41 thoughts on “A strip of flesh

  1. PENIS! *looks*

    haha. right again. 😉

    i don’t have a penis but my girly bits just kind of recoiled a little…

  2. I don’t get whats happening, I mean, I get the removal bit, but whats that last picture all about?

    And Im assuming it was cut off, but from the pics it looks like the skin was literally pulled off by the clips :s

  3. I’m a bit confused, was this done to shorten the penis or purely for the experience of doing it? It looks to me like removing that much skin, suturing like that and then romving even more skin woul d result in a lot less elasticity and length. I could be completely wrong though.

  4. audente – It’s a “humane” strip circumcision. By cutting further back, you retain the sensitive tissue and glands in the foreskin.

  5. haha, at first i genuinely thought it was a strip of pork in sweet and sour sauce! tiiiired eyes….

    guess i should know better really, with this being modblog.

  6. I seriously felt sick after seeing that haha, usually I can handle most of the stuff on here, but ewwww

  7. wow. that was one of the few things that’s made me shudder a little. Thanks for the explanation though, makes more sense now.

  8. OUCH, OUCH and OUCH again! We normally get some kind of warning, don’t we??? Still…it hasn’t been a penis for a while, now so I suppose we were due one! OUCH (again). Not for me, thanks!

  9. Not much makes my tummy turn, but when I clicked through this time I had to put my breakfast down for ten minutes before I could finish my peanut butter sandwich.

    I guessed right, though! And it is gonna leave one HELL of a cool scar!

  10. Swampy.. It’s a huge bit of bloodied flesh held by a pair of tweezers with a click-through. What more warning do you need?!

  11. Fair comment, 27! Ha Ha Ha! Could have been an ear or something, though!

  12. The first thing I thought when I saw the strip of flesh was, “heh, it’s kind of cute; looks like a little caterpillar!” Thank you, Modblog.

  13. I don´t get the last picture either. Has he re-attached the peeled bit as a kind of single-strip braiding? I always thought that didn´t heal?

  14. Oh shit(projectile vomits blood), that’s “humane”?! I understand the point in preserving the skin richer in nerve endings, but Jesus titty-fucking Christ! Is that really necessary? I can’t imagine the result would be worth it, unless you just enjoy having the flesh peeled off your prick. <:0 My imagination is too fertile for me to look at these things, but my morbid curiosity always gets the best of me. I’m adding this to the list of bad habits I need to break, but probably won’t.

  15. I guessed circumcision. I wasn’t completely correct, but pretty fucking close. I’ve been reading too much “Guess What” haha.

  16. #36 he has got very nice nails hasnt he?

    and BTW not have i squemmed so much since the picture of the old old ear plug (remember the one covered in “cheese”)

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