Evil Cunt!

by Chris Churchill, Evolved Body Art, Columbus, OH

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38 thoughts on “Evil Cunt!

  1. #2- I’m pretty sure I did the exact same thing. Perhaps I’m spending a little bit to much time on modblog. Hmm.

  2. I also tried to click thru. I thought maybe she had teeth or devil horns tattooed around her pussy as well. Now THAT would be an evil cunt =)

  3. Definitely love this tattoo placement more every time I see it.

    Damn, gotta get a job that’s not at a desk so that I can get one without having to sit on it all day long while it’s healing.

  4. fuckin a! come on people im a big pussy cat….people just always asume the evil cunt part to be true.

  5. I stared at this for about ten minutes trying to figure out what the second one said, and I didn’t get it till I gave up and read the comments. Which is actually a good thing, I suppose, in case children or stuckup people ever see it. I really like the placement, it’s a cute if vulgar sentiment :)

  6. #6- I definetly have to agree. While I like the way this looks & the placement a lot it is very hard to read. Maybe its just the way the pic was taken but I’m still not seeing evil or cunt. I would have spent hours trying to figure it had it not been for the title.

  7. That looks sick!

    And everyone who can’t read it.. well maybe you should have tried harder in school. it’s a little hard, but not really that difficult.

  8. dude…. moms gonna kill you! you know you’re gonna be in a bathing suit and grandma and grandpas 50th anniversary in august!

  9. I love this! In Scotland, ‘cunt’ can be a term of endearment in a way (“He’s a good cunt”) and we chuck the word about like nobody’s business, so I like this :)

  10. Possessed where the hell in Scotland do you come from where cunt is a term of endearment?????? Never heard that one before.

  11. Posessed – Australia and NZ are the only places I’ve found that use cunt regularly as a term of endearment.

    “Hey, cunt.”

    “He’s a great cunt.”

    “Want another stubby, cunt?”

    NZ more so.


    PS: *heart* the tattoo. :D

  12. It’s even sweeter when you see the bow tattoo at the top where her cheeks meet. Damn good work.

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