25 thoughts on “Dreads and a Lip Disc

  1. dude, you took the time to stretch your lip, you took the time to stretch your lobes, why not take the time and grow some real hair?

  2. that looks different, I really like it!
    His dreads look really tight, nice nice!!!

  3. Mark — That’s exactly what Mucus Markus was getting at. If he had the time and dedication to stretch his piercings, why didn’t he have it for his hair?

    And, unless it’s just a bad wig, why didn’t he add dreads to the front?

  4. Mucus Marcus – I don’t see that you can draw a connection between the two, but I’d suggest that people get dread extensions because they choose not to go through an intermediate phase… So get extension dreads and then grow in real ones (or not). Other people aren’t interested in them as anything other than a haircut that they have for a while, so it would be silly to go to the effort.

    I definitely appreciate the dedication in “real” dreads, but I don’t think it’s fair to say that it’s illegitimate to do it with a shortcut…

  5. Mucus Mucus- I have to say I have waist length dreads and they take pure dedication to take care of, Its probably one of the hardest hair styles to maintain and keep up with. You have to work very hard to keep them tight and looking clean, neglect will leave you with a rats nest and no one wants that

    anyway, His Lip, cheeks, and septum look great, And I love the look on his face, very “wtf…..?”

  6. I’ve had “real” dreads as well as dread extentions including a dread wig, all of the above took quite a while to make, and maintain, however the real dreads obviously require much more dedicationa love and care, but I don’t disrespect sythetic dreads because they are usually there for different reasons, mostly for decoration at the end of the day. I love dreads, but I have to admit that I also like other hairstlyes. I have been thinking about having real dreads again though, just earlier today…

  7. Acid it’s not that hard to keep up some nice dreads. Maintenance doesn’t take long unless you were slathering on some wax.

  8. I like the pic, real hair or not. I have real dreads, about 3 months into it. Wax is for crayons, don’t use wax. Ick.

  9. i neglect my dreads for the most part, and i definitely don’t have a rat’s nest going on. the only maintenance i’m guilty of is keeping them clean. i’ve had them almost six years now, and they’re doing just fine without constantly trying to mold them how i think they should be. patience is the number one rule of having locks.

  10. Hence why I said slathering. I loathe wax. and those who think you ~need~ wax to have dreads are ignorant.

  11. Acid – What are you babbeling about!? Dreads are by far the EASIEST hairstyle to maintain and take care of. I have dreads and the only maintanance i do is wash and rip them when necessary. They are clean, tight, fat and beautiful! And they get tigther, fatter, longer and more beautiful every day. If you mess too much with your hair and try to “maintain” them with wax and other crappy products you will only hinder the natural locking progress. But you are right about one thing – dreads take time and love. But they dont take much effort, only patience!

  12. I’d have to agree with the above. The only time I really had a lot of maintanence to do with my real dreads was when I was still using wax, and some of my dreads were poorly done, after that they were getting tighter by the day with just a tiny bit of help, but I really didn’t have to ever do much hair styling… so the maintanence wasn’t exactly all that hard either. Infact, now that I think about it making sure that snyth dreads stay in and look good takes more maintanence not to mention a while to put in, and take out for maintanence too.

    Eitejr way dreads are dreads gotta love them. There will always be an issue aboutthis, but there is always one higher on teh whatever scale… most of us have dreads that were created by backcombing, so the people that got it with a twist methods in african hair cold say, well I have REAL dreads and you don’t… and people who just happened to get dreads because of neglet could be annoyed too.

  13. haha. i do hate fake dreads, but i don’t automatically write people off for having them. i’ve grown many completely natural sets of dreads. it annoys me when people assume i used wax or that i had them done. my hair is so thick it just does what it wants. and i’ve experienced the different cultures of dreads in mexico and central america, unfortunately not over that great big ocean. things have different meanings to diff. people. i’m well aware of that.
    but i think as long as you have two versions of something, one that takes dedication and one that doesn’t, people are gonna have feelings and opinions. and fuck it, everybody gets to be right cause no one’s getting hurt, it’s just hair…

  14. I think he’s super cute…. and i love the dread extensions! i mean, they are obviously extensions, but the colour choice is lovely and they’re nicely made, so why not? A lot of people try extensions as a transitional phase to see if having dreads suits them while they grow their hair out… and in this case, I think real dreads would look great on him.

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