Temporary Front Corset Piercing

iam:PhotographThis took this photo of a front corset project that won “Best Temporary Piercing” at the MA Tattoo and Arts Fest. The piercing was done by Rob Hill at Maya Tattoo and Body Piercing in Sioux City, Iowa.


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39 thoughts on “Temporary Front Corset Piercing

  1. I don’t know why but I love the ribbons…The way the light plays off of it is just magnificent. Personally, I would love to have a ‘permanent’ corset done on my back…But tis a dream…lol…

  2. I wonder what the one in the armpit felt like… I’m extremely tickleish and probably wouldn’t have been able to sit still. very awesome though

  3. aw thank you all for the kind words. It was my first play/temp piercing session. It was such an amazing experience…the adrenaline rush I had. Awesome. The armpit actually felt fine. It didn’t hurt at all. What you don’t see (the cloth hides it a bit) is the underside of my left boob was pierced about an inch if that from my nipple. That was interesting. But yeah, we ended up having to do it all really quick because he had his sideshow right before the judging. He did 20 piercings in about 20 minutes. I can’t wait to do another one…I have such a great idea for it!

  4. so i have this dilemma, i find this girl absolutely stunning, yet my girlfriend ( who has 2 realtively minor tattoos) wants to get more tattooed but i feel like i dont want her too, its like my mind doesnt make sense at all haha, anyway it is really cool to see something that original

  5. Eh, I’m not really feelin this corset. I mean I often like corset piercings, but this one just isn’t doing it for me. Am I the only one?

  6. Hey, Rob Hill’s the guy who did my friends clavical surface piercing! :) He’s a great guy, and really talented

  7. Rehan: any way, it’s you girlfriend’s body, not yours so she can don’t whatever she want with it, you don’t have to ask yourself if you want her to get more tattoos or not, I’m pretty sure she’ll answer this question herself…

    On topic: Oh gawsh, I find this girls extremely beautiful and the way she holds the ribbon in her mouth makes her look so fragile… and also she has a septum piercing which is a big yes for me… One of the most beautiful girls on BME for my tastes!

  8. (my message should read “she can do whatever she wants” not “she can DON’T whatever she want”?!?)

  9. I really like how the piercings were done to lie with the flow of her body in that position as opposed to being straight up symmetrical. I agree w/ Xenobiologista too, she really does have a face like a porcelain doll.. just ehanced by a septum piercing.

  10. #29 i know its her body and i can’t stop her if she wants too, but in any case a relationship involves compromise, im just wondering where my tastes clash so hard, i really like heavily tattooed girls but yet I as in me feel like i wouldnt ant my girlfriend to get anymore

  11. This is stunning work! Very very well done! It’s adding fodder to my excitement about my corset piercing. YAY!!!

  12. rehan: a relationship involves compromises that’s for sure (I usually end up with girls who do not understand this concept -_- ) but you can’t do any compromises on the image you want to project, otherwise you’re lying to yourself by acting like you want something when you really want something else (and I did just that way too many times to feel comfortable with you saying that your girlfriend wanting tattoos should be subject to a compromise)… If it was for the girls I had a relationship with (and I mean all 5 of them) I would never have had my tongue split and I would live knowing it was something I “needed” in order to be physically complete (the way I see myself any way). Any way, I the way I see it is if you really love someone you will deal with the way he/she looks whatever happens, otherwise you put too much importance in the physical attraction part of the thing and anything like an accident could ruin everything… All right, enough ranting for today!

  13. thx , i know tho, if she did it i would get over it, its just ive never thought that i wouldnt want a girl to get a tattoo, i dont know why i feel like this, ive always encouraged previous girlfriends to do so if they wanted , this ones special i suppose, im trying to figure out why i have this feeling, im sorry for turning this thread into this but she does remind me of ‘the one”!

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