Who said ribs are bad for the skin‽

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Biel obviously doesn’t think so as he paid Paulo “Sheetos” Vitor quite a lot of sauce for these five forearm implants.

12 thoughts on “PleasuRIBle

  1. The results look good, but I have to ask about the sterility of the procedure. I’m not trying to talk trash, and if anyone can set me straight, please do. But it looks like all his tools are laid out directly on the table, with maybe some plastic covering. I want to believe that he’s using something cleaner than off-the-shelf saran wrap. Or is that considered, in the industry, to be safe enough? I really want to be wrong here…

  2. also I keep misreading the title of this as PLEASUREBIBLE which is kind of awesome in its own, irrelevant way

  3. Man..thats intense. Kudos to the guy getting them for not making faces. Haha. I’d be making crazy faces.

  4. Er!k: I hear ya’ brother. With the amount of knowledge and information out there, I’m a little surprised to see a lack of sterile-field visible and the arm/dreaddies that close to the tools is a little scary.

    I wanna know what that long ass dermal elevator he’s using is. It look crazy!

    End result looks pretty cool, heres hoping those pockets are nice and tight so they can heal nice and straight.

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