Girls love it, right?

I see this porn tattoo as being analogous to Cere’s genital tattoo — a warning. This one was done by Evan at Twisted Visions in Clementon, NJ. Previously on this theme: spread-eagle reclining nude, vulveriffic tattoo, gay CBT porn, and a black-and-grey porn sleeve.

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60 thoughts on “Girls love it, right?

  1. I just… really don’t like this.
    No offence. I mean, as long as he likes it. But it’s not something I’d be attracted to.

  2. That’s fuckin’ awesome! I’ve often thought of getting such a tattoo, but I am around children too often to have something like that. Just have to recreate it in real life as much as possible. ;)

  3. You know, if this were a tattoo of a guy swallowing another guys sperm, everybody would be clapping and cheering about how beautiful it is.

  4. I wouldn’t call it mysogynistic; maybe it’s a portrait of his wife/girlfriend and she’s one hell of a sub. Maybe his favorite pornstar/porn directors work? Maybe he’s a transexual on his way to being a woman and it’s a picture of his/her ideal life. I mean, probably not, but you can’t infer that this guy hates women just because he has a graphic tattoo.

  5. I definatly work along side Evan at Twisted Visions, and I think this tattoo is awesome. The client accually wanted a skull and cross bones, but Evan was like no what you really need is someone getting some knuckle children fired right onto their forehead. When your right your right.

  6. Misogyny doesnt really exist because its based on the principle that women are people. Oooh, I know, lets all be Couchistic and hate our furniture.


    Its just a clear picture of one of the few proper uses of a woman.

    I give it 2 thumbs up.

  7. I too want to know why one would say oral sex is misogynistic???

    Personally if my man took off his clothes and that was tattooed on him… I’d probably be laughing so bad that I wouldn’t be able to give him oral.. But I wouldn’t feel degraded by it.

  8. Oral sex isn’t necessarily misogynistic, but this image could be. Maybe. Certainly if I was a woman and I saw this tattooed on someone I might think about running the other way…

    Meh. I have no problem with sexual imagery or porn, but I don’t think this particular image is that great, and I don’t think it makes a particularly great tattoo either.

  9. Misogyny doesnt really exist because its based on the principle that women are people. Oooh, I know, lets all be Couchistic and hate our furniture.


    Its just a clear picture of one of the few proper uses of a woman.

    I give it 2 thumbs up.

    Is he for real? I really, really hope not…otherwise wow, watch out ladies, what a charmer…

    cere on April 15th, 2008 at 9:09 pm

  10. I’m not even going to comment on the tattoo itself… I mean it’s just plain not my taste, but I won’t get into that. what I will get into is that I’m a ragingly belligerent feminist, and I really love giving head. sexuality is a very very very good thing to a LOT of feminists, and just because there’s a depiction of a man receiving pleasure doesn’t mean shit. ok. I could totally articulate this better, but that’s just my 2 cents.

    also, one time… I was searching google… and I found a tattoo similar to that spread eagle nude one, only the vagina was the dude’s BELLY BUTTON. and it was incredible. and hilarious.

  11. “Why is oral sex mysogynistic anyway?”

    I wouldn’t say that oral sex is at all misogynistic- however if this is a tattoo based on your typical porn- one of the most typical ways porn *is* misogynistic is the “cum shot”..
    feminist based porn generally has the woman enjoying the climax of her partner (and herself) rather than the guy pulling out to finish up on her pretty face.

    I dunno if i think the tattoo is “misogynistic” but I can see why anyone would.

  12. Who knows why this guy got this tattoo; but I had to throw out my opinion because I’m sick of “feminists” ruining my fun. I’m a feminist and I’m a sub. I love cum shots and equal rights. How come most feminists see these lifestyles as exclusive. As a woman I feel that I deserve the equal right to enjoy myself sexually and I don’t think anyone has the right to tell me otherwise. When all these feminists tell me that my sexual preferences are just oppression in action, they’re the ones who are looking down on me, not my lovers. So go on friends! Get sexually explicit tattoos supposedly degrading woman…I think they’re great.

    …Although I must add that this woman’s face wasn’t executed that well.

  13. nah, its a shitty pic lindwig lol looks way better. i work with evan and was there when the kid got it. we all couldn’t stop laughing that some random dude came in with this reference and wanted it tattooed. but the tattoo def looks way better than this pic shows.

