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  1. Seeing pictures of people with their faces FULL of piercings and dangling things and sparkles and neon colours everywhere always looks like one big mess to me… and usually encrusted with makeup makes it look a bit unclean.
    Too much. Too much.

    I don’t know if thats rude or whatever.. I don’t really mean it like that.. I just personally find it very unattractive.

  2. I can´t figure out if the jewelry is of visibly poor quality or if it is the facepaint that makes them look poor and rusty.
    I admire her courage, but I can´t find any beauty in her face. All the piercings makes her face dissappear. Very odd, ad I usually can´t get enough. I don´t get why it had to be so massive. I really like the skin vs. metal look, and that facepaint… Just no. Now that I come to think of it, I have never seen a picture of her without any makeup.

  3. Don’t want to add to the negativity but I have to agree. Especially about her face disappearing, but that ussually happens for me with most people with a lot of facial mods – it just doesn’t suit that many in my opinion.
    Also, is it just me or are her surface piercings (not here, just a picture I’ve seen before) COVERED in hypertrophic scarring?

  4. ‘too much’ to who? there is no line to be crossed in the first place…

    she obviously doesn’t think its too much. i love her look, haha its great imho. 🙂 especially all the nose rings, makes me think of oldschool indian kamasutra illustrations

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful, honest smile! She’s lovely : )

  6. Bobb, some would suggest that clowns are a boisterous personification of happiness… Not everyone would consider looking clownish a bad thing I think.

  7. you know, i think if she didn’t wear such vibrant make up, you probably wouldn’t be able to see it at all under those piercings hahaha. and i’ve seen more make up on regular women, you know the one’s who plaster cover up from neck to hair line and draw eyebrows on and such. she rocks my world!!!!!

  8. I love the gestalt of the whole thing. There’s not one single part of it that defines her appearance, but when it all comes together it’s really very striking.

  9. I’m constantly amazed by how many people judge Elaine so harshly. No one says you have to like it, or agree with it, or think it’s pretty. Therefore, NO ONE CARES when you announce that you don’t. Big frigging deal.

    I think Elaine is beautiful because she represents the freedom do whatever one wants with one’s own body, and to seek pleasure and happiness on one’s own terms.

  10. leeanne (#13) – if no one cares then why are you bothering to say, if you don’t actually care?

    personally i don’t find elaine davidsons appearence aesthetically appealling (and i’ve seen her in the flesh) but i respect her for doing what she wants how she wants and enjoying her body

  11. “some would suggest that clowns are a boisterous personification of happiness… Not everyone would consider looking clownish a bad thing I think.”

    I’d say that’s a rather optimistic assessment.

  12. she has a beautiful smile. i agree though, i’d love to see her without the crazy hair & makeup.

  13. lets all take the mick outta her make up and not the wild hair?
    the whole look is fantastic! its like her personality in physical form,all happy,enthusiastic and fun and what not!

    i find teenage girls and their terrible oompa loopma styled fake tans more concerning than bright face paints 😛

  14. leeanne (#13) If nobody HAS to like it, why condemn people for their opinions?

    You don’t HAVE to like ALL body modifications in order to enjoy SOME or be apart of the life style or culture.

    Also, I don’t really think anyone has said anything that bad. They are all personal opinions. Just like yours 🙂

  15. Are all the piercings around her lip regular lip piercings, with one end of the barbell on the inside of her lip? Or are some of them done with curved barbells/like surface piercings?

  16. I am digging the carnivalesque, all-out celebration of life that she has going on. Rock on, say I.

  17. I think they both look amazing! For me, there’s no such thing as “too much” when it comes to piercings, tattoos or being colourful!

  18. i think she’s beautiful not only for her mods, but because you can just feel the happiness in her life from these pictures. i also love these pictures simply for the vibrant colors! I’m also curious as to what she does for a living.

  19. I’m just curious as to how it’s possible to work with all that. I know it’s probably stupid of me to ask but, doesn’t it feel a little odd? Does that many piercings pull down the flesh too much? I applaud her for going all out, and I’m certainly impressed, but I just wonder what kinds effects that has.

  20. she looks like a living cartoon! i love her beaming smile… like a celebration of expression! this makes me happy

  21. I love seeing the comments here when Elaine is posted. I imagine a lot of the rest of the world say the same things about those of us with only a few mods. It’s all a matter of degree, eh?

