Butt Brain

Howie (see the interview which includes some commentary on his ideas about tattooing) suggest that this tattoo he did would be best filed in the “super awful awesome tatty section”. Postmodern tattooing perhaps?

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39 thoughts on “Butt Brain

  1. ? i don’t get it?…was it a child’s drawing and the parent got it tattooed on them? is there a story to this one? is it like a cere thing or something? i mean, was this the intended results?

    sorry…not trying to hate-its just the design is really child like-so i figured this had a story behind it or something that explains why its like that…

  2. Well, I wouldn’t want this on my ass. On the other hand – my aesthetics aren’t everyone else’s. So whatever makes you happy…

  3. art is subjective.
    so i don’t think anyone can rightfully say tattoos like this suck.

    but do they do anything to elevate the art of tattooing?

  4. i think it’s cute, although the lack of apostrophe in the “i’m” bugs me. if it was permanently etched into my skin i’d want it to be as near-perfect as possible. :x

  5. This is awesome. This just goes to show how people shouldn’t take themselves too seriously. I mean, I have a few shitty tattoos, and I love them.

    I’m not even saying that this is a shitty tat. I just love it. I’m all for stupid tattoos!

  6. I think it’s adorable.
    Not every tattoo has to be some serious and technically amazing piece of art. Sometimes they should just be silly and fun.

  7. Honestly, alot of tattoos in this style I don’t care for, but this one I do enjoy quite a bit. The only other off the top of my head that I know of is the Cere tractor

  8. I’m so not into this whole trend of ‘postmodern tattooing’. To me, it’s a bunch of mostly non-talented (and downright shitty) scratchers making a mess of people and calling it “art” lol

  9. 13: Of course you can say it sucks. That´s the other side of the coin when saying “art is subjective”… :S

  10. my day just got THAT much better ^.^
    I like the scribblyness of it, i think it makes it cool
    Butt tattoo’s allways make me giggle anyway, just the placement i guess

  11. I’m sorry, but I can’t help but think that he must have lost a bet or something…

  12. postmodern tattoos
    I never thought of it like that, but I’d say it is a perfect description.

    I love it.

  13. I certainly wouldn’t wear a tattoo like that on MY skin, it looks like a scratcher has been let loose, not nice at all.

  14. Haha I actually love this! I have a tattoo by howie that I got last year and it is probably one of the stupidest and best tattoos I have. (Its a broken heart cloud raining (with “lightin”) into a pink tea cup with a little girl drowning in it… and the phrase “yes it does not hurt” tattooed above – i personally think it sums me up! haha

  15. Its like an Andy Warhol thing. Whether you think its art or not its based on opinion.

  16. As soon as that’s a legit category (super awful.. er -AWESOME tatty section) I have a bunch of photos to submit.

    I <3 Howie’s tattoo work.

  17. i think it’s excellent to have whimsical tattoos as a complement to a lot of the very Serious tattooing and body mods and rituals that are showcased on modblog. while it certainly has a childish affect, it’s still really effective. would i want this tattoo? no way. but it is a lovely thing to see, to recognize that tattooing, as a medium, can have many different tones and registers.

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