67 thoughts on “Highbret? Nasal-to-Oral Piercing

  1. i was very surprised when i saw these. cool, but the barbels look a lil long like they could be very intrusive.

  2. There’s a guy floating around on IAM (or he used to, anyways) named Luis that had these… something like 5 years ago, maybe… maybe more than that… I haven’t talked to him in a while, so I don’t know his IAM name or whether or not he still has his… looked like he wore smaller jewelry, too

  3. personally i just think that looks…wrong.
    and i love most of the other things on BME so i’m not sure why this isn’t my thing.

  4. I’d love to love it, but I’m just all hung up on how it’d be when he has a cold. EWWW.

  5. I’d never even thought about that being possible before, but now I feel around in my nose and mouth a bit, it totally would be! I think I’d find them a bit irritating personally, but it’s definitely an interesting piercing!

  6. oh man that must have hurt.
    i love how in his pictures hes got them out of his nose and hes a snail and when they are in his mouth hes a walrus =]

  7. I wonder how many people were grabbing their mouth/nose like i was while looking at this

  8. Damn that looks painful!

    And I love how even after 6 years BME still has the capacity to suprise me 😀

    Out of interest, is it any kind of cavity piercing (a bit like the shoulder clavicals) or does it just go through flesh? Either way I’m kinda suprised that the bars are metal and not PTFE or something.

  9. What type of jewellery is in there? I’m trying to understand how curved it would have to be. The only thing I dislike about it is that it looks to be too long, and I really fear for his gums/teeth.

  10. if you put your thumb and forefinger at each point of entrance, then squeeze together, the piercing doesn’t have that far to go- so it’s not as extreme as i initially thought it was. :/

    i agree with charlotte though- is his face restricted by the bars at all? what happens when he sneezes (usually i scrunch up my nose/mouth- would this be different for him?!)

  11. It seems like something that would be prone to infections during healing (staph in the nose, bacteria in mouth, etc).

    From wiki:

    The danger triangle of the face consists of the area from the corners of the mouth to the bridge of the nose, including the nose and maxilla. Due to the special nature of the blood supply to the human nose and surrounding area, it is possible (although very rare) for retrograde infections from the nasal area to spread to the brain.

    This is possible because of venous communication (via the ophthalmic vein) between the facial vein and the cavernous sinus. The cavernous sinus lies within the cranial cavity, between layers of the meninges and is a major conduit of venous drainage from the brain.

  12. I just want to clarify that these piercings were definitely NOT done at Somatic Body Piercing. I spoke with the owner (my boss) and she confirmed that there was never a piercer named Steve at Somatic and that these piercings would never be done there.

  13. This is the perfect example of someone getting a mod just to show it off. it’s not aesthetically pleasing and seems very risky from an infection stand point. I just don’t see the appeal or point of a piercing like this except to brag about it and show it off and then name it after yourself.

  14. The wonderful Matt Bruce had this done quite some time ago, and if memory serves me correctly, he did them on himself.

  15. you have to tell us how that felt!

    It seems like it would be the wierdest sensation ever.

  16. #17- that’s exactly what I thought! They definitely look like the little things on a snail, which wiki tells me are called tentacles 🙂

  17. reminds me of a snail. i like it. sleepwalker, i don’t think getting a mod just to show off is bad at all. tongue web piercings are the most useless things ever, they don’t do anything, and are only visible when being “shown off”, but they’re not quite as rare as something like this. what are (most) piercings if not decoration for the sake of aesthetics?

  18. Its a cool idea, but seems like a uncomfortable piercing. It seems like it would rub on the gums/inner nostril alot.

  19. WHat if one were to combine this with a Medusa or Jestrum or even both. COuld become a pretty cooly industrial esque project.

  20. or just skip entering the mouth, like a lower nostril pericing, both of which would be more aestic imo.

  21. I know a guy in Chicago with this done. He has shorter barbells, and they’re less visible– overall very rad.

    Must take a lot of guts– yiiiikes, that’s got to hurt.

  22. yes. As you can all imagine they collect boogers like crazy at times, but nothing a wet q-tip can’t fix.