    I think she looks beautiful, she really rocks her look. Love it!

  22. Maybe it’s just me, but looking at the first photo (since it’s not as much of a close-up as the other two) it doesn’t really look like that much. The close-ups look like more because 1)they’re closer, and 2)she’s wearing dangling earrings. I know her piercings count is easily in the hundreds (don’t remember the exact number at the moment) but I don’t see them as looking crowded or mushed together.
    Besides, her smile alone is infectious. I love it!

  23. http://modblog.bmezine.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/elaine-davidson-2.jpg

    i’m pretty sure in this photo her eyebrow piercing is covered in blood/rejecting. i’ll never understand why body modification blogs will condone something so obviously unhealthy? like the stretching methods outlined by some of the ‘modblog famous’ (i can’t remember his name, but the guy with the MASSIVE labret who stretched really irresponsibly).

    tbh she’s an example of how not to be modded- i think you have to be extremely irresponsible to let your piercings get into such a state of disrepair. she shouldn’t be featured.

  24. Her face may be semi obscured by makeup and peircings but look at the last photo where she is smiling… You can see in her eyes how happy she is and that makes her a gorgeous person… At the end of the day though these are all personal opinions of it and no one is going to have the same thoughts on it so why are we contesting?

  25. to each their own. i dont like it, but the one that especially bothers me is the one, about center of the bridge of the nose, that looks like it was only pierced half way through.

  26. you know, i just love the fact that she looks so happy!

    it doesn’t really matter if i like it or not – SHE does. my definition of what’s aesthetically appealing could very well be far different from hers. while i like a plainer face without too many piercings or makeup, she could look at someone like me with just pierced lobes and say EWW!

    she is beautiful for the fact that she is making herself into what she wants to be. one thing the ModBlog community has in common is that we have a modded identity under our skin begging to be let out – if this is hers, and what she truly views as her personal beauty, then all the power to her!

  27. Seriously, if it was anybody else with that many obviously rejecting piercings – and if they’re not rejecting,the jewelry is very poorly fitted – this would be filed under risks. I don’t believe you should have to give the standard modblog answer of “Oh it’s awesome I admire her for being so extreme and she’s beautiful!” if you want to be able to consider yourself a part of the community. Yes, she’s beautiful, she has a gorgeous smile, and if any of the jewelry was fitted and the piercings were healthy, I’d like most of her piercings. But since when is caking piercings with makeup a great idea, or leaving rejecting piercings in so long?

  28. I wonder if eventually people will become accustomed to seeing larger and larger amounts of facial piercings and less people will consider Elaine’s piercings unnattractive.

  29. i love it. i just wonder how uncomfortable that must be to sleep on every night?

  30. It’s not my cup of tea, but she looks genuinely happy. I think that’s all that matters.

  31. With everyone so busy raggin on Elaine (She feels beautiful, more power to her IMHO) nobody has bothered to look at Angelo’s AWESOME deep teal beard!!

  32. Why has no one mentioned the guy and how awesome he looks?! Well I’m going to now… That guy… that guy right there… looks awesome yup yup.

  33. #44 – he does look awesome ^_^ i love the symmetry of his tattoos! and his beard rocks 😀

  34. With over 3,000 piercings… I’m pretty sure Elaine has dealt with numerous piercings rejecting and I bet it’s not a huge issue for her she most likely pierced it again.

    I remember seeing pictures of her when I was a kid and thinking how happy she looked.

    I say leave her the hell alone with all the nasty comments.
    No one could have that many piercings and not have some reject.
    FYI There are numerous products out there as far as face paints and makeup goes that are not harmful to piercings.
    Most anything water based or even a pancake makeup will was off with warm water and soap and not harm the piercings.
    It’s grease based paints that you have to watch out for.

    So many people freak the fuck out for the most stupid reasons on here.
    It was requested that Shannon post more pics of her if he could get them because so many people thought she is beautiful and worth a second, third, fourth, and even many more looks.

    She is Happy and I’m sure she is capable of taking care of herself.
    Elaine has been getting pierced since way before most people commenting on here were out of diapers.
    I have nothing but respect for her and appreciate her for living a happy life and enjoying herself.

  35. Having met both of them briefly but watching them at conventions for years, their energy and good will is infectious.

