Hey, Four Nostrils…

Continue reading after the break for a closer look at Enrikay‘s facial tattoos, as well as to see what a large gauge nostril piercing can look like with no jewelry in it.

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49 thoughts on “Hey, Four Nostrils…

  1. Wow – you can definitely tell that he’s taken care in planning out his facial tattoos and piercings, they look so natural on him!

  2. I was a little hesitant about clicking on “read more” this time as, I guess, there’s some truth to the theory that the Westerners prefer to perceive their bodies as “sealed envelops” and don’t want to think what’s underneath/ inside but it looks very nice and not “scary” at all.

    in fact, even bigger nostril sizes are quite aesthetically pleasing.

  3. shannonnn!! you’ve been posting some beautiful men with some beautiful mods lately! i like the little tat on his cartilage. all his work looks beyond sick!

  4. I love people like this; everything’s so well though out and it just looks absolutely perfect

  5. Well placed miocrodermals, and gorgeous sideburns! I wonder if extra nostril holes sans-jewelry could become a trend. It looks pretty damn cool…

  6. I always love seeing how large-gauge piercings look with the jewelry removed…. and then seeing what other things you can stick in there.

  7. Very carefully planned.

    I love his image!

    When i see people like this, it makes me feel bad about myself.


  8. His earlobes intrigue me; is it just the weight of the jewelery pressing on the outside of them that has pushed them together?


  9. OMG – just checked the pic in the background of his IAM – that negative space work on his neck/head is awesome.

    Super awesome.


  10. 25: Yeah, the Koru design he’s got happening with the neck/head/sideburn piece is VERY nice. I love the deceptively simple patterns like the Koru.

  11. The design on his neck, in the negative space, is called ‘mangopare’. It’s like a stylized representation of the hammerhead shark. It represents strength among other things!

  12. everything on his face( piercing wise) i can say are by me besides the nostrils. samoian mikey from scared center here in las vegas did the tattoo work

  13. i like his nostril pierings, they fit him so well along-side his facial tattoos

  14. some of the most elegant looking stretched piercings i’ve seen, nothing over the top – i love it! and symmetry… blessed, blessed symmetry :D

  15. FORHEAD: It looks like a black dot with a diamond transdermal in the center.
    The side burns are the most interesting part for me.

  16. his forehead Has three circles going up, descending in size.
    ..with a microdermal on the bottom one, i believe its a 4 mil prong set. one time i saw him slap a midget waitress for dropping a cheesestick. true story.

  17. This guy is fucking hot.

    I love large gauge sidelabrets, and the stretched labret/medusa is kick ass.

    I rather see some large nostrils with tunnels in em tho! :]

  18. I’d like to see someone use this method to create a new set of nostrils, then seal their original nostrils closed somehow…. Pauly Unstoppable, I’m looking in your direction.

  19. hey his mods are sweet as
    they dont look outa place on him
    its like he was born with it
    but not really

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