So yesterday afternoon I was walking through the forest in High Park, and I noticed a big brown rabbit in front of me. It was almost tame — it slowly hopped away from me, never straying more than fifteen feet or so in distance. I followed it for about ten minutes, wondering whether there was something wrong with it for being so docile, whether it was someone’s pet that had been released, or maybe, just maybe, it was a magical rabbit, here to lead me away from all my troubles.

Perhaps it was just a sign that I should post Sara‘s picture of her and her bunny, with a Medusa piercing done by Clint at Artistic Skin Design in South Indianapolis?

Oh yeah, and I can’t stand the admin side of WordPress 2.5 so far. Bleh!

43 thoughts on “Bunnies

  1. I love the medusa on her… but im totally distracted by the adorable little bunny.

  2. BUNNY ^_^

    i miss having rabbits

    and her eyes are very very very blue

  3. That looks a lot like the sketch you posted with a girl with a medusa holding a bunny or two. I think it was last week sometime?

  4. Awh I am totally distracted by the bunny!
    But her medusa is beautiful on her ^_^

  5. But Shannon, what happened with the bunny you followed? I can’t stand the suspense.

  6. her entire face is mesmerizing…as if she were an elf or dryad to be found in nature…especially with the bunny in the shot…

  7. For sure she has crazy blue eyes, but man that is the cutest bunny ever. I wonder what kind it is?

  8. I’m so jealous of people with blue and green eyes.
    I mean wow her eyes are stunning, and the medusa totally suits her.
    WHy do some of us have ot be cursed with ugly brown eyes or as I liek to call them pools of poo XD hahah.
    i like bunnies.

  9. She and the bun are cute, but honestly the first thing I noticed was the fact that the modblog stamp looked like it was on her shirt. Good job there! Haha.

  10. that is so cute, the bunny is just like my grey bun before he grow’d up. I love it’s expression “wtf? camera,..just put me down woman” my netharland dwarf is the nnly rabbit of mine i can ever get to hold still for a photo and he actually preens in front of it.

    and for you on your walk ; rabbits often do that as a way of luring you away from their burrow.

  11. she has the most amazingly pretty eyes i hav ever seen in my life time
    rabbit is cute to
    oh and teh medusa

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