33 thoughts on “Must… Not… Ogle…

  1. “Must… Not… Ogle…”
    this was meant to be a professional reminder for the one posting- who so graciously shared the image wiht us.. to ogle right?
    cause ..YUM.

  2. That’s a really over the top macho male objectifying..It’s like the face of the girl is not important so they didn’t even bother to take the picture of it, only nameless ass and tits. Sexist shit.

  3. must…. not…… grope…….
    oh what the hell *grope grope grope*
    damn……… just… damn…..
    okay, ive decided, i want to do this chick
    and i like the suspension ^^

  4. Or what if a girl took the picture? Or what if the girl in the picture didn’t want her face in it? Maybe she likes being objectified. You are making judgements based on nothing.

  5. Poline…look at where the hooks are and then ask your question again.
    The hooks for the pulling or suspension..whatever they were doing, are located on her back and I’m assuming she choose to wear what she wore that day, while the man’s hooks are located on the underside of his forearm which he has facing the camera.

  6. i am not a fan of seeing women objectified- at the same time i think assuming that a woman is not in control of her environment and consenting as an empowered individual to her situation is also a dis-service.
    I know that my celebration of my body includes my *sexual* bits and I don’t have an issue sharing them- I just naturally assumed we were seeing an image of a strong woman who is proud of her vessel?

  7. Yeah, i would have thought the same if it was a dude. I just find it striking that if you go to the gallery,among quite a few pictures there is not a single picture of her from other angles and with her face shown (and i really doubt if she did that public performance she would have a problem with her face being shown). Yeah, thanks, but i know that the hooks are placed on the back and you can find plenty of pictures of back pulls/suspensions (and in the same gallery as well) taken from other angles. The problem is not ass and tits,but when it’s only ass and tits that is seeing in women (or if it was a man, in men) no more than a piece of meat.

  8. i see her as a piece of meat
    i meen look at that ass!!!!!1
    *im joking by the way*
    i just like looking at her, and if i met her in person i would still be staring at her ass and boobs after i saw her face

  9. I honestly see it as an artistic photograph.. not just t & a. They’re beautiful pictures and in the female’s pictures I think it helps the expression having her faced away while with the males picture it is necessary to see his face in order to figure out the emotion cast by the picture. Taking her pictures at these angles contribute to the beauty..it almost makes her look stronger because in the second photo she is the only thing in focus.

    I doubt its because they want to objectify anyone.

  10. Fuck it, not gonna argue. Every time I come here to check the replies I just spend a few minutes day dreaming about objectifying that piece of of meat.. and frankly, it’s far far more enjoyable. G’damn!

  11. omg, first 2 pictures are like a real life Oola….
    err… if you like starwars you’ll know what i’m talking about.

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