    In just a short time, I’ve witnessed conventions become less friendly, hardly any community feel, but with Elaine and Angelo, there’s always love goin round. Hope to see them posing for many many more years.

  36. I just got home to Edinburgh recently; I’d wondered where she was! I’ve missed seeing her on the Royal Mile (where, #25, I believe she sells silver jewellery at a stall). More power to her!

  37. i fricken love her.
    i read comments about how her piercings look unhealthy or have poor quality jewelry and all i have to say is, to me it looks like she has been doing this whole body mod thing for a long time so i think she knows what is good for her. i just hate when people pick others apart. rock on girl. there needs to be more people to push the limits with piercings cause i can’t (atleast for now).

  38. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful, honest smile! She’s lovely : )
    Melephant on April 21st, 2008 at 1:42 pm

    my thoughts exactly.

  39. the first time i saw pictures of her, i was kind of repulsed, but now i just have mad respect for her. she really is doing her own thing, something that’s clearly not universally accepted even within the modified community (if the comments here are any indication) and once i get past my gut reaction of ACK SO MUCH ADORNMENT i realize it’s really a beautiful thing to behold.

  40. personally, i think she looks beautiful and exotic! i love her individuality and sense of self and style. 🙂

  41. some of that jewelry (especially in her bridge ladder) looks to be of horrible quality….
    bodyartforms.com, elaine.

  42. Look at how happy she is! How could you not love her, facepaint, piercings, wild hair and all?

  43. Hm… Great photos. I really admire what she’s done an how far she’s taken it but… I’m sorry, those two particularly crooked piercings on her nose annoy me every time I see photos such as this.

  44. just a note for those who thought there was blood or rust – it’s actually a reddish brown color she’s applied all over her face (and all over her piecings too, it seems). look at the first picture. her natural skin colour is below her necklace.

    also, i find it interesting that she hands dangling earings from other jewelry. i actually like her piercings better with the more ridiculous makeup and hair. i just wish she’d clean off the jewelry after applying her makeup. it must be a pain to work around it all!

  45. She’s walking art. Some people get it and some people don’t and both views are okay. An artist should be able to express themselves and find joy in their creativity. Looks like she has done both =)

  46. Why are people so negative towards her? It’s what she choose to do. I saw a short interview with her and they asked her why and she said basically that she likes it and her piercings make her happy, that’s good enough for me. Not something I’d choose for myself, but I do love her whole look, to each their own.

  47. I love seeing pictures of her.

    It shouldn’t matter if you personally like what she has done to her body or not, what should matter, since you are all so adamant about being a member of the community, is that you support her in her journey to be herself. Thats why we are all here. Not for anyone to say they don’t like what one person has done, but to support each other. Seems a few people have forgotten that aspect of the community.

  48. Everytime I see a photo of Elaine she just puts a big smile on my face – such a happy and sunny disposition! She’s great 😀
    And THAT to me is what body modification is all about, drawing the inside onto the outside. Happy inside, happy outside.
    I just love her <3

  49. So, someone like bobb can say something severly abusive, yet I say one small thing and I get my comments moderated?

    I think people forget Elaine is a record holder for the most piercings in the world and she is definitely one of the greatest people I’ve seen. How I would love to have actually spoken to her when I saw her, I’m sure she has a world of stories to tell and she has to be one of the happiest people I’ve ever seen.

    She’s happy, she makes people happy. Leave it at that.

  50. aesthetically, this has no appeal to me. but i doubt she is trying to appeal to me =D she has undertaken a huge task and what she has done is admirable.
    i wonder how she looks without make-up?
    she always seems to get make-up all over the jewllerry her piercings.
    love elaine davidson

  51. I love it actually–an excess of facial piercings isn’t my cup of tea, but it’s fantastic to see someone who’s rocking a look that isn’t the more common tribal/goth/hardcore/whatever look most of the heavily modded featured here have. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, it’s just cool to see something different.

    Also, even those of us who have only had a dozen piercings have had a couple reject–with 3K, Elaine’s probably had a couple hundred go bad, but there’s no way you get that pierced for that long and not get an idea of how to take care of them and what your body can handle. And if I were her, applying makeup that intense every day and then ensuring that each individual piece of jewelry was wiped clean would be a very low priority.

  52. I respect her but the straight bar bell in her anti eyebrow makes me cringe. Same with the row of barbells down her nose, some of them look really dodgey, wouldnt she have less trouble using correct jewellery?

