Six Bit Play Piercing

After the break are three more photos of play piercing on Dirtbag Danae, done by Melissa Modify at Modern Body in Sacramento, CA. All of these pictures of the sixty-four needle session were taken by Jill Auville.

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25 thoughts on “Six Bit Play Piercing

  1. Fuus – I totally understand what you’re getting at — function before form — but I have to agree with Glynnavyre. BDSM in general is very much concerned with aesthetic. For example, fetish parties are very much about indulging ALL the senses, and would Pinhead from Hellraiser be as effective without the obvious fashion sense?

  2. i really do enjoy these shots…the last picture is very retro…reminds me of a shot that could have been taken during the 30s/40s…

  3. @allana: I had that same first response about the “well placed mole” – then realized it wasn’t a mole at all. I’m gonna say instead “perfectly placed (I’m assuming) dermal anchors”

  4. I did used to think it could be about both, but the more I experience of play piercing (my own and others), the more I think, any focus on the aesthetic of needles detracts hugely from what it’s really about – the sensation.

    Obviously, each to their own, etc, but I always feel with pictures like this that they’re missing the point a bit. When you’re preoccupied with such precision, how can you really engage with the passion and fire and energy of a needle session? A picture of needles that are chaotic, unplanned, jumbled – that’s someone who’s making the most of their needles.

  5. Fuus – Like I said, I understand where you’re coming from, and PERSONALLY I tend to fall into the same line of thinking, but I don’t think that it’s universally true, or even the dominant way of thinking on this subject. I think you’re right, but I also think a LOT of emphasis needs to go on “each to their own”.

  6. I don’t see how there could be a “right” way to enjoy play piercing beyond basic safety measures… Besides that, though, these are lovely… wonder how long the microdermals have been in, they look so healthy!

  7. fuus-why is it that the fact that this session was aesthetically pleasing a distraction from the sensation? they’re the same needles, doing the same thing-just incorperating artist principles into the design…how does wanting to achieve precision and artistic design really rob a play session of its ‘fire and passion’? if anything this adds passion to this practice…another dynamic, outside of the physical sensation…

    i can get what your saying, but i just can’t agree with it…not disrespecting your opinion by any means-but this is just so breath taking, and from danae’s responses-she achieved what she wanted from it (both aesthetically and physically)-i just can’t see how anyone could say anything negative…

  8. Laura – honestly, I don’t know. But the more I experience of play piercing, the more I feel that a session focused on a design and aesthetic is so much less rewarding in terms of sensation and needle energy. And the more I feel that way, the less I can appreciate pictures like this – it is beautiful, but feels so unnatural to me.

    Shannon – I believe we’re in agreement :)

  9. I always leave the design up to the piercer, so i obviously couldn’t give a shit less what it looks like once it’s done.
    I had a great experience, and want to thank melissa for doing an awesome job.

  10. hmmm…i don’t think it robs anyone of anything personally…but this is my opinion-and i don’t pretend its etched in stone…

    i’ve had sessions where designs were applied, and sessions where the needles were just stuck anywhere…personally, the only difference with precission is the time difference-and i felt the anticipation created was more pleasing for me-waiting for that next prick…and i’d rather a;ittle thought and beauty be put into those needles-then someone just stabbing away with no real vision or destination…

    who made up the rules anyways? it should be about what the person receivings the needles gets out of it, anyways…and to me-this lovely lady seems happy-so whats there to debate?

  11. hey fuus….I recently did an intricate and very planned play piercing on a girl, and when we were done, she said “I feel like I just got fucked!”…..sorry to burst your bubble….

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