33 thoughts on “Spiral Shoulder Cutting

  1. awesome cutting and what a cool spiral in her ear,
    dissappointing lack of nipple though 😛

  2. man they look dead on,i really need to get some reading about the whole cutting scene…they look tooo good!

  3. I’ve totally been planning on getting spiral shoulder scars for quite a while, mine will be a different design of coarse. Anyway, I like these a lot, I hope they scar nicely!

  4. You know, so often on here I see a cutting like this and I want to say, “I don’t usually like this sort of thing but these are effin’ gorgeous”. Therefore, it must be bullshit – I DO usually like this sort of thing. Incredible, impeccable sharp lines. Plus that girl is BEAUTIFUL with a capital sex. 🙂 She looks so happy :)))

  5. yeah thats wuz up,,,they are healed and i did some more on her keep an eye out for new pics,,,,,,,,$uperFly=One Love Fur Immer,,,,,,,,,,

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