  53. I dont care if she looks happy, i dont care if she looks awesome , thats on her. It just looks like a cluster fuck on her face of everything unsafe. looks like she was one of those kids that get all this crap done too fast because its free. like she sat done with a piercing gun and a bag of cheap jewelry she got at a local flea market and decided how far can i take this. Im all for people doin what they want but i dont understandstand her with a zillion holes on her face healing hahaha a zillion, whats with that make up. does she do that cause the ton of metal is not gettin noticed enough or does she really like the way she wears it or it just like something she does and dont know why. does anyone actually know. i remember awhile back there was a chick in florida i believe that held some piercing record and ended up dying from complications from infections on all the healin piercings. what is this chick not dead from some crazy infection. and whats with that unusual make up.

  54. for this to be a community of “friends” and all that happy sappy bullshit
    everyone seems so happy to tear each other down
    and judge and nit pick every damn thing about any post where its trashing mod artist for doing something extreme (or that they think a doctor should have done)
    or a persons personal choice

    elaine’s look not for me i dont find it attractive and most of the piercings dont look healthy
    but its not MY face its not any of YOUR faces

    shes not hurting me or anybody else so why the hell should it matter yeah if she kicks the bucket from 3000 infected nad rejecting piercings it will amke headlines somewhere and the piercing and mod industy will look bad and people like us will as well
    but lets be honest folks our actions and choices in this sub culture will never be mainstream accepted (dont get me wronge it is more than it would have been 20 years ago but 3 inch ears,implants,lip plates, and tattoed faces are never gonan be in the white house and never gonna win a grammy its just not the norm who knows 4000 years fomr now maybe but for here and now its not)..its not helping anything to argue and bitch and tear each other down if we want to grow and advnace and try to make more of a pleasnt future for fellow modified people im not saying excuse bad work or stupid acts but i see more bitching on things that arnt that bad than things we need to worry about and focus on as a group to make a change like howies transdermal strip removal a little drastic but it served its pourpos for what they wanted to do and thier was an up-roar calling him a hack and an idiot but a post of a girl whos ear had to be rebuilt from cartilage in her rib cage got hardly any recation other than “ewwwwwww gross” yes soem bad shit could have happend to that guys head but since then how many other removals have we seen that were that extreme..none yet

    but every few days we see crap jewlery and piercing gun fuck ups that cause jsut as much damge to a person

    but wed rather crucify one of our own than band together to try to ban something causeing more damage to people
    or not even ban help come up wiht a more effective way of doing it…

    fuck in my state a county just passed a regualtion the same month that the first piercing and tattoo studio to open in that area ever saying that all body piercing and tattoing should be done or supervised bey a liscened doctor

    and nine to ten chance most of your would rather bitch about howie..or the guy with the fucked up star implant on his head(fucking pedo)..or zipra taking those big ass keliods off or some dudes shitty implant job blahblahblahblahblah

    but yeah we care about that shit more dont we kids

    sry long day i needed to rant

  55. I am always impressed by her body’s ability to keep really shittily executed surface work in her face…Not to mention the amount of makeup that must get into them. It’s like a miracle!

    She is meant to be pierced, I suppose. 🙂

  56. I think its bullshit she gets criticized so much and I love how happy and beautiful she is.

  57. I think she is beautiful…she is herself which is more beautiful then anything in the world.

  58. She is awesome..Looks like a fairy to me, and all your close-minded morons can stick your opinions up your arse

  59. She’s beautiful because she’s happy with herself. Happier than I have ever been with myself, I imagine. Also, I wonder if she ever takes them all out. It would probably take ages to get them out and then back in, lol. It took me forever when I had only 13 in each ear.

  60. I think she’s an amazing example in regards to limitations and the potential of human beings.
    That being said, I don’t know how she can sleep with all of that…or she must be a back-sleeper. I sleep on my tummy and could never be able to heal any of that.

  61. Good luck to the lady.
    More face painting in an Oz style than conventional makeup but it looks good on her.
    I wonder what her passport photo is like !

  62. I agree with #44- his tats are awesome. I admire Ms. Davidson, but this is too much for me. 37 piercings are just fine for me.

  63. Idk why every time I see someone with a very large amount of piercings they always look crooked and sloppy. I guess I’m very anal about placement and symmetry.

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