Genital Bulking Injection Complication

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Following up a little on Mark’s lip silicone and the questions about removal, Fignutz had some problems with a genital injection in which the material extruded through skin leaving a fistulous (nonhealing) tract that took two years of debridement (dead tissue cutting and removal) to heal. He explains,

The initial mod looked like many of those in this section [members link] — something potato or tuber-like. Huge, but ugly with loss of sensation. If you must do this mod, less is better. It’s like the gambler who can’t quit while s/he is ahead. Eventually the odds prevail to your disadvantage. Either tissue necrosis (cell death) due to pressure from the large volume of injected material occurs; the injected material acts as an irritant or toxin; infection occurs; and/or the preservative found in the injected matrix causes a local immune reaction (seen with “KY” and other water soluble lubricants, or some forms of saline used to reconstitute collagen).

Although it is never safe, wise or recommended to perform this genital mod, by far the only substance I would consider is Saline (isotonic 0.9% WITHOUT preservative, sometimes called “Bacteriostatic Saline). I will repeat that it MUST be isotonic (0.9%)saline , which means it is approximately the same concentration of sodium chloride (NaCl)as the normal surrounding tissue. Several other concentrations do exist, as well as injectable sterile water, but these (including water) are guaranteed to cause tissue damage. The modding and enlargement effects of saline, being water soluable, does wear off in a relatively short period of time, so it is a temporary mod, which is usually a good thing. Repeated administration can lead to scarring, fibrosis, chordee and infection however, so unless you’re willing to take the risk, I suggest you get yourself some nice ink, or a frenum, like I did. (I won’t get into the risks of THAT for now!)

Luckily it looks like he’s healed quite well. Many people are not so lucky — check out the interview with Impgrin for someone who had far less luck.

See more in Silicone Injections (Implants) (members only)

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  1. dang.

    When I saw “fignutz”, for some reason I thought it was “Raynutz”.

    ….where are you Raynutz?

  2. Ok, I just read the interview for the first time…and….all I can think of is…damn, I’m so happy my boyfriend isn’t into any of those kinks..

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