All pink bits look alike…

Since I guess the last one in my growing “guess what” series was too easy for everyone, see if you can guess this one without peeking. If you can’t tell at all, disqualify yourself and click through and there’s a couple more pictures of it that will make it obvious. Otherwise, try posting your guess before clicking.

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48 thoughts on “All pink bits look alike…

  1. uhh look at the blood, that has got to hurt an ungodly amount..
    can he still urinate without getting it all over himself?

  2. I was trying to guess by looking *really* closely in the reflection of the upper ball, and I sorta saw a head at the end of a torso, so I kinda knew it was somewhere in a groin, but alas, no, I did not guess that it was a cock…a very shiny, pink cock.

  3. Hmm, I’m not sure at all.

    Half of me thinks its a penis, but I’m not sure which part.

    The other half thinks its something pretty obvious.

  4. Ooops, my boyfriend happened to look up when I clicked through. He’s practically passed out, bless him.
    It looks quite pretty, for a bit of the anatomy which isn’t known for it’s prettiness.

  5. Wow, I totally thought that would be some crazy deep clit piercing, like an Isabella or something. But nope, it’s a penis. *sigh*. I might have to get something pierced Down There and send it in for some gender variety!

  6. that is painful i can tell from personal experience stretching p.a. sucks, thats how i lost mine, d.i.y. i couldnt get the bigger gauge through it was just too big and i lost the smaller gauge and it was just too painfull to keep, sad day

  7. 26 > Yeah, you’re right. Actually looking at the picture, it’s fairly clear it’s just a PA with a stretched straight barbell.

    It still looks really unhappy, though.

  8. I thought maybe some inner labia/vaginal/mucous membrane type of…oh Hell I was way off.

  9. Knew it almost immediately, it just looks obvious to me.

    It’s not *always* a cock though. Sometimes it’s an anus . . . usually a cock though.

  10. YES! Totally got it. Admittedly, when I first saw it I thought it was a female mod, but after a couple seconds I changed my mind.

    Very interesting looking…

  11. For some reason I was so sure that this was a part of the female anatomy. I just couldn’t figure out which part.

    I guess I was WAY off base.

  12. i guessed wrong thinking a hood-

    maybe it is just me- but it seems like the positions of the holes in the first *bloody* shot don’t match the second shot.. the top seems much lower?..

  13. as i got my PA, it was bleeding 3 days after ^^ holy shit, this was a bloody mess -.-

    but fortunately i got a longer, elastic barbel through =)

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