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  1. A friend of mine had a stretched Tragus, he had it at 10mm at its biggest.
    Then i heard it got ripped out in a playfight,



  2. Its such a common piercing, yet this is probably the first time I’ve ever seen one stretched to this extent. always thought about it though, if i had a tragus piercing of my own id give stretching a crack. very nice, lets see more!

  3. Wait, I’m confused – the cartilage is being stretched?

    I’m not usually a fan of stretches, but this is pretty nice looking.

  4. I never really had the idea to streach that part of the ear before…i wonder what the furthest limits of such a thing would be?

  5. I actually really like how that looks.

    I’m jealous. I doubt my tragus would be able to handle that.

  6. hmm, i wonder what the average pain threshold is for something like this? is it like stretching other cartilege piercings? i’ve had my traguses now for around six years and i would love to stretch them.

  7. Oh wow! That looks much nicer than I thought it would… my tragus is barely big enough to pierce, let alone stretch to that size!

  8. I have my trag(i?)us piercings stretched to 12 gauge on both ears and I have successfully made it to 10 gauge, but just need jewelry to keep going. It definitely hurt, but it wasn’t the worst ever. I’m sure larger would be super painful.

    Impressive at 0g.

  9. I really like the look of this. My only concern would be possible reconstruction. I can’t even wear mine at work so something like that would just not be possible for me.

  10. I cant wait to have mines up to a 0G or even to a 00G hopefully! 😀

    im at a 4G right now


  11. I’ve always wanted stretched tragus piercings, but my tragii are barely big enough to pierce. None the less I’ve started to go ahead with my plan to see how successful i can be, just waiting for the piercings to heal before i start stretching them.

  12. i dont think ive ever seen that before, but i really like it. and it looks especially nice in relation to his other piercings.

  13. Wow!! I’m so so impressed.. At one point I was planning on having my tragii punched at 8g but plans fell through. I can’t imagine this stretching process, I wonder if he taped.

  14. I love stretched taguses, deff my fave.
    Mines taking so long to stretch, harder than anywere else i’ve tried not because of pain just physically hard to stretch.
    but earphones never stay in 🙁

  15. I just recently stretched mine to 2g. I started at a 16g, as well. The stretches from 16g to 6g never really hurt a bit, or were even the slightest bit uncomfortable. 4g had a mild discomfort to it, and 2g kind of hurt some (but hurt I mean just got tender). It’s my “pride” piercing. I didn’t get it punched, it’s all self done, and it’s a bit more rare than lobes, so it gets a lot of looks and people saying “Oh my God, did that hurt?”

  16. I would never be able to stretch a cartilage piercing unless I found “in between” sizes. My nostril is 16g and I would LOVE a 14g nostil but theres no way I could fit a 14g piece of jewelry in there until I wore something between a 16g and 14g for a while. 16g to 14g is too much of a jump for my cartilage to handle. If I wanted a big hole in my cartilage I would probably just get it dermal punched. I have heard of many people being able to stretch cartilage to big sizes but it doesnt seem like something everybody’s body can handle. Maybe some people out there have way stretchier cartilage. But WOW! So impressive!

  17. Ahhh, this makes my punched 8ga tragus very jealous. This is what I am striving for.

  18. geez, I downsized to a 16g from 14g to cure an infection and haven’t even been able to get back to a 14g because of the pain. power to him!

  19. I can’t even get from 3.2mm to 4mm at the moment!

    It really isn’t the easiest place to stretch..

  20. Kudos to him. I had my tragus piercings pierced and stretched to a 6 and couldn’t hang. Also I love the ear but headphones and tragus piercings get in the way.

  21. Nice, iv had a 13mm tragus for some time now, the cartalage snapped some ware around 4 or 5 mm and after that it had to go up in .5mm stages, took a few years but well worth it for such a rare piercing 🙂

  22. currently stretching both of mine. just went from 14 to 10 today, so painful. kinda made me wanna throw up lol dont sugjest skipping sizes. everyone always asks if i can actually gauge that part. its nice to see im not the only one with the idea. hell yeah tho man, mine will be this big one day. 6 next friday!

  23. @gages1991

    As the owner of a 0g tragus pair, slow down dude. You’re not going to be doing yourself any favors going that fast.

  24. Man that looks great. I want my traguses done now. I sincerely doubt i could get that big, if i could get them done at all, but that looks amazing.

  25. My Tragus is currently at a 0g. It’s actually not a very painful stretch at all. It all depends on your pain tolerance. But it’s not a stretch i would ever speed through. I’ve been able to handle about one stretch every month or so. After about 2g I noticed it would take a little bit longer to heal. But it has been well worth it. Granted it makes wearing headphones and ear plugs (which are mandatory at my place of employment) a pain in the ass to wear, but it’s still been worth it. My goal size is 7/16″. I had mine pierced at 16g, and have dead stretched every size up until 4g, where I started using tape. It’s uncommon, and totally worth the time and patience it took to get to this point 🙂

  26. I wear ~00ga (.375″, ~ 9.5mm) in my left tragus and 2ga (.25″, 6.35mm) in my right. Both are double flared, so I pop through about .42″ (10.5mm) on the left and .32″ (8.125mm) on the right. I’ve had them pierced for over 20 years and somewhere along the way the cartilage split which made stretching easier. I’m not currently stretching either of them because I’m not comfortable allowing the skin to get thinner. Yes, the smaller guages are easier to stretch. I’ve found cylindrical glass beads at bead stores for in-between sizes, and often they are nicely colored.

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