Nick’s Facial Work Continues

Updating you on NYC’s most tattooed architect’s facial tattoo work, here’s the latest photo of Nick‘s striking facial work by Tattoo Joe at Physical Grafitti in Bridgeport, CT. I love where this project is going, and it’s a real gift to be able to watch people undergoing this sort of transition.

Edit/update: Read comment #22 for some background on Nick.

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60 thoughts on “Nick’s Facial Work Continues

  1. I don’t understand. What is his professional function in the NYPD since this kind of heavy facial mods isn’t interfering with his job?

  2. I like it except for the top lip part.It definetly makes him look alot more menacing.
    oh & by the way hes not a cop anymore,do you think they let cops tattoo there faces, he couldnt even get a job a mcdonalds now.

  3. I agree because he’s undergoing a transformation that many of us have fantasized for ourselves. Well Done !!!!!!

  4. I he was an auxillary officer, and he is leaving the force. I could be wrong.

    The forehead work is simply amazing. He look’s fucking great.

  5. Looks great, tho I always feel a little funny about non-maori having full facial moko. Ah well.

  6. oh yeah im sure he’ll be bummed too Shannon haha,…it would be cool if he could still be a cop it would make people alot more intimadated when they got pulled over.I think full facial ink is always a plus when done well like this, he sure is going at a fast pace with this work though,I have facial ink myself & I did it in a piece work, undertaking a project like can be overwhelming, you have to be mentally ready I hope he is.

  7. Wow. He can look really intentionally menacing with that lip plate angry frown and that ice cold stare. He prolly could get a job as a bouncer or bodyguard…

  8. it looks like a medieval knight’s helmut or something… or maybe my history class is rotting my brain!

  9. Y’know Didj there is makeup on the market that can be used to cover tats. Dermablend I think is one, the Bare Escentials line would probably work as well. I’ve been thinking about starting facial ink, seeing the BME entries with facial tats has sort’ve alerted me to the fact it’s becoming more common, hopefully more acceptable, as our numbers grow :)

  10. nick is absolutly one of the nicest people i talk to here, and his faceial work is amazing, i cant wait to see it when its done if it isnt already

  11. I hate to say it, but I liked the last stage better. With the addition of the eyebrows and upper lip he looks so angry.

  12. it reminds me of Dr. Magnetos helmet. he looks really scary now maybe its just the facial expression. Next time get him to smile.

  13. Nick is an architect by trade but also an auxiliary officer with NYPD.

    He says in the video of this work getting done that he’s turned in his badge though, but he has worked with his throat/neck and hands / knuckles showing.

    And he’s quite successful in the business world, so I think that employment with a fast food chain is the least of his concerns.

  14. Too help with the confusion… I’ve been working in Architecture for 20 yrs…. However after 9/11/2001, in a fit of patriotism I decided to pursue a career in Law Enforcement… I signed up, trained, and became an Aux (part Time) Police Officer with the NYPD… and then decided to explore a full time career in police work after I decided I loved the experience. After the tragic death of a partner, I returned to New York, continued doing my old aux Police work (foot patrols walking a beat), bike patrol and car patrol. It was great, and if anything will teach one to appreciate the work of the police, its putting on your uniform and being ‘out there’. Its hard, and sometimes thankless work…. but simultaneously thrilling, and often beyond gratifying.

    I was always pretty heavily tattooed, and at the time I joined the NYPD policies on ink were not so strict. They have since become more restrictive, and I can understand the need for a uniform and professional looking personnel. I had some amazing experiences with NYPD, but always continued to design buildings even while doing my police duties, This last couple of years my design practice has really blossomed, I’m fortunate to have some amazing clients, and nice people who work for me.

    Finally after almost 7 years, I have decided to turn in my badge… and just focus on the quality of my life, doing the things I wish, and leaving the job of law enforcement to others. I gave 1000′s of hours to looking after the City of New York, and will really miss the incredible brotherhood. Now its time to get back to my other profession of design and architecture.

    I’d wanted my face tattooed for a long time… and this seemed like the perfect time to do it…. I really didn’t want to have to wait until my face was old, wizened and ugly just because I decided to wait to be safe, 65 and retired. I wanted to live with this and enjoy it while my face was still somewhat nice and youthful. This seemed like the perfect time to do it.. and i think its really beautiful. Life is about making choices, and commitments and this face is a choice I made. I’ve always worked incredibly hard, achieved as much as I can. I got a great Ivy League education at Cornell, and even got to experience time at Harvard as well.

