Cheek Piercing Ladder

Stevve, who works at Marked For Life Tattoos in Warren, MI got his original cheek piercings done by Josh Anderson, with the rest of the ladder being anchors done by JC and Laura of Pangea Piercing in Ann Arbor. After the break you can see his awesome Satanic belly scarification.

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40 thoughts on “Cheek Piercing Ladder

  1. Fuus – I’m not sure — it’s an older piece so it could have, but I didn’t find it in my initial search to check.

  2. Either way, I really like it — it’s really raw looking, I love the imprecision in it! Perfect piece for a scar.

  3. I love when I had visited the blog just 5 mins ago, and then I refresh, and there are new posts…

    Satan fed that dude… doesn’t he?

  4. Love the scarification and cheek ladder. Such an interesting juxtaposition between the tattoos and jewelry on his face as well as between the tattoos and scar on his stomach. Beautiful work!

  5. I’m getting a little distracted by the beautiful v-cut of his pelvis. Someitmes the body is just to beautiful in itself.

    *melts with lust*

  6. son of a bitch!.. I work with him and we’ve got an on going battle on who can be featured in modblog the most.

    I thought for sure my Humpty Dumpty jacking off tattoo would make it. so far just the butt tattoos. have

  7. I think the ladder without everything else he has would be awesome.
    I guess I am a man of moderation? :/

  8. Nice idea his cheeks. like it.
    and 18# that tattoo is really dirty man!

  9. surely one of those piercings had to have hit his gland
    maybe they went up high enough to miss it though but i still suspect otherwise
    it’s quite impressive either way but its even more impressive if at least one those actually healed through the gland

  10. Personally, I’m not a fan of this type of face decoration. It’s too busy and doesn’t seem cohesive, so it’s just distracting.

  11. thats some amazing work! but good luck healing those cheek piercings man…their bothersome

  12. hell ya i am doing a flesh pull with steve sunday. can’t wait to see if your eyelids make it on here.

  13. thanks for all the positive comments. i try to stay above the fray on BME, but i feel like thank yous are in order.

    don’t be jealous, kids!

  14. i saw this guy at the club last night, and i thought it was a really cool series of piercings.
    its sort of strange to see people i recognize on here. =]

  15. How come the top of the scared circle around the star dosent match the rest of it? their just lines and not solid like the rest..

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