Her Hoodie Matches Her Tattoos

I just liked these portraits (two more are after the break) of Tasha taken while she was on vacation in the Dominican Republic… It made me miss the Caribbean… I just got an email about an earthship building seminar in the Netherlands Antilles this summer, and as much as I imagine that spending a week sledgehammering in the sun is kind of miserable, I’d love to go.

Anyway, an update is building right now that has some changes that I think will make the members galleries load a hair faster for viewers (and I’m glad people seem to be enjoying the ability to contact each other via their photos), although it now takes longer to build them here! I’ll upload it as soon as I can.

30 thoughts on “Her Hoodie Matches Her Tattoos

  1. she is extremely beautiful, but I wish there was just a full on shot of the tattoo’s
    I love stars just as much as she does so this is great

  2. Oh she looks so adorable! I love her hair and those photos are just stunning. It makes me want to leave and travel so badly.

  3. haha i know her, tash is awesome, and she loves her stars.. and these are awesome pics, she looks really pretty!

  4. Amazing picture and off topic omg i was just watching cris angel mind freak and he did a suspension and was flown around by a helicoptor. Was it old and did i miss it? Looked amazingly fun.

  5. Shannon! I’m actually taking a class in permaculture right now, but the instructor lived in and built earthships in Taos, NM.

  6. Pretty picture. Hoodies can be very important. I have a scar that matches the back of my artists hoodie. Its one of my favorites. His too. The hoodie and they scar.

  7. ahh
    i abso-fucking-lutely love this
    she’s so gorgeous
    the hair, snakebites, face
    these pictures are amazing

  8. i mean LOOK at the first picture…it looks like a hallmark card for christs sake!! i love how no one is really posting on the pics, but the girl. she was probably never even at the beach, much less having those tattoos lol! anyway, photoshop is both good and bad…but that first picture…fucking BAD

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