Nose Piercing Tears…

Aww, Irina in Sweden pierced her brother’s septum for him and it made his eyes water! I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that.

That is, unless he’s crying because he got pierced in a parking lot! :P

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57 thoughts on “Nose Piercing Tears…

  1. lol aw! I love the first photo
    Mine watered too, which is weird because the clamp hurt more than the actual needle going through, but the pain altogether wasn’t much.

  2. It really would have been easier with septum clamps instead of Penningtons.
    Buy them off eBay for £6 …

  3. true enough, the clamping hurts more than the piercing, i think everyones eyes waters, this makes me miss mine so much

  4. Haha, adorable! I remember my eyes watering too (when I got mine pierced at 3mm). They still do every time I size up.

  5. oh yes my septum hurt like a mother.

    thing is i was always told “when placed correctly the dont hurt to be done!”

    cnt wait to get mine re done!

  6. My eyes POURED tears when I got my septum done. It barely hurt but my friends thought I was crying. >_<

  7. Each to their own but I would never be pierced by anyone in those sort of circumstances. When I got my septum done (on friday :D) it didn’t hurt but my eyes did look a bit watery afters.

  8. Wow, this is so different to my septum experience. I laid with my head upside down, and not a single tear!

    and it wasn’t outside either :)

  9. Getting my septum made my eyes water a wee bit, but it wasn’t too bad. I’d expected my eyes to pour with tears because I’d read other people’s experiences, but I guess I was lucky!

    These pictures are sweet. And he’s totally cute :p

  10. “# 8 – oh yes my septum hurt like a mother.
    thing is i was always told “when placed correctly the dont hurt to be done!”
    cnt wait to get mine re done!
    deadlypoison on April 29th, 2008 at 1:46 pm ”

    .. I don’t know where you heard that, but done right or not, chances are its going to hurt. Mine was done perfectly and yeah, it definitly hurt like fuck. It just depends on the person and how tough their tissue is. obviously if it was done really crooked or horribly, its going to hurt MORE, but as for not hurting at all, it has nothing to do with how well its done.

  11. Sure gloves would be nice but when I see someone which at 18 is piercing his little (is he?) brother in a parking lot my first thoughts are not about gloves but rather memories of…well too many years ago (no I did not do anybody but nevertheless I did other things in a less than ideal way and that was part of the fun).
    Having said that perhaps next time she could consider a set of gloves…

  12. “do anybody” should have been “pierce anybody” that’s what happen when one posts without reading what has been written…

  13. It’s not like he was rubbing the needle all over the ground or anything and I’m pretty sure they would of thought of hand washing… There are more places worse off to peirce…

  14. Ugh that brings back memories.
    Mine watered pretty bad too, considering they went straight through the cartilege >_<.
    That was the last time I ever visited that shop.

  15. I cried like I just rubbed my face in a bowl full of raw onions when I got mine done.
    And I know it’s not sanitary ect… but I could help but laugh at the piercing in the parking lot. It’s got a teen quality from it that I can also relate to a long time ago hah.

  16. with the help of emla salve I felt absolutely nothing (expect of fear of course) when I got my septum but I had some water in my eyes, too. my piercer told me that this is sort of a reflex. but the cleaning and disinfecting during the healing process hurt like hell.

  17. Haha Drive Thru Piercing!

    …and for the record, not one tear from my eye when my septum was pierced. Instead I sneezed uncontrollably in fits and ran rivers of snot. Ummmhmmm, pretty.

  18. Me, my two sisters and dad discovered this phenomena independently when I was little. My dad had gotten one of those tiny cloth pins flying somewhere and he brought it home because it looked cute and for some reason stuck it on his nostril. He started tearing up, despite not hurting a lot. We messed around with it a bit and indeed, despite not being very painful as such, mild pain/pressure across outside either nostril or the septum induced tears. I’m still not sure why, I should look that up.

  19. when i got my septum pierced i started crying like crazy. I don’t know why. It didn’t hurt and I wasn’t scared. It was really funny thought because I’m pretty sure I thoroughly freaked my piercer out

  20. I think its cute :)

    My eyes watered a lot when mine was pierced and my friend hasd to be given water because he nearly passed out from watching… lol

    It waters with every subsequent stretch also. Large septums <3

  21. i don’t know, for a ‘parking lot piercing’ i think it’s really professionally done, if that makes any sense. i mean, she’s not sticking him with a jumbo safety pin. plus, outdoors probably has significantly less harmful bacteria than, say, a bathroom that hasn’t been bleached recently. at least less concentrated anyway.

  22. What a great way to build memories with your sibling. Even if it is in a parking lot!

  23. The first time I had my septum done, the pain was ridiculous and my eyes watered like mad…but this is because I was dumb and let somebody pierce it who sucked. It was pierced on an angle, and through that hard tissue/cartilage at the BASE of my septum. Ouch. The second time I had it done it was placed correctly, didn’t hurt more than a tiny pinch and my eyes didn’t water at all.

  24. haha i peirced my brothers septum awhile ago…he spent 10 minutes massaging his nose and mentally preparing himself for the pain and then once I put the needle through he decided he didnt want a septum peircing at all lolol.

  25. My septum was completely painless, and my eyes didn’t water at all. It was also my easiest piercing to heal, and so far stretching has been a breeze.
    I’m starting to feel like I missed out on something, haha.

  26. i’ve had mine done three times (and retired all for various reasons) and am getting ready to do it again… would have to say it’s the most painful piercing i’ve ever had, haha….

  27. It’s really sweet, but honestly the first thing that came to my mind was “isn’t that a little high for a normal person’s septum?”
    Technically speaking a properly-placed septum piercing should sit in the little groovy nooklet thing in the cartilage, so only connective tissue and no actual cart. is being pierced, should it? If only to minimize the pain… and what if he wants to stretch, it’ll take him ages lol…
    Saying that, though, he’s cute, what a bonding experience, and it really suits him from what I can see, so all power to ‘em. :)

  28. Aww, I want my septum done my mum says no more piercings though (am 14 :P) anywho yah my eyes watered when i had my nose done

  29. I was pierced in the hard cartilage and mine is strong and stretchable. If this kid cried, he probably did the same. The thin flap above that isn’t painful to pierce but it’s paper-thin and I imagine it would tear easily. Actually, this is the first I’ve heard of these piercings. Don’t they migrate? How well do they hold heavy rings? #52 I’ve only stretched from 12 to 8, but I did it without transition and I don’t want to go higher anyway so there’s no telling how long it would take to get up to, say, an 00 tusk.

  30. I got my septum done two days ago, My eyes water so much ! Did yours hurt? Mine didnt hurt till like the second day.

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