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I suspect that this is the only time you’ll see a HOME DEPOT tattoo. This was done, I assume on someone on their racing team, by Stan Hanewich at Scorpion Tattooing in Derry, NH.

In terms of corporate tattoos, the Kool-Aid guy is quite a bit more common… Here he is by Thomas at Baby Blues Tattoos in Bradenton, FL, full of sweet tea.

16 thoughts on “Corporate Logos

  1. I’ve seen several Home Depot logo tattoos in the same context, i.e. fans of Tony Stewarts NASCAR team (no 20). In hindsight I should have thought to take pictures. Nascar events are usually packed with people with numbers/names/logos tattooed on them (often badly) – they’re a pretty fanatical bunch. Seems a little iffy since drivers do end up changing numbers/sponsors, but whatever floats them I guess. When Junior switched from 8 to 88 I was wondering if shops would run specials on circles with a slash coverups or extra eights.

  2. sweet tea runs through my veins. it strikes me as odd when people have no clue about it, then i remember that it is a (mostly) regional thing. you wanna try some? take 3 quart-size Luzianne iced tea bags, boil them, add about a friggin CUP (or your favorite coffee mug) of sugar, stir in the sugar while the tea is warm, then add water to make a gallon. stick it in the fridge, then serve with ice. yum yum

  3. Kool-aid man full of sweet tea instead of sweet sweet cherry!!?!? fucking sacrilicious!

  4. Wow, never made the connection with 88.. I’ll have to tell my wife so she can rib Junior fans about it. I have as little contact with it as possible, she’s the major fan (of Tonys 20, btw – though no tattoo).

  5. Shannon, you seriously underestimate the American south. On vacation I had a relative insist on taking me to a Nascar store. They sold nothing else. You could even buy a “real” race used tire from your favorite car.

  6. haha i work at the home depot. that place steals your soul. i’ll probably get a tattoo one day but leave out the racing part.

  7. My wife wears a little heart shaped vial filled with race-used ground rubber in water. I made it for her for valentines day a year or two ago (vial from a teen goth merchandise site, rubber mailed to me from chicagoland by a friend of a friend there). It trumped every previous gift pretty much, even multi-benjamin ventures. These people are decidedly not kidding around and they do have a lot of tattoos even though they aren’t exactly always the highest grade tattoos.

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