17 thoughts on “Branding over blackwork

  1. I love the whole scar-on-ink thing. The one on the elbow is really nice. That must get iritating, eh? Right on the elbow? and how’s that effect healing?

  2. That first photo is amazing. I love that the fatty layer contrasts to greatly with the black work. It’s kind of like peeking through curtains, I feel like I can open up his skin to look at the rest of the fat.

  3. It look realy deep… It’s just me, or this branding look deeper than others?
    (sorry for bad english, i hope you will understand me ;))

  4. I can almost FEEL that scab popping whenever he’s going to bend his elbow! Gotta be an ouchy place to heal this. That said, this is a nice effect.

  5. does anyone know if this is strike branding or a Thermal Cautery brand? Either way it looks awesome, Makes me want to get more brands.

  6. #11- it’s definitely a cautery brand. There’s no way a strike brand could be that uniform.

    He should have some interesting stories about healing that bad boy… healing tattoos around the elbow isn’t fun… beautiful work though.

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