    In regards to getting it done to name it after myself, I think Steven would be a retarded name for a piercing. Plus I know I wasn’t the first to get this done. I believe there are really old (2003 ish??) pics on BME, which is where I got the idea from.
    Showing it off- don’t we all have a little pride in showing off your mods? Whatever they may be? There are a lot of people who only find out I have them until after they tell me I have something in my nose or teeth.
    I’m sorry that it says Steve was the piercer. My comp has an auto-fill and I didn’t catch the mistake until it was too late. I believe his name is David (sorry, I’m also not too good with names).
    I’ve had them since mid november of 2004 if I’m not mistaken. Yes the jewelry is a little long but my dentist has advised against shorter jewelry because I have just recently shown signs of ressecion (sp?). Sometimes it actually helps with the jewelry being longer as I can pull them down a little when it restricts a little too much air. It can also be helpful in cleaning them out.
    There hasn’t been any hindrance in facial mobility. I had to get used to the feeling of something in my gums (just like I did with my frenum). It does tickle my nose, but not as much anymore, unless I’m doing something like playing my digeridoo.
    I hope I answered all your questions. If not please feel free to ask.
    -still a dumb name for a piercing, Steven

  23. I actually think naming a piercing Steven or the Steve would be good name its sorta catchy? haha

    Is the resession of your gums due to the piercing or something else?

    Oh and I still want to know how it felt.

    I think im done with the grilling now… maybe im preety bored tonight :/

  24. Anyone else measuring the distance between your gums and your nostril? 😀

    I’ll have to check out this somatic place!! 😀

  25. youre getting quite the coverage around here, Steve…haha i knew him before he was all over modblog! by like a whole week!

  26. the resession is due to the piercings.
    It was an intense experience. It was a slower piercing. Also a little wierd as my dad, who doesn’t do needles, watched. After we left the shop I took him to a barry manilow concert for his birthday. Hahaha!

  27. The term ‘Highbrets’ made me giggle.
    At first I thought, damn, these are quite deep. But I felt my anatomy, and it really isn’t that bad.
    I like the look of these, but must be a bitch to heal.

  28. haha
    my mom loves Barry Manilow 2 I could not imagine her ever watching me get a piercing its less about the needles more about the lecture she would probably give me during and after.

    Are you going to take the steves (see it sounds catchy lol) out beacuse of your gums? I think gum resession is permanate right? Maybe im just paranoid beacuse I had braces for my entire school life but anything messing with my mouth creeps me out thats why I dont have any piercings there along with the fact that my job doesnt allow it.

    See I knew I would have more questions!

  29. oh they should definately be called “Steves”, Briggitte is right, it’s a really catchy name!

    Glad to hear they don’t cause you too much discomfort as well, Steve 🙂

  30. Someone linked me to here from facebook because my name was dropped above(comment #9).

    I was the first documented person to get these. Back in the day BME was having a contest because Shannon was to the point that he thought he’d seen every type of piercing out there. It got me thinking about originality, and I was sitting around when it hit me that you could do a nose-mouth. I consulted with Dan Marshall, a piercer that I’m friends with, and he agreed that it was something to try.

    They were absolutely the most painful piercing I have ever gotten. It hurt so much that I waited a bit over a week before getting the second side done, and even then I wimped out and used Emla. We pierced then with 12g needle I believe, then inserted 14g jewelry into it if I recall right.

    They didn’t give me much trouble. I kept them for probably a year and a half or so I think. They were a bit annoying to clean. I removed them for personal reasons. I had no rejection issues.

    The neat thing about these is when you just pull down your upper lip a bit, they poke out of the nose even more. Also you can suck down the barbells a bit into the mouth.

    All in all, this was the most original piercing I ever had. It absolutely rocks that others have done it too.

    Instead of highbert or nose-mouth piercing, it could be called the antenna piercing cuz of how they stick out.

  31. after reading the comments i like this a lot more. XD

    i agree that they should be called Steves.

  32. Aaah somebody help me I have the squicks like NEVER before!

    Is that weird of me? To blase right over every genital torture Shannon can throw at us, and feel like I want to curl up and squeal at something like this?

    Oh, and ‘antenna piercing’ gets my vote. Just…please don’t show me them 🙁

  33. I did one on my self about a year ago. I like using the name “ime” for it because I was the only one who knew about it and it was done just for myself.

  34. As silly as it may sound, I’m thinking in the near future people are going to try and pierce through bone. Solid bone. Or drill tiny holes for piercings to go through them. Wait and see.

    Those piercings up there make my nose tickle.

  35. .54

    …I totally agree! Can’t get my head around actually piercing that either!

  36. My ego isn’t so big to think they should be named after me. The only piercing that comes to mind that’s named after a person is a Monroe, and she was a celeb, I’m just a regular Joe.

    Most are labeled for their anatomical place, ear, septum etc. I think this part of the face is called labionasal, so maybe it should be the labionasal piercing, or translabionasal.

  37. Hey there. I have these piercings, a pair. I got them done in January 2010. I already have vertical lowbrets and was feeling round for somewhere else to pierce, and found there. My piercer from Durham said yeah why not, and we arranged a time. They didn’t hurt – at all. I had PTFE bars put through which are great to play with. I’ve had them over a year and I love them. I thought I was the first to get them, but obviously not. I’m 19 and want loads more!

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