“Don’t buy crap”

Lexci pulled this mangled and tarnished nostril jewelry out of a customer, who’d worn it for six months before giving up on it… I don’t think the picture quite captures how unpleasant it looked.

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22 thoughts on ““Don’t buy crap”

  1. It’s remarkable how low quality jewelry is anymore. Even from top tier vendors I’ve had trouble getting people to heal properly. Titanium seems to be the best material anymore but even that’s not a sure thing.

  2. Woah, I can’t tell which way is up on that thing. I think the ball is supposed to be on the other end, where the post is and not the curve. What a remarkably shit piece of jewelry. :D

  3. Dear Shannon: Many thanks for posting examples of what happens with cheap jewelry and stupid piercings. I use these postings to show students at Fakir Intensives classes the dangers and hazards of charging ahead in ignorance. This is a much needed service to our community.

  4. Unfortunately, this girl had a well-healed nostril piercing once apon a time.
    She actually had brought this mystery metal nose bone to a local piercing studio (I don’t need to say which one) and had them put it in for her.
    Personally, I don’t even insert this type of jewelry for anyone. It’s WAY too thin (which you can see as it’s clearly cutting a hole to below the original. This piece of jewelry was partly silver, partly tarnished/rust colour and partly WHITE with some sort of calcified bio matter. The jewelry was pitted and rough and her nose had a black spot left where the jewelry had tarnished. Unfortunately, due to how wire-thin the jewelry was, it was crimped down into her piercing and was quite painful for her. It could’ve been crimped simply from compressing a nostril while blowing her nose.
    I was able to save the piercing by putting in an Anatometal 18g nostril screw with a 1.5mm gem (which was the original look she wanted when she purchased this thing)

  5. Anatometal = <3

    It’s pretty much the only thing I’ll wear anymore, maybe IS, neometal, and BCD sometimes too.

  6. I had a nostril screw in my nose when it was fresh and I hated it. It kept twisting around and hanging out of my nose. It looked like a booger. I tried the nose bone with a small ball on one end but that was kinda crappy too, I had to keep pushing it in all the time. Finally I went to a piercer with my problem and he sold me a micro barbell. But the ball is not screwed on it’s held on with tension. It looks like it’s internally threaded but it’s not. It’s hard to explain cause I’ve never seen anything like it. I put it in with the attached ball on the inside (that was tricky) It’s very strong and has never popped out or come loose. It was $20 which I thought was expensive but to this day it’s the best piece of jewelry I have ever bought and I would recommend it very much for anyone with nostrils.

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