41 thoughts on “Hint: it involves an amputation

  1. im almost clueless…
    but my guess is a belly button (after lookin at the picture)

  2. yeah I know nospec from bodymod.org and I know he still got his (heavily pierced) wiener so it’s his bellybutton for sure 😉

  3. uh navel? did someone get their ‘outtie’ belly button removed lol… someone spill the beans and tell us!

  4. It’s belly button because if you mouse over the picture it says “once there was an umbilical cord here”.

  5. MY GOD SHANNON IT”S NOT A PENIS! We’re all very proud.

    Seriously, though, that’s a pretty tongue-in-cheek usage of “amputation.”

    And yeah, Shadow, that’s how I figured it out too . . . that and it’s too hairy to be anything but a boy tummy.

  6. I didn’t mouse over like Shadow, but I also guessed belly button. Simply because the hair grows towards the middle of the abdomen and creates the snail trail (or whatever they call it these days). The snail trail is very noticeable in this image.

    So yeah, that’s how I figured it out 🙂

  7. Well, the hair looks a little heavier below and above the…mystery area. And that’s how male’s belly buttons are. So, I will also go with belly button.

  8. I’m guessing it’s an ear. Of course, it will be a total removal of male genitalia resulting in a hole for the insertion of foreign objects, but I still want it to be an ear.

  9. well i would have been “stumped” but when i scrolled over the pic it read “once there was an umbilical cord here.”..heh
    I have my youngest’s umbilical cord dried- it is a crazy neat little thing.

  10. First thought was nipple, but knowing this site it could be an amputated head, or something!

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