Family Resemblance?

Adelleda just got her first tattoo, a portrait of her grandmother done by Craig Fenrick at Immaculate Concept in Calgary, Alberta.

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50 thoughts on “Family Resemblance?

  1. Beautiful tattoo !! Im getting my next tattoo from Craig – my sleeves being done by Dan Cameron (same studio) and when I get work I face craigs station and get to see all the wonerful stuff he does when the people show it off. Now I just gotta get my sleeve done first haha

  2. that is one hell of a beautifull tattoo,
    i like the litle part of blue in the eyes gives it a distinctive look

    and the girl is also very pretty

  3. woah thats pretty stunning. The eyes and mouth i especially like.
    I wish the photo of the grandmother was in the pic too.

  4. It’s so satisfying to see a wonderfully done portrait tattoo.
    They can go so wrong.

  5. uhhhh could she be any more gorgeous??
    and yeah that portrait is rad. and they look very much the same.
    I’d like to see it healed though, cause with the red it looks really dark.

  6. AmI the only one that looked at this and said “THAT’S my future wife!”…..for the first time on BME I’m not even noticing the tattoo!
    Meh – I hate setting myself up for a fall lol :p

  7. I really like it when people get such a large piece in such an open spot for their first tattoos, it shows real devotion. And of course, that is a GOEGEOUS girl with a GORGEOUS tattoo! Her hair is almost white, I wish mine was like that!

  8. I love her smile :D I’m not much for that style of portraits but well done anyway.

  9. She was talking about getting this and I’m pretty stoked to see it on Modblog! Craig did an amazing job, not that I could ever expect any less from him.

  10. i live in calgary – and have been looking to get a portrait done of martin riggs from lethal weapon for ages.
    definitely going to look into this studio.

  11. Dude her grandma was a Hottie. shes cute to but the grandma? hellz yea i woulda shagged her in her prime….!!!!

  12. gorgeous tattoo and a pretty lady.
    I love it when women smile in photos; to me that’s truly sexy

  13. to repeat everyone else: wow. absolutely amazing work and gorgeous girl. they really do look alike.

  14. She’s just beautiful. She looks so happy with her tattoo! I love that she got a picture of her grandmother as a young woman rather than as an old lady; I’m not sure why but it seems a nice way of commemorating someone, with a picture of them in their prime.

  15. I never really like portrait tattoos, no matter how well they’re done, they just never look quite right to me.

  16. thanks everyone!

    i’ll post some pics of the original photo on my IAM asap :)

    (and yeah, i’ve already gotten “is that you?” a couple of times…I don’t really mind, my grandma was a gorgeous woman and I take it as a huge compliment)

  17. oh and also
    there is no blue in her eyes…must be a trick of the light or something

  18. I guess I’ll chime in on this chorus of praise: The artwork is one of the best portrait tattoos I have ever seen and the girl it is on is unbelievably/amazingly/astonishingly/incredibly beautiful!!!

  19. It so nice to see a gorgeous girl on modblog who isn’t completely smothered in makeup!
    Both the tattoo and the girl are so beautiful!

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