If the previous post was too high on the new age factor and too low on the geek factor (since it had both), I’ll suggest you may prefer April’s Dalek tattoo, done by Rick at Inkognito in Kingstown… She works as a nanny — I wonder if this will help or hinder this work?

27 thoughts on “EXTERMINATE!

  1. Now, she needs the Doctor somewhere, too! 🙂 (and, god help me for showing what a geek I am, I just noticed that the dalek’s arms are reversed… She’s defiitely got a one-of-a-kind now! Cool! 🙂 )

  2. Oh my god, I LOVE this! I’ve been thinking about getting a Tardis tattoo for awhile now..yay for the Doctor Who love:)

  3. I like doctor who….
    but I fucking detest those obnoxious ass Daleks…that AND the asshole Master…
    nice looking tat BTW

  4. Holy shit! This shop is less than 3 miles from my house! I never imagined seeing it on Modblog, it just opened within the past 6 months. By the way, the town is called North Kingstown. There is a South Kingstown just below us. And a Kingston, without the W, just West of us. No Kingstown though. ;))))

  5. That is AWESOME! I LOVE IT!!! I’m a HUGE
    DOCOTR WHO fan from way back in the shows golden
    years in the 70′s – when I was a little nipper!


  6. hi me and some of the other dalek “geeks” have been admiring aprils tattoo… but being the perfectionists that most geeks have a reputation for .. we were wondering if the image has been inverted… if not the artist has given april a left handed dalek … (appendages the wrong way around) sacrillage in the dalek building comunity lol… still a nice tat though..

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