Moscow Convention Photos

Golddust and Bodom Skater took these photos of one of the Psycho Cyborgs (Iestyn) who performed at the recent 2008 Moscow Tattoo and Bodyart Festival. I think it’s my favorite star tattoo yet!

Speaking of the tattoo expo, there were quite a few IAM and ModBlog regulars there, including Inna, Pj_Evl and Duff (remember her controversial interview?) in the photo below as well as (in the photos on the right, L-R) Tan0k and Petya, some folks from the suspension show, and Diktatura. All of these portraits are by Bodom Skater.

Golddust also snapped these shots of a really great facial tattoo that seemed to be getting quite a lot of attention.

20 thoughts on “Moscow Convention Photos

  1. Now isn’t a girl with a lip plate something otherworldly beautiful?

  2. his facial tattoo is fascinating. i just keep staring at it over and over, it’s just… i don’t know, something about the color and the way it frames the side of his face, i’m really drawn to it.

  3. I love the night sky, so his tattoo is pretty much perfect. Plus, the stars make the shape for the Cancer sign (a 69 laying on its side pretty much). I’m a Cancer, so this couldn’t get any better!

  4. Молодцы, С каждым годом, Уверенность в том, что в России не все зомбированы коммунистическим укладом, растет!

  5. Its long john silver!!!! Iestyn’s trademark is his famous long johns, they feature everywhere haha

  6. Россия с каждым годом все прекрасней и прекрасней) скоро мы переживем совков)женя красавец)

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