My Little Pony backpiece, updated

What a difference a background can make! I liked Thya‘s My Little Pony backpiece when I first posted it, but I like it even more now that she’s made the “good/evil” theme more obvious with the addition of a background, also done by Bammer in Vienna.

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32 thoughts on “My Little Pony backpiece, updated

  1. I liked it before, and I love it now!

    The fact that there is a real MLP on your desk just makes it that much more awesome.

  2. I like them, very cute.

    But they look so disconnected, would be nice to see the two scenes joined.

  3. Shaun – so true, I do like it now, but it would be so awesome if the scenes were connected.

  4. Why is that star incomplete?
    I still think it’s adorable as all hell! The background really does help.

  5. O_O! omg-omg! im on the modblog again *falls-over* that’s too much honour! XD

    thanks so much, shannon, youve made my evening! ^^
    and thanks to everyone who likes my beloved little ponies as much as i do!

    for everone whos missing the nape-piercing: i had to take it out shortly afterwards, it kept refusing to heal unfortunately. *le-sigh*

  6. Hey Thya- herzlichen Glückwunsch zume rneuten Auftreten im Modblog- fand dein Tattoo schon cool als nur die Outlines im Christina-Forum waren- jetzt ist es wirklich fabelhaft :D

    liebe Grüße

  7. I love this! Certainly agree they look more “complete” with the backgrounds. My brothers girlfriend is in the process of designing me a My Little Pony half sleeve, might have to show her how cute this one is so she’ll get a move on with mine!!! :D

  8. Why is the evil pony’s ribbon pink in the before picture and yellow in the after picture? :S

  9. Oh, sweet Shannon, I love this site and the work you do, so I am sad surprised to see you fall for such a boring false dichotomy: of course you know that it isn’t Good/Evil, it’s Light/Dark! The “dark” is often good, and the “light” can be pretty vicious…
    (PS: Congrats, thyA! I especially like how you have the “light” on the left and the “dark” on the right…) aam

  10. @Anon! a Mouse:
    i made this on purpose, because im lefthanded XD.
    actually there are several things to be observed in this picture… it actually amuses me a bit, that noone already noticed them. (especially one in particular) :3

    the colors are brilliant, the lines are nice and bold, and they ponies actually look like they’re supposed to
    one of the cutest tattoos i’ve seen on here!

  12. I fucking love this!!! I’m an avid My Little Pony fan and I’ve got hundreds of them!!! I’ve been meaning to get a MLP tattoo for ages but never had time too :( I hope mine turns out as gorgeous as this!!

  13. I LOVE THIS!! I was such a huge My Little Pony fan when I was younger, I had loads…

    They are so well done, and bright like the ponies should be

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