Giger Bodysuit Tattoo Project

Since everyone seemed to like the last Giger sleeve I posted, I wanted to add Bosko’s biomech bodysuit, largely inspired by Giger pieces — he’s 49, and the fomer CEO of a top firm in Serbia. The tattoos were done over two and a half years by Boban at Bomba Tattoo in Novi Sad, Serbia. The tattoos were done with Talens India Ink instead of regular tattoo ink because Bosko developed an allergy, which eliminated their ability to do standard graywash shading in the piece.


Full photos continue after the break. On his back is a large Giger baby with machine gun arms based on an exhibition photo, on his right side is Giger’s Samurai painting, and a biomech girl on the right, and his belling is based on Giger’s Landscape XVIII.





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81 thoughts on “Giger Bodysuit Tattoo Project

  1. this is one of those moments where i really, really hope this isn’t an April Fool’s post. because i want to believe that tattoos this incredible really do exist in the real world.

    the world “CUDDLES” at the top of his back creeped me out. ;)

    mad props to his artist, that is some mind-bending work. he made it appear as if Giger literally just painted everything right onto the man’s body (which is why i hope it’s a real piece and not some April Fool’s gag).

  2. The only thing that i have to say is: WOWWWW!! It’s awesome, I really like this work.

  3. Oh, well he’s hot. I bet he’s a bad m.f. in uhm, other areas too. I’ve wanted to get some giger-esque stuff done on my back, down my spine. It’s sexy.

  4. if anything is an april fools then it’s the interview before this

    not saying it is, bu i would say it’s the more likely one

  5. Okay, I’m sorry.. but he is incredibly sexy. I could be his daughter with room to spare, but.. reow. o_o

  6. I am deeply impressed and more than a tiny bit jealous. A beautiful looking man with stunning tattoos. At least, I hope they are genuine and this isn’t a clever April Fool hoax. Even if it’s a hoax the artwork is remarkable.

  7. that’s so amazing. the blackwork (i can’t remember if this is the right term?) on his arms is so well done- i think it’s the crispest/cleanest/best done example of blackwork (again, sorry if this is wrong) i’ve seen on modblog. the idea is so awesome. how long has it taken so far (if you know?)

  8. Mindfreakinblowing. I really like the colour of the ink, ’cause with gey/black you have the problem that bigger blocks of darker colour can fade…
    Oh, Bosko is absolutely gorgeus o_o.

  9. That is the SICKEST full body tattoo I have seen yet! Makes my Birth Machine calf piece look like child’s play.

  10. <3



    I first became ‘aware’ of tattoos as being something more than ‘LOVE’ and ‘HATE’ on my uncles’ knuckles and his friend’s Orange Order stuff (basically a bunch of protestant cunts looking for an excuse to fight and hate non-WASPs) was when I discovered Gieger at the age of around 9 and suddenly wondered just how amazing it would be to be ‘painted’ with his work…I’ve had a deep-seated longing for such a bodysuit ever since…Although I don’t know if I ever could…

    Love it.


  11. Surprised the camera lens wasn’t singed clean off by this inferno of a man. Grrrrrr and furthermore, ruff, ruff.

  12. That samurai is one of my favorite works by him. and will most likely be on my body some day, can only hope it looks as good as this one. incredible

  13. My first reaction was, “eww, ick”. However, I think it’s a really well done tattoo.

  14. Just goes to prove, if you really want something, nothing will get in the way. And wow, well done to Boban. The intensity of the ink has worked well and given normally dark Giger that extra deep sense of darkness. Nice one.

  15. freaking gorgeous!!! and nice to see an ‘older’ person getting such extensive work at that point in life :)

  16. The babies and the ogre on the back sort of remind me of that movie “The City Of Lost Children”. Props to you for such great work.

  17. i don’t see how having to use talens was a hindrance i know many artists who use talens for all of their black and grey washes. the work is amazing thou. thoroughly impressed.

  18. Amazing tattoo. Excellent work. I just don’t get the “Cuddles” thing either. But then again I don’t have to.

  19. Thats one hot man! And a mature man at that =)
    I love the inkwork, the Giger theme, everything.

  20. Fantastic. I like the “glove”. Often I think about getting a tattoo, just for the sake of it, but then I think no, it’ll get in the way of my planned biomech bodysuit. These pictures are a definite inspiration to wait it out and get something big and quality.

  21. It’s done in India Ink? My husband has an ink allergy of sorts and is lusting for more tattoos. Is this a common practice or unique to the artist? Does anybody have any information about this sort of thing? I’m headed straight to Google but figured I’d ask here first.

  22. Yes, it’s all done using Talens Indian Ink (‘India’ is a typo). We had tried Micky Sharpz, Kuro Sumi and Diabolo Novum black inks before Talens. However, I developed bad rashes and my skin rejected all these inks to a greater or lesser extent. I don’t know if Indian Ink would prove to be safe for your hubby, but it did the trick for me.

    Hope this helps,

  23. Hey i have a secer allergy to PPD ( p-Phenylenediamine ) I was wondering if this could be an alternative?

  24. Beutifull work no other way to describe it.

    With india ink it might be best if you do some test spots maybe 5 millimeters across with different kinds of inks on discret locations on your body.

    I have to be careful since i suffer frpm Atopic Dermatits on my legs. but ive used pelikan Number 17 ink without problems in my hadpokes.

  25. soy colombiano y estoy buscando una imagen o arte gafica que me describa las benditas almas del prugatorio o “animas”. gracias

  26. Oh my god. There is no words to describe that.
    I’ve never seen anything like that!
    That has literally left me speechless.
    That’s stunning.

  27. I’m not sure about the babies, but it’s a gorgeous tattoo. I love Giger. xx

  28. i love giger but all i can say about the back is what a waste of space! he has much more detailed art that could have been used. but by the looks of it there isnt any thought involved in the designs used. just cover me up style. what a waste…..

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