23 thoughts on “Aaaaaaaaarrrrh!

  1. I love this. Its always been one of my favorite paintings so its great to see someone get a tattoo of it.

  2. My scream is better. I have the same one but in black grey – My artist and I found that getting it done in colour on a tattoo would make it lose a lot of its charm.

  3. This is one of my favourite paintings and to see it in tattoo form is amazing!
    It looks great

  4. Tom, the first things I thought when I read your comment was, not only do you sound like a jerk but maybe your artist just didn’t have the skills to do it in color.

    Part of the charm of Munch’s paintings IS the way he uses color. I’m sure it could still look interesting in black and gray, but it’s very presumptuous of you to think your’s is better.

    Annie does amazing work, I REALLY loved the veggie owl!

  5. @ nope and bob. Yes they did recover the original painting from the theives. But it was in realy bad condition when they got it back so I don’t believe its on display anymore.

  6. @LasseMarius, cheers for that. Just checked Wikipedia and good news:

    “According to a June 2007 statement released by the museum, the conservation process is still ongoing, and the conserved works are due to go back on display in May 2008.”

  7. Spooky. I poached some eggs the other day and noticed my egg poachers looks just like the scream.

  8. Annie is way nice AND super talented! She hasn’t done any work on me, but my BF has had work done at the shop she works at. She’s super nice and friendly.

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