Eye Tattoo Update — Josh

Following up on the last eyeball tattoo photos, which I have to admit looked a little photoshopped and I had my suspicions that they looked “too good to be true”, Shawn Porter snapped this photo of Josh‘s incredible now all-blue eye tattoo. It is too good AND true! There are now around a dozen people in this community who’ve tattooed their eyes to one extent or another (I’m dying to see Cutthroat’s all-black eye) — will this snowball like tongue splitting, although thought to be a potentially terrible idea, did in 1998?

This tattoo was done by Howie (LunaCobra) of course, using eight to ten injections using two colors of blue ink to get the effect… He tells me tomorrow he’s doing an eye using a mix of red and black ink to do a “demon eye”… Damn!

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68 thoughts on “Eye Tattoo Update — Josh

  1. I worry about the long-term affects of this and hope against hope that until we get more data, other practitioners DO NOT DO THIS. I also hope that clients will come into it knowing it’s at best a highly experimental process and could have terrible consequences, up to and including the loss of sight or severe pigment reaction/complications.

  2. Continuing on what Shawn said about “experimental”, especially if the tattoo is done via injection there is heightened risk.

    That said, my personal assessment is that using traditional tattoo methods that the risk is significantly lower than many other common body modifications.

  3. Continuing on what Shannon said, my personal assessment is that the eyeball looks blueberry flavoured, and therefor delicious.

  4. severed: what a brilliant idea!

    So how long will it be before someone decides it’s “funny” to tattoo their eyes permanently bloodshot? It’s bound to happen… :)

  5. I would totally get this done just as a way to scare people. I think an opal type mixture would look incredible.

  6. i just finished watching 28 Days Later while sitting here recovering from knee surgery… i can only imagine how intense red eye tattooing would look!

    i’m really quite impressed by this, for something so experimental it really turned out fabulously. huge props!

  7. jesus fucking christ, that looks totally awesome now. shannon; will you be carrying on with your eye tat or is that something you dont want to go through again =p

  8. Demoiselle: I was waiting for someone to say that. I’m sure the Dune fans prefer the blue eyes, and the Star Wars fans the red :) CoryVictorious:I think opal eyes would look spectacular.

  9. Oh man Do I want this done, and I must say that it looks awesome, I can’t wait too see pictures of someone with both eyes done the same color. Fuck yes

  10. Pink ? PINK !!!

    Why isnät anyone choosing to have pink eyes ? like reeaal pink, that would’ve been awesome ;p

  11. i really like this, but theres something about that makes my eyes water no matter how many times ive seen it.

  12. I think that this is now proven as viable and therefore everyone should be lining up to have it done. Its a really easy procedure so most of you could talk your local practitioner into doing it! And if not I’m sure you can just try it on one another with no ill side effects!

  13. Elektromutant – There’s (at least) one person in New Zealand with UV eyes as far as I know.

    Cere – Are you offering it?

  14. I can’t get over how much I love love love this mod. The permutations could be endless. Only there’s no way I’d have the nerve to do it myself…

    Hey Josh! Next time you’re in Vegas, drop me a line! I wanna stare into your gorgeous blue-green eyes. :)

  15. Shannon, if anyone on here wants an authentic “cere” eyeball tattoo I’d definately do it after discussing the procedure with them.

  16. So if this person decided to conceal this in future for some reason, could it be done with sclera contacts?

    I’m thinking along the lines of that beautiful woman with all the Derma Blend photos; wondering if there is any flexibility with such an intense mod.

  17. this is really striking and i bet there are a WEALTH of more subtle possibilities (very pale purple to make green eyes stand out, extremely light blue might make eyes seem brighter and more awake, etc). hooray for color theory fun and makeup :) also, can you only inject one uniform color or could you make sort of a gradient? you could really make someone’s eyes appear closer together, farther apart, larger, smaller, etc. it would even effect the look of the bridge. i’m excited to see consequences (that sounds a little wrong) and possible applications.

  18. That just looks amazing. I’m glad he’s not blind. I wonder if he’s got a more blue-ish hue to what he sees now :P

  19. absolutely beautiful and amazing!
    i just hope there arent a scad of idiots out there poking people in the eye now…

  20. I am shocked at how well this turned out, especially with the early photos when shannon and two friends did it at first.. it was quite blotchy and didn’t look too promising.
    Did this start off in little pockets and then spread out? Or was that an immediate effect?
    It makes my eyes water just looking at it; I’ve had dry eyes and contact lense issues forever, and I just can’t help but hurt for him. How long did it take before he felt normal again? Has his vision changed at all?
    I can appreciate those saying its safe to do it, but I am 100% sure SOMEONE is going to lose their vision or damage an eye severely at some point if this really grows in popularity. All it takes is one small mistake and it could disastrous.
    Has anybody tried wearing contacts of their eyeball ink?

  21. I just can’t understand why people would risk their sight to do something like this. Let’s hope for the sake of the people who have this done that there’s no long term risks involved. Also, after a while will the colour fade away?

  22. Antishock – We just did one or two test injections. This is the same thing, but more injections.

    I don’t see why it would affect vision. It heals quite quickly as well.

    That said, as much as I *strongly* support this, I agree that there’s a real risk for something to go very wrong. While I’m very happy to see people doing this, I hope that everyone doing it goes in with the realization that it’s completely possible that something goes disastrously wrong.

  23. It’s amusing that this looks totally fake: most casual observers will just assume it’s a lens which, according to Shannon anyway, kind of defeats the purpose (the idea being to make it permanent, apparently). Interesting how this will affect other people’s perception of it. Probably most people will immediately think of Marilyn Manson since, although he’s not the first to make frequent use of freaky contact lenses, he’s probably the most well known person to do it recently.

  24. This looks cool as fuck. I’m really happy to see that it turned out so well and hear that he hasn’t experienced problems with it. I don’t think it’s something I’d do myself (my eyes are pretty much my favourite part of me as it is, so I wouldn’t want to risk potentially fucking them up!) but it looks amazing.

  25. Oh my God. It looks really, really amazing, but I hope he’s okay.

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  27. im a little concerned that this is photoshoped, the picture is quote out of focus and blurry yet the blue has allot of grain on it and where it meets the iris it it too sharp for a picture thats that out of focus. im just really hoping its real it would be quite awesome.

  28. Haha. People keep saying Dune for blue eyes, Star Wars with red eyes…and every time someone said they wanted to see a black eye, I just wanted to say X-Files.

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  30. Hey Shannon, I live in Charlotte, NC and have been a long time fan of body mods. I have a bifurcated tongue that I performed on myself using the monofilament line method with a bit of advice from Steve Haworth. I’ve had it for about 5 years now. I’ve been wanting to do a black eyeball tattoo ever since I heard about this, but I don’t know how to go about finding someone with experience performing it. Understandably, I’d like to find someone that has done this successfully a few times. If you know anyone I could contact, send me an e-mail and let me know. Also, if you could give me more info on the process and the different methods, it would be much appreciated. The only method I’ve seen is the injection method.


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