepy to me.

  32. April fools’ day all over the world credulous people. Shannon, tu es tellement drôle ;p

  33. Damn…I was so proud that no one pulled anything over on me yet today…that actually took a few minutes to figure out lol.

  34. all I can say is…get yourself a german dictionary and check what “witz” means ;-)

  35. I figured “It’s BME, it’s probably true” but then the pictures kinda killed it. Pretty funny to read through though.

  36. It is surprisingly hard to convincingly photoshop off someone’s nose!!! It looks so weird even if it is real, that making it look “real” is super tricky…

  37. even before i realized the date i was gonna call it as a fake, the pictures were badly photoshopped, as someone who actually is a graphic designer its not hard to tell.
    sorry to insult your photoshop skills shannon, i’v been using photoshop since i was 13!

  38. mariess – Seriously, I challenge you to photoshop off someone’s nose! It’s very hard to get right — I’ve been doing photo manipulation for a long time and am quite confident at it, and consider this particular one a bit beyond me given only an hour or two… If I was going to do it again, I’d use posed photos and prepped fake scars so that I could line things up right.

  39. I fell for it. I totally forgot the date. Well done, Shannon. Now I feel like a real bozo!

  40. 34- You have to keep the nostrils otherwise your ears pop every time you swallow.

  41. Something is amusing about the fact that he can work as a designer with no nose, but I can’t even have facial piercings at my design job! lol.

  42. If only I hadn’t read the raeliens interview first, I would have probably been fooled by this!

    Both of those interviews were very entertaining though, and I think the way he looks is actually pretty cool haha. When I saw the pictures it actually reminded me of the Joshua one, which I read a few weeks ago.

  43. @83, danke dir! Du hast natuerlich recht – aber es ist denn auch meine dritte Sprache! (Aber gerade die wichtigste, weil ich in Deutschland wohne).

  44. but shannon, in this case, it would be “scherz” not “witz”. it means the same, but “scherz” is what you use when you’re talking about pranking people on april 1st.

  45. i’ve been looking forward to your april fool’s article all day…and this is it? it’s not even quasi-believable and the pictures are so blatantly photoshopped.

    i’m disappointed :(

    can’t wait to see what you come up with next year!!

  46. Between this and WoW’s new hero class my day has brightened cunsidderiblee. Thank you Mr. Larrattttte. :-)

  47. Happy Birthday to ME! (I’ll wait until tomorrow to see if the interview is real or not…I’m leaning towards not)

  48. HAHAHAH Did anybody consider Trash’s feelings? Poor Trash probably thought some one actually beat him to it. Second best April fools. Next to the Finger Amputations. Except that became alot more of a reality

  49. Shannon, that’s your face on the photos. Oh, no, I just fell off my chair and am writhing in pain from a heart attack, someone call 9….1….1…..hgkdm

  50. Two things gave it away: extra-short interview, only 2 pictures. Nice joke anyway. This morning our tutor told us there will be no study leave during our IGCSEs. We almost had a heart attack on the spot. It took like a minute for someone to call April Fools.

  51. Geez I really hope this isn’t an april fools joke because i think it looks kinda neat. Reminds me of the “grey alien guy” you wrote about (but i guess that was also an aprils fool thing)

  52. When you’ve got people who willingly have all their limbs cut off I don’t think someone removing their nose is that extreme anymore. It’s probably already happened. Weak april fools.

  53. Excuse my English, it is not my language..

    I think it’s all fake !! Living without nose is just impossible unless you keep two holes for breathing…

    Well this is what I thought about living with no dick ! Et pourtant…

    This April’s fool has a funny taste !

  54. I believed it until I read that he was fine having no nasal passage whatsoever. Mouth-breathing for your entire life seems a bit extreme, even for BMEzine. And plus, then he’d have to be holding his breath for the pictures posted. Ha ha.

