Connection-Tattoo Irony

Of the et tu, Brute tattoo below, the wearers explain, “it’s a tribute to the future demise of our relationship.”

Well, at least they’ll only have to get tattooed once… KC at Under Your Skin Tattoo in Cedar Bluff, Alabama did this “VOID” tattoo over an ex-wife’s name, a theme I’ve seen more than once twice thrice.

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23 thoughts on “Connection-Tattoo Irony

  1. no matter how many VOID stamps or variations on the theme i see, they always make me giggle. ^_^

    that’s an interesting reason to get matching tattoos – have to say i hadn’t thought of that before! the script is quite lovely though.

  2. my boy also has this wedding tattoo of him and his ex.
    How I hate that thing.

  3. the tribute to demise is quite clever. i really enjoy i; which is saying something because i most often think couples tattoos are rediculous.

  4. The bad thing is I keep wondering if that is my ex-boyfriend’s void tattoo over the girlfriend he picked up after we broke up.
    I remember him getting the tattoo and saying to a friend, “Want to count the days with me till he needs a cover up?”
    Regardless though, I don’t find the “void” and such things clever any more. When are people going to learn “Stop doing name” tattoos?

  5. every once in a while my girlfriend asks me if i’d get a tattoo of her, i just clam up n shake my head, thinking of all the void and slut ones on bme

  6. Toser,
    Bitter is funny. Then again, I think face-plants and the Three Stooges are funny too so take it for that’s worth. Anyway, these remind me of the Norman Rockwell ‘tattooist’ Post cover with the sailor and all of the girls…which btw…I think would be damned funny to get.

  7. To bad the right latin sentence is “Tu quoque, Brute(, fili mi)”.
    I’m still laughing thinking to this guy wich had an hudge “fagot” chineese caracter tatooed on its shoulder.
    Don’t tatoo things you can’t read !!!

  8. Gazberzu,

    I’m gonna guess you aren’t a very big Shakespeare fan. The phrase is from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. “Et tu, Brute? Then fall, Caesar.” is the phrase Caesar mutters before dying. He says it because Brutus is one of his good friends, and is also one of the men to stab him to death. That tattooed ladies have it correct.

  9. Gazberzu, the phrase you’re thinking of is “to quoque, fili mi?” there’s no “Brutus” in the more literal translation.

  10. Gazberzu
    et tu brute as stated above some where means and you Brutus,so before making judgmental comments.
    stop and think,maybe they are right and the world isnt full of retards who will permantly tattoo themselves with sosmething they THINK might be right.

  11. well,, the void tat happens to be mine. and stephy wolf, who are you?? this was my ex wife’s name and KC covered it with void in 2008. i spent well over an hour at his shop looking for a design i would carry with me the rest of my life to cover the already made mistake! he finally came to me and ask if i would let him work on it with an idea that couldn’t fail, and low and behold i have void;)

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