Josh’s Blue Eye Project Continues!

Howie (LunaCobra) sent me an update on Josh‘s blue eye tattoo project which is looking great! I’m very jealous! Howie’s done a few more eyeball tattoos as well since he did the three of us (Josh, Pauly, and myself) last summer, and a few other people have experimented with it as well, both with machines and injection. Check it out, and there are two more (less “manipulated”?) photos after the break.

More entries on eye tattooing on ModBlog — 1 2 3 4 5 — as well as on my personal blog. I’ll try and post an update on the problems with mine — I have what seems to be a permanent, albeit probably harmless, bump on my eye — in the next few days.

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64 thoughts on “Josh’s Blue Eye Project Continues!

  1. Well… I was thinking the first one looked too perfect… and if that’s what his eye does look like, he’s incredibly lucky. However, I find it weird that the next two show a white margin around the iris… Maybe it was a different day and stuff shifted around though. Either way, all three shots look really nice.

  2. I think there’s some overflow of ink in the photos. I hope I don’t have to update the entry and say that the photos were tweaked!!! (I asked Howie for more details, but he’s at APP, and just forwarded this email to me from another person who took the photos).

  3. woah didn’t expected it to looks so well. I mean. When the eyeball tattooing thing first started there was so much controversy about it. But now i guess… It looks good! though at some angles there’s a rim of un-dyed white around the pupils.

  4. Soon he will go through the agony, yes, to see if he is truly the Kwisatz Haderach.

    Well, maybe not but I think of Fremen when I see this picture.

  5. Well the first photo as taken another place and in different light that the second and third, but none the less, on 1st picit looks cool… the little white edge on 2nd and 3rd pic ruins it a bit though! :(

  6. I love the concept! I echo the sentiments in previous posts about the Fremen, Spice and anything remotely Dune related. I’m in awe of this!

  7. thats amazing,
    although im still very curious about malfunctions of the eye later in life..

    but great job.

  8. looks impressive. Does anyone know if this is the final incarnation of it, or is there more work to be done to it? like, darkening the colour, or doing the small uncoloured section

  9. Interesting. I read about the doctor who wrote a paper about corneal tattooing in the third link. That’s surprising that a doctor is interested something like this.

  10. this looks fantastic! i’m so impressed. i wonder if he’ll do the other eye too, for symmetry.

  11. This is absolutely amazing !
    The blue ink is really shiny, I wonder how it could be with black or any dark colour.
    I hope this will come to French tattooists soon !

  12. im actally really impressed with this… esp compared to the original pictures of course.

  13. Surprisingly, I’m not liking this.

    When the concept came up I was quite looking forward to seeing where this would lead but I’m sadly not as impressed as I thought I might be.

    I imagine it will look better completely blue, no white left. I’m also curious to see other colours, maybe that would change my opinion.

  14. where are the healed pics of everyones eyes that have gotten done. see what all worked and what stuck. i saw this guy for a few mins here at app as well and cut throat with his black eye. when they are fresh all that extra ink is still blurred in the eye making it look like more color then there is. looking at him i could not tell what he had done to his eye at the time. hell if i saw healed pic i might want to get mine done solid black but then again who knows what the outcome of this could be.

  15. Stigmata – Shannon has “healed” pics of his.

    Dragonheart – the first picture tells you what it would look like completely filled in with blue, so.. what do you mean by you “imagine” it would look better..?

  16. I took these photos. the 1st photo was from 10pm the 2nd and 3rd photo were from right after the procedure around 3pm.
    It was a good time! I swear on my life, the photos are 100% real. I still cant even believe it when i took them off my camera. xoxoxox Lindsay

  17. Wow, I quite like this…the white part around his iris actually looks pretty cool too, in my opinion. Glad that this is working out well.

  18. I cant wait until theres more people doing this procedure and more gets known about it. I have always wanted blue eyes. My eyes are brown and I think they look borring. Having the whites of my eyes being blue would be even better than reguler blue eyes! Im excited to see if this procedure gets perfected over the years then I will totally go for it!

  19. I agree Sara. Seeing a little bit of white in the tattoo looks really cool. It makes the blue look more “sky like”

  20. This has come out way better than I would have anticipates after first seeing it last summer. Hooray for experiments with kick ass results!

  21. I don’t think I could live the perpetual dune references that would go along with a mod like this… then again, I got bored with the first book and stopped reading once they went to the desert. Sandworms just aren’t interesting to a fourteen year old girl. Nor is the idea of literal sweatsuits. Don’t worry, my sister practically disowned me and still won’t allow me to watch the movie until I finish it. It’s been years, you’d think she’d just let it go, but no.

  22. im curious about the long term affects of this.
    maybe theyll know enough by the time im 80, and i wont care anymore about keeping a job, and ill get mine done in red hehehe….
    my eyes are almost black, so that would look pretty spooky!

  23. The ink has spread even more than these pictures show. I saw it yesterday, and the coverage is even better.

    It’s fucking surreal. Loving it.

  24. I quite like the way it looks, except that I think the brightness of the blue detracts from his natural eye colour (I think he has amazing coloured eyes to begin with.) That said, the little bit of white left ties it all together really nicely. Quite striking!

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  26. these pictures truelly do no justice… it looks SOO much better in real life. yay crazy josh!!!

  27. does anyone have pics of black colored ones? and what does the coloring do for your eyes after smoking some ganja?

  28. I think it looks wicked cool with or without the white in it! I’m actually not even sure which I like better..hah =)

  29. wow this is pretty ugly. No way to understood shit like this. Normaly im open for a lot but this ist stupid and dangerous. Next time try to get a Nail in your eye. Thats pretty too.

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  31. im in a little town in florida and am completely tattooed,so im already odd enough but when i tell people i wanna get my eyes injected they think im crazy ,but i wanna do it so bad. but would blacklight ink work?and do i have to come to u guys to get it done or let someone else do it…im estatic about doing it and would love to take a trip to do it

  32. This guys a fucking freak. Why would anyone in the right mind do something like this to their eye? You are going to have to live with this for the rest of your life!


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  34. a verrrrrrry brave fellow he is….. but he is not crazy………..he’s a genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a real innovator if i do say so myself, i am wowed!!!!

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