  55. Why not also remove the mouth? Breathing sucks anyway!
    Honestly, I got a bit sick, although I am used too pretty much now. Now I feel better after I read the other comments…
    The alien look is nevertheless amazing, I wonder when someone will make it real.

  56. Ahem. To conclude the nostrils debate: I know a man who has no nose AND NO NOSTRILS. He’s a regular in the shop I work in. Instead he has a triangle of different-coloured skin that’s obviously been grafted there – it’s flat (I guess you can’t build a nose from nothing if it’s entirely destroyed).

    I don’t know the story behind it. He’s a biker though, so maybe was involved in some spectacular accident? Anyway, the point is, he has no nostrils, so there, y’all.

  57. I actually logged on to modblog and went looking for April Fools :P When I saw this was tagged as ‘funny’ i knew it HAD to be it!

  58. Shannon, have you really heard of a practitioner being asked for a nose amputation? Go on, go on, let at least that bit be true.

  59. As soon i saw it on the front page i thought April fools
    bloody brilliant though :)

  60. at first i wasnt sure. then i realized the print at the bottom says “APRIL FOOLS, 2008″

  61. hmmm all these comments about april fools have me weary. If not, I want to see more picture, i was hoping for a profile picture also.

  62. haha, I forgot it was april fools but I really do love the way he looks with no nose. Looking at those pictures I don’t feel like it looks like his nose is “missing”, it suits him very well. I loved the interview too! Just wish it was true…

  63. thats cute. the first thing i thought was ” what has HOWIE ( been up to now”

    I’m sad that its an april fool.

  64. I knew that there would be SOMETHING from Shannon for April Fool, just not what. What really annoys me is that while I was really on the alert for this, my FATHER totally got me!

  65. lol at first i thought it was real but i saw the photo shopness ha ha but it was great it had me fooled

  66. this is like, every time I read about Head splitting I think… oh yeah, that would be an interesting mod… maybe do that interview in a years time :D

  67. Ha. Ha. Ha.

    Tho it would be nice planning on Shannon’s part if it were true.

    Great “interview”

  68. i hope someday shannon will post something really outrageous on april fools day. and the april fools joke will be that IT WILL BE REAL. haha.

  69. So, I’m going to apologize right now. I’ve come into the conversation late and I didn’t take the time to read all 166 comments. But I have a question.

    How does food taste? I’m assuming he doesn’t have very much a sense of smell left, and isn’t much of taste dependent on smell?

  70. Oh dang… Guess I should have read more comments.

    I guess that just shows how used to the totally outrageous I am because of BME. Ah well.

  71. Sweet april fools gag, however when shannon had the site hoaxored 1337 style is still my favoret BME april fools gag. However I really do think it looks pretty sweet. makes me think of anime since all the imphisis is on the eyes with no nose. Well thhat and Voldimort.

  72. I was in shock when I read it because about a month or two ago I said to my friend that it wouldn’t surprise me that, with all the amputation movement going on, at some point someone would amputate their nose… You had me there!

  73. After about a year of my friends telling me to get such a procedure done, for there own amusement it good to see what the results would look like even if its not real, so ty :)

  74. guys for next april fools, would you mind not posting “APRIL FOOLS LLOLOLOL!!1″ in the comments section.

    if you know it’s a joke, then you should try to keep it alive so that the less quick ones have more opportunities to ask questions and fall for it. fuck, go ahead and ask some good questions yourself, or make up stories about how you know the guy and he’s totally cool or whatever.

    but let’s try to keep the ‘april fools’ on the down low a little longer.

  75. damnit fooled again! I really should stop being so gullible surfing the net today.

  76. I’m not a regular on the site (and not modified), I just stumbled across it by accident 4 or 5 years ago. But ever since I read the arm transplant story, I make a point of visiting at least once a year. This is fabulous, and the comments make it even more fun.

  77. When I read the article I was not that surprise and I realize only after that this can be a April fools.
    I mean after see every day people play with genitals and made any possible body modification this not that strange.