  14. #37 EXACTLY what I thought! A zombie or Linda Blair possessed in the Exorcist. Its the eyes.

  15. 39- Maybe I am misreading your point… but it seems you do not like being judged- yet are defining the opinions of an entire group of people and predetermining their views on a subject?

    I am sure there are many varying outlooks on sexuality from those who believe women deserve equality.

  16. funniest thing about feminism I’ve had told to me: I was about to walk through a doorway behind a guy friend of mine expecting him to hold it open…when the door shut on me he turned around and said “You wanted equal rights- open your own damn door”. I couldn’t help but laugh and agree :)

  17. I can see where people don’t want their sexual preferences degraded by everyone else, even if you do like giving head. Your perogative. However, I do think this tattoo is blatently mysogenistic. Just look at how the girl looks… she might as well be a blow up doll. It’s not the fact that she’s giving some guy oral sex that’s bad, rather that she’s just some open-mouthed cum-receptacle. Her face is expressionless, you can’t see her eyes… I don’t like it.

  18. This is alright. the porn sleeve was way nicer though. I think these tattoos are pretty badassicle. It really pushes my buttons when people say this type of thing is degrading to women when its really not. Shes holding the dick. It looks like shes enjoying herself.
    Let it be. Do we really know the reasoning behind this tattoo? Stop jumping to conclusions because it makes you all look silly.
    I would totally get one of these lol I’m a girl though so….yeah I probably wouldn’t in the long run

  19. 49 – the fact that you see her as just a cum receptacle is what’s misogynistic. beyond the fact that I just don’t see any of what you said in the picture.

    I mean. first of all. let’s all get this straight: “she” is a lot of lines made of ink on skin.

    but there’s no rule that says anyone who looks similar to that tattoo is automatically being degraded.

    feminism is about CHOICE, not about staying away from what’s been labeled as bad or “slutty.” just like how it’s not about anti-family no-babies bullshit — it’s about CHOICE. some women choose to have kids, stay at home, etc., and there’s nothing wrong with that, just like there’s nothing inherently wrong with a woman looking similar to the woman depicted in that tattoo.

  20. The weird thing is, how does he see it when it’s on himself like that? Does he look at it in a mirror and jack off? Is he afraid he’ll end up somewhere with no access to porn? Won’t the power of the image wear off for him? Is it to commemorate the last time he got head, and he’s afraid it’ll never happen again? Is it meant for someone else? Is it to turn on the guys in the locker room so he can check out their junk? What happens if he goes to Bali or Saudi Arabia, where all porn must be censored on entry into the country…?

    So much to idly muse upon.

  21. Ok… I don’t understand why people are calling oral sex misogynistic. Because this tat depicts the girl taking the load in her mouth? Ever stop to think that some women like that sort of thing? That they enjoy it because it gives the guy a rush? My wife enjoys going down on me just as much as I enjoy going down on her. Sure, she doesn’t always swallow, doesn’t need to, but we both know that oral sex gives each of us extreme pleasure. Seriously people, drop the “omg, that should be illegal” train of thought. Sex is sex. If you object to one aspect of it, just stay celibate and stay away from sites such as this which seem to offend you so much. I, personally, would never get a tat like this, but to each their own.

  22. How come this image doesn’t contain any pixelations but the pictures that show tattoos of female bits do? Isn’t there a penis in this shot? Do you find female sex organs disgusting or are you a person of double standards? If you’re going to censor things do it with some consistency.

  23. Oh wow, just wow. People post images of themselves mutilated beyond recognition on this site frequently and you get offended by THIS? A pornographic tattoo?

    On the tattoo then, the girl could have been better executed I think, otherwise pretty cool though nothing I would do.

  24. If you are offended by this tattoo you rae a moron. It is a tattoo of a sexual act. There is nothing violent, illegel, or offensive about it. Grow up whoever posted immature comments. Seriously, females you never had a guy jizz on your face? That is all the picture is. No one is getting killed or injured. People in this country are so conservative when it comes to sex. People get so uptight about the subject. But if the tattoo was someone getting stabbed or an axe in their head it would be completely exceptible. Oh, and I am the one who got this tattoo.

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