Oops, I got caught up with other things and didn’t get a chance to prep entries — I’ll add them at about 8:30 PM as I need to dash now. The other good news is that on the next BME update (probably first thing in the morning; it’s building now), the members section of the site now allows “email via picture”, so if you’re a contributing member, you can send messages to other contributing members through their photos.

Anyway, these eyelid tattoos were done by Mike Loshaw at Dragon FX in Edmonton, Alberta — thanks to Lane for sending in the photo.

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39 thoughts on “Moneyvision

  1. haah dman i have to get my eyelids touched up i jsut love seeing people getting them done

  2. #2 they do look like cat eyes. Squint at the pic and the $’s look like pupils :3.

  3. I just listened to Dollar Signs In Her Eyes right before I saw this. Haha, how ironic.

  4. man, am I the only one who’s really not into this tattoo? it really makes me recoil

  5. Meh I don’t care much for the tattoo, though to be honest I wouldn’t mind licking the guy XP

  6. When I didn’t have my glasses on, his eye’s looked like snake eyes. Oh yea, I’m that blind.

    It’s cool, though. Different.

  7. what a doofus. I laughed, though. Cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M. get the money, dolla dolla bill y’all…

  8. @25 Fourth Grade Rats
    Some would say that anyone who says such things is a capitalist pig who has no comprehension of true worth of experience and the ephemeral world around us.

    While I personal do enjoy a goodly amount of money, I think you need to be careful about how your project your ideals. Not to say that I completely disagree with your sentiments, but there are plenty of people who have found ways to live meaningful lives without depending on commerce symbols.

  9. Also, it’s quite different to realize you need a little bit of money to live in the money based parts of our world, and to idealize it.. :)

  10. They look really well done considering the placement, bet it was a strange sensation when having them tattooed!

  11. I hate money. ‘Fourth Grade Rats’, that statement of yours is wrong and stupid and deeply offensive.

  12. Did anyone else notice that they aren’t even? The left isn’t very well done. I know this area might be harder to tattoo because of the thinness of the eyelid but I have seen other eyelid tattoos in person and they were definately straighter.

  13. Ah so what if they aren’t even!
    It’s all about the enjoyment of getting them done ^_^

  14. Totally want to get a pair of eyes tattooed on my eyelids to fuck with people.

    love the money symbols though

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  16. Though I’m not sure I’d get a dollar sign anywhere, that’s pretty great. And he’s mouthwatering, even if that’s not the sexiest tattoo ever.

    Can he see them from the inside, do you think? When looking at a bright light with his eyes closed?

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