    I would mind more to loose my penis or balls then my nose :)

  78. The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the front page was that the black bar across the eyes was completely useless because anyone who saw him would know that was him, it’s not like there are many guys running around with no nose. Then I remembered the date, lol.

  79. They have one of these on every April Fools and it ALWAYS gets me at first! I love BME <3

  80. I can’t wait for this to be passed around the internet. I’ve stumbled across the guy who had an arm attatched to himself more than once. Another april fools interview, i think.

  81. What a great prank =) This is the only joke I got for April Fools this year!

  82. ^_^ Great joke! I love the April Fool’s interviews here.
    @183: Yeah, I’m waiting for this to show up somewhere else and be taken completely out of context.

  83. ohhh i totally fell for it.
    i wanted it to be true, it was so laid-back and ‘whatever’ rather than dire serious like the other extreme posts seem.

    only prank i’ve fallen for today, the most outrageous one!

  84. I once saw a documetary that showed a person who had his nose ( and a large chunk of face ) ripped off by a bear attack and another person who had bone cancer in the facial bones. it was very interesting. they were showing the amazing prosthetic faces that have been developed. I remember one of them had a plastic nose that clipped onto metal posts that were implanted into the remaining bone. amazingly when the person was wearing the prosthetic, it looked almost perfect, you could see a faint line where the prosthetic ended and skin began.

  85. Missjack – you are totally right, I tried to swallow with my nose plugged and my ear were fucked everytime.


  86. awesome, i fell for all of them haha until i read on the last one it was april’s fools day.

    Sorry i’m from guatemala and our fools day is in december actually so damn! i always fall for this stuff.

    def. sending a link to either the nose or the arm to my dad so he gets sooo shocked! haha can’t wait to see his face tomorrow hahahahahaha


  87. imagine… no more sneezing, no more boogers, no more sinus infections. This a mod of the future! You are far ahead of your time sir.

  88. Actually, this one was too easy. The name of the “interviewee” gave it away to me (loosely translated it means “the art of jokes”) even before reading it all. And we all should know that comic-book hero Obelix was responsible for the nose-less look of the sphinx :)

  89. after looking at the pictures closer and noticing how PHOTO SHOPPED they are and hey its april. well.

    well done shannon.

  90. I always forget April Fools. Always.

    So here I was, thinking “Cripes, imagine if you could hide things up there in your closed-up nasal passages…”

  91. it’s weird.. like the nose is a prominent figure on your face, it stands out. no matter what any one says, the nose is usually the first thing people notice about your face. and if you take it away… i dunno.

    but yeah was naseous yesterday, and i saw that pic today, and it made my stomach try crawling up my throat. no offense, but the scars gave me jitters on first impact/notice.

  92. Personally, the master touch was having him walk back into work after the mod. His nose is missing, and he only offers a vague excuse.

    “Dude! What happened to your nose?”
    “…I don’t want to talk about it”


  93. Damn! I only read this today (april 3rd here in Australia) so I totally believed it! Lucky I looked at the other comments before I made mine!

    Hahah I like the surgeon “H”

  94. omg. lololol I read the building better humans article… and got so worked up about it.. and got to the very end… and was like.. oh its just an april fools article.. and same with the nose article too =P haha

  95. I have to make another comment about this!! lol i just read the other articles (which i have read in the past) and i went on for years thinking they were real!!! hahaha

  96. i know THIS article is fake….but the thing is, i’ve ALWAYS wanted this mod.
    ever since i was a kid i wanted to have no nose.
    i’ve always been able to “smell” evil, and i thought this may give me some peace.

  97. i picked the fake as soon as he said he just hocked up with a cold… hold your nose shut and try hocking… if it were shut, his canals would just fill… yummy!
    anyway, i think it looks cool. oneday someone will do it.
    nice work shannon

  98. Nice April Fool’s day joke.

    On a serious note though my ex’s sister had her nose removed due to cancer and until she got her fake nose it was really full on to see her. Her head was like a beach ball. Mind you, I never saw her without her bandages as apparently it was quite upsetting to see.

