GSP isn’t the only Quebecois that’ll leave you bloody!

SeaHorse recently had Efix (D-Markation) in Quebec City do this absolutely beautiful cutting on her thigh over a period of about three and a half hours.

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51 thoughts on “GSP isn’t the only Quebecois that’ll leave you bloody!

  1. haha I definitely love the title :D
    Georges St. Pierre owns, the fights kicked ass.

    BUT, that has to be one of the most beautiful scars I’ve ever seen. I love the design! It’s gorgeous!

  2. I wish that more posts like this would include follow-ups of the healed product…I know it is not fault of Shannon but I wish that the people who submitted the fresh photo would continue submitting healed pics…
    This is a beautiful job… it is so simple and elegant.

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  4. I couldn’t help but fist pump so hard in the air when i read the title.
    I called that fight and watched it way out in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of drunk metalheads, it was .. awesome.

    This scarification piece is gorgeous – the detail and amount of flowers is phenominal.

  5. Just beautiful. The elegance and daintyness of the face and her expression is simply breath-taking.

  6. wow! efix t’es impressionnant!! …. me reste plus qu’à trouver le courage pour mon koi fish… o.O

  7. I hope this heals well. it’s bloody gorgeous!
    I can wait to see healed photos!

  8. I’ve never seen the point of cutting. Tattoos have always held much more appeal to me in terms of detail etc. And I can’t even watch the cutting videos posted on here without wincing, but this is absolutely beautiful. Simple elegant lines. Absolutely stunning. The first cutting I’ve ever seen where I think it would be worth the pain. Promise we’ll see it when it’s healed?

  9. QUEBEC CITY!??? Oh my gosh, that’s pretty close to me… one of the closest places I’ve ever seen that does scarification other than the lovely Montreal. I must go. This is bloody awesome.

  10. Thats amazing to hear all your comments.
    I’ll definetly post some pics when the healing process will be done. Lets see how it goes!

  11. Thank you all for the great comments! Seahorse sat through it like a champ! either I or her will make sure to post the healed result!

  12. good luck with healing seahorse!! it is quite beautiful. i have scarification on my inner thigh… i can’t tell from the picture where yours is on the top? wrapping around? i love the line work. very talented artist!

  13. Efix, can we see more examples of your fine work somewhere? Very impressed!

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