Resuspension Erection

Yeah, Yeah. It’s Valnei and Co. again, but they really do send in some pretty suspension footage!*

DivX download link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members

*If you think you’ve read that somewhere before, you haven’t. You’ve just not been spending enough time in Meatspace!

20 thoughts on “Resuspension Erection

  1. There’s a frame slipped in around 1:58-59…. I can’t seem to pause it at just the right spot to see exactly what it is… =[

    The footage is beautiful!!

  2. haha, Heatherweather, I was able to pause it right at 2:00
    it’s jesus!
    lol. this is a nice suspension. liking the music too! :)

  3. I can never catch the image, but I got enough of it to figure it out.anyway, the suspension made my heart skip a beat, plus you can’t go wrong with HIM

  4. he’s not very stretchy. or maybe that’s just the nature of the area? maybe both

  5. Kick ass video! A friend of mine asked me though, how heavy is too heavy to be suspended? I honestly didn’t know what to tell her. Can anyone out there field this for me?

  6. wait, where is his boner? i wonder who was the first person to get fucked while swinging from some hooks

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