  99. I actually think the look is sexy- lizard like. I wonder if it would be possible to amputate the nose and what the effects would be -how sleeping, talking, eating would be effected, the physiological changes and how you would deal with colds. It would bother me not to be able to smell- what if gas was in your house or if you smelled really bad but couldn’t tell- smell food, candles, incense, skunks?? And what about eskimo kisses??

  100. I totally didn’t get this was an april fools till I read all the comments. Duuuh! Well done! That photoshop had me convinced…didn’t read the date : )

  101. I am SO gullible. I read the nose article and believed it. I read the twins article and believed it until I read the “responses” – then I read the other articles and STILL believed them. SO SO GULLIBLE.

  102. Goddamn it. I totally fell for it when I read it a few days ago not realizing the date. But then i read the part of “if you enjoyed this you might enjoy these” section and I remembered them as being past April Fools. Fuck. I was totally hoping to check out that procedure and have been checking BME video. Sweet bar-hopping christ. You got me.

  103. I guess that next year there will be an article about a blonde amputating her brain (because it’s such an useless feature). And I guess that there will still be readers asking if it’s for real.

    How could it be real? Everybody knows quite well that a blonde has NO brain at all.

  104. it took me until two days ago to find out this was an april fools joke. someone actually had to tell me. damn, well done.

  105. Haha. Apart from the little hints like the name and the last line of the interview and, of course, the date, the thing which totally convinced me straight away that this was a joke was the fact that when asked why he started considering the mod, he mentioned Bert and Ernie as influences. I mean, I know they rock, but really…

  106. This has to be the most convincing online April Fool’s I’ve ever seen. BMEzine has the added confusingness of- this site is full of people doing crazy things; if someone’s cut their penis in half, why can’t someone else get their nose cut off, you know? heh…

    But seriously though, imagine if someone had actually done this. They’d talk so weirdly for the rest of their life!!


  108. this article is amazing i reallly realllly want to see photos of him when his wounds are healed

  109. this really needs to be cleared up;

    is this, or isn’t this, an april fools article??

    if it’s not i gotta say i kinda like the look, although i have no idea whether or not it is as i am just about the most trusting person i know.

  110. Regardless if this is an april fools prank or not, this does remind me of the stories i’ve heard in school about the ancient egyptian nose cult. Apparently, there used to be a group of people who got the idea that all the evil within a person is contained within their noses. So they cut em off. Natually, they couldn’t have do with the evil nosed leaders of the day, so they started kidnapping political leaders and chopping off thier noses and people startedd paying attention- and killing all the noseless. The story goes that at this point, the cult decided that well, since they were aware of the evil in the nose, they decided it was best for thier lifespan to redirect the efforts to the afterlife. Ever see a wall of heiroglyphics or portraits, and wonder why all the little noses are chissled off? How could it be possiable for the arms and other extending parts of old statues to still be intact, but the nose is completely removed? It is even one of the theorys of why the Great Sphinx of Giza is noseless.

    Something to think about at least. “Its not my fault I killed millions, I have a nose!”

  111. thats pretty kool i thnk its awesome that he did that and doesnt give a fuck what other people think about him thats dope as shit and the last part when he said dont take life to serious i agree to the fullest

  112. dude im not into body mod whatsoever but what you did is one of the kollest things ive ever seen. keep living free

  113. okay people, this was an april fools joke,
    his name and the pictures gave it away real quick
    but you can believe its real if it makes you feel better =D

  114. Haha.. Long-standing “gotcha” for me, I guess.

    I didn’t realize that this was an April Fool’s joke until today, after reading the comments that referred to it from this year’s April Fool’s.

    What can I say? You constantly see people willingly amputate digits, hands, arms, legs, genitals, et cetera. This was very believable, aside from the images. I guess I attributed it to poor quality>.>

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