    One commitment I made to myself is to experience everything that felt correct. Life is uncertain, one simply does not know how long one has to enjoy it. I feel I am meant to experience and become accomplished in a multitude of things, whether its studying Bach on the harpsichord, or trying to help to to keep a neighborhood safe by wearing a blue uniform. I can say I seized opportunities.

    I dunno….? maybe I’ll try to go out on patrol one more time after the face is totally done… (if they’ll let me?) and then go on about my creative life….

    LOL, ‘Iggy’, nah I’m not lookin for a job in McDonalds… I’m designing 8 million dollar apartments for major New York art dealers thanks

  15. Traditionally every line denoted something in ta moko. and though this isn’t ta moko, it could still be read as such, but I’ve spoke with Nick and that’s not the intention of the piece. I don’t know about angry, if you look past the tattooing he looks happy enough :) The lip plate kinda gives off the effect of unhappiness with his downturned lips but the tatts looks pretty cool :)

  16. What about other parts of the body “heavily”= there should be some more :))
    The ornament next to the ears is great!

  17. My hats off to you Nick. You seem dedicated to whatever you set your mind to. I’ve been a cop for 32 yrs and have enjoyed every minute of it. It is a very rewarding and sometimes terrifying career. Good luck in your pursuit of ink and in your passion of architecture.

  18. stunning beautiful work & a real pleasure to see s.o. living his dream without having to face negative side-effects regarding his income/social status.

    *thumbs up*

  19. I have seen an other heavy tattooed guy on the TV, he is some kind of counselor or social worker for “socially challenged” (oh! the politically corrrrrectness!) kids. I think he’s Australian but works world wide.

    I apologize for any mistyping, misspelling.

  20. “and it’s a real gift to be able to watch people undergoing this sort of transition”

    I couldn’t agree more.
    Love the facial work!

  21. man his facial work is getting more and more intresting i love it

    i think the lines near his temples shud shtrech round is head man their soo gd

    wonder if he designed them himself

  22. penski:
    I don’t remember his name. The only thing I remember is that he is a big guy and that I thought “This is cool, we need more men of his kind because when he talks, the kids are silent, they listen to him and then they believe him and then they love him.

    Oh wait, I think he calls himself “The Scary Man” or “Scary Guy” or something like that.

  23. Wow… those forehead arches are beautiful. All of the work seems to converge in the middle. Some of the best facial tattoos I’ve seen. I like the fact that he’s into architecture and gets architectural influenced tattoos.

  24. Nick, i doubt you’ll read this, but huge kudos to you for doing what you want and what feels right to you. your tattoos are astounding and your story inspiring – thank you so much for sharing.

  25. I personally think modified cops is a brilliant idea. No one would expect a modified person to be a cop which would make them great candidates for being an under-cover cop.

    I think the facial tattoo is very pretty. And props to you for being able to have a good career and be visibly modified. Sadly I cant get a facial tattoo get because I want to spend some time working with special needs kids and the parents probably would have a hard time getting past facial tattoos.

    Nicks and Shannon probably have some of the nicest facial tattoos I have ever seen!

  26. If anyone’s interested in this ‘style’ of facial tattooing, you should definitely have a look at where it all came from, which is the ta moko kanohi of the Maori people.

    A lot of good portraits were painted by Charles Frederick Goldie and Gottfried Lindauer of chiefly Maori individuals in the 1800s, and if you read books like ‘Ta Moko’ by David Simmons or the recently published (and probably the best book on the subject yet) ‘Mau Moko’ by Ngahuia Te Awekotuku, you’ll end up being able to read the moko kanohi on the faces of the portraits, because they’re photo-realistic paintings.

    But having said so, don’t copy the ta moko from the portraits. It is offensive and spiritually an unforgivable act because the information contained in those moko are individual and whanau specific and in some cases descended from the gods.

  27. i totally love how it has turned out. it is by far the most beautiful facial tattoo i have seen.

    i’d love to see how nick looks when he’s smiling!!

  28. I suspent that Joe wouldn’t want to deviate too far from the inspiration for this tattoo, so the bands will probably stay as is cos in Maori tattooing they don’t go in past the hairline usually!

  29. Love the work, love the ‘carpe diem’ attitude. LOVE that this is someone with a mainstream job making a great living and is accepted for who he is, ink and all. :)

  30. Hey Nick. Holy christ you’ve gone and done it. Good on you. Funny I remember “photoshopping” the plugs into your nose a few years ago and you went and got those done too. You look splendid. Keeping up with the music as well.

    Success is written all over your face.

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