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Pineapple recently pierced Bear’s nipples at 8ga at Shaman Modifications in Austin, TX, so I had to share this great picture of the two of them after the procedure. Both of them have some of my favorite facial tattoos, and of course Bear has amazing stretched lobes, some of the biggest on the planet.

PS. As a point of trivia, did you know that BMEshop once produced some prototypes of a Bear action figure (which never went into full production unfortunately)?

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39 thoughts on “Keep Austin Weird

  1. Good god, Bear has SO MUCH blackwork. I never noticed that before. His ears rule though. How does he keep them so meaty?

  2. How have his ears not blown out yet? I’ve never seen ones that big, at least not that “meaty” as Shauntron put it…

  3. Great photo. I really admire Bear as a person and for his mods.

    But as Pmoz already said, it looks like he has downsized? Thickening up for further stretching hopefully?

  4. they both look dead on! and those are mighty fantastic!
    reckon they get caught on things?

  5. i feel pretty dumb. i looked at the picture and thought, “oh that guy looks a lot like bear but with a huge goatee” then i read the text. durrrrr.

  6. bear is from texas i believe … i dont think winter is too bad there… i was wondering what hes been up too. i havent heard anything about him in a while

  7. I love this post. My name is Austin! Haha, KEEP ME WEIRD!

    Also, his lobes are really the shit. That’s obvious dedication, considering they look so healthy.

  8. I like that he has the CBB’s in his lobes, mine are 1″ and I wear 0g hoops through mine

  9. I live in Austin, and I’ve seen them in real life before! If I’m not mistaken, I saw the man on the right at Golden Apple when I got my nose pierced for the first time. :D

  10. I have seen them before, but I really like Bear’s facial tattoos as well. I don’t even really need to say it, but his lobes are incredible. I can’t even imagine having enough lobe to stretch that far.

  11. i definitely thought bear was bigger. he looks so small and skinny but then again pineapple is a pretty big guy too.

  12. christ why did the figures never go into production i cant think of any one who is into body mods that wouldnt wnat one!!!!

    i fucking love bear he is such a sweet heart!

  13. his are hardly some of the biggest ears on the planet. look into tribal peoples ears ive seen photos with lobes wrapped under their arms. there impressive but hardly the biggest

  14. i heard something about him having a heart attack or heart problems of some sort and while in the hospital had to downsize his ears (from wearing no jewelry in them for a while?) but thats just a guess based on a rumor

  15. Does he wear jewelry in his ears at all times? I’m trying to figure out how to thicken my ears up some because they’re thinner than I’d like at only 5/8… So jojoba oil helps?

  16. They are both such swell guys as well. Nice when good taste and good people intersect.

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