I think this customer of Rae at Liquid in Lubbock, Texas is very clearly asking that someone ride him… (PS. Previously).

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52 thoughts on “Handlebars

  1. there’s something about this that i find extremely sexy.


    at the risk of sounding totally incompetent, could someone please explain to me how to make my user name a link to my IAM page?

    i’ve looked through the FAQ, but have not been able to find it.

  2. The first one is a totally different tattoo and guy, so I hope you were just posting as a coincidence. I was like “Hey…waitwhat? Where’d the black go!?!?”

  3. if they were straight, i think it would look weird.
    crooked is the way to go.
    thumb up.

  4. Someone told me, back in the 80′s, that “ride my bike” was dirty talk. My English (particularly slang) sucked and so I didn’t know what to think, but if it is? Yeah, this tattoo works. :)

  5. crooked is the only way! i bet this works better aesthetically when a “rider” is grabbing the bars than not-crooked would, too…

  6. keep on riding man!!!!awesom tatto, im planning on getting an oldschool bike tattoed on my ribs, hail BMX!!!!!!!

  7. they were from terribleone.com i think. this guy was great. i think i have more pics of him in my portfolio, we had this whole chestpiece planned out with tire tracks going up his shoulders and everything but he moved :(

  8. nice, but I prefer the b/w version, even if isn’t the same guy. I’m a huge fan of b/w tattos

  9. I think it reads as handles easier with it crooked, I feel like if they were straight the first thing you’d think is what is that shape? with it crooked you get the turning of it. I like it, but if it were on me the crookedness would probably bother me, even though I think it’s better that way.

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