Consensual Female Circumcision

About two years ago Lunette had her inner labia and most of her clitoral hood removed — you can continue reading for a closeup and of course the full pictures at higher res are in BME/extreme — and her and her husband are very happy with the results both aesthetically and physically.

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221 thoughts on “Consensual Female Circumcision

  1. Well, it’s still sort of pretty…but it makes mine hurt.
    I wonder how it feels when she masturbates or gets eaten out. :)

    Yay for her though, since it worked out great for her and her husband.

  2. I think it’s absolutely beautiful, but I wonder if it will cause any sanitary issues because of the whole area being more open to outside things coming in.

  3. wow… this looks really beautiful. just from an aesthetics standpoint it’s visually stunning. i wonder how it feels both physically and psychologically? like if she feels like there’s something missing or, since this is something done consensually, if it just simply feels the way it’s supposed to be?

  4. I have to say, it looks way more appealing then a regular vag. Not that I don’t like regular vag…

  5. 11: You’re not the arbiter of what happens to women’s bodies. I’m fine with women deciding to heavily modify themselves, including their genitals, but… you jumping in and saying what our genitals should be like is another matter. I quite enjoy what you’d call my “jutting to and fro” — more possibility for sensation, more for my partner to play with and take in his mouth, etc.

    How would you feel if someone said to you that it would be aesthetic if you removed parts of your genitals? I’d imagine you’d feel rather different from how you’d feel if you *chose* to modify them for your own reasons and your partner appreciated the mods.

    So… like the mod, sure, but please leave everyone else’s genitals out of this, thanks.

  6. I 2nd the foreskins… and wished more men still had theirs.. but damn mainstream society.

  7. TrinityVA – Thank you!
    Shannon – And men don’t like to hear that either, now do they?

    My general opinion is if you hate vaginas and how they look so much, then leave them alone.
    Not towards this mod, I mean, I’m fine with this, but I do have a problem with people whining about how ugly vaginas are. Seriously, fuck off.
    This is really odd, it looks like she was born like this! I would really like to hear a little bit on what this is like for her, I can only imagine that she feels everything all the time!

  8. I would love to third the foreskins argument. I love, love my boyfriend’s foreskin. It’s a lot of fun to play with, and he’s much more sensitive. (Hurrah for multi-orgasmic boys!)

    But yeah . . . I fear for loss of sensitivity. Not anything I’d do to myself, but it’s great to hear that something with negative connotations (Female circumcision in Africa is a method of oppression, as I’m sure we all know) and turning it into something so positive!

  9. I also support keeping foreskins. There’s no reason for a parent to decide a child shouldn’t have it unless there is a genuine medical reason for having it altered.

    I do like the look of this, its healed very nicely. Personally I don’t like the idea of knives slicing bits of me off, so it’s not for me.

  10. Personally, I love how Vaginas look (and appreciate the varieties available)…

    In regards to this and the sexual function of Vaginas in general, my only concern is the recipient’s pleasure.

  11. if she has no clitoral hood, wouldn’t her clitoris be directly rubbing on things all the time ? i’d have thought that would be really uncomfortable !

  12. I see no problem whatsoever with someone expressing their opinion on what looks good and bad to them an wishing to see more of what they like looking at.

    I’m not offended if someone says they like the look/feel of penis foreskin because I am comfortable with my body. The same way I am not offended if someone said they like the look of natural skin uncluttered by tattoos. I think the only reason to get offended by what someone else likes is personal insecurity with your body.

    This woman also likes the look of her body now that it’s different from most women’s bodies but she hasn’t been attacked yet.

  13. this reminds me of a rubber pussy sex toy. while i high five her for the success for her & her husband, i surely hope all men do not begin to expect this sort of plasticized looking type. (its already bad enough in porn, and the photoshopping vagina’s get to make them look ‘perfect’)

  14. I think it looks much better without the inner labia and the clitoral hood, it’s sexy and aesthetic and I absolutely love it!
    plus, it probably feels realy good..

  15. My inner labia look like that naturally.. I think this girl’s bits look just great. Good for her for doing what she wants with her genitals and improving their appearance(obviously other girls’ vulva are nice too, but since wanted to change hers and she’s happy with how it looks, I assume she feels her appearance is improved now).

  16. first reaction: hot! although there are some disquieting echoes of the aesthetic of plasticized perfection, as dani mentions. does this count as a type of nullification? if she didn’t cut her clit off, i guess not? what is the sensation like?

  17. how is there almost no scarring? how was it done?
    also, will this mean desensitization over time?

    also, i may have to look into this for myself.

  18. I think this looks lovely…just as “regular” woman parts do. Every one is different and has it’s own unique beauty.
    But I find this especially appealing because its truely different from the norm. Like any other odd and/or exotic thing.

  19. Wow! this is just beautiful, I don’t know how her husband can bear to keep his hands away! I’m in love.
    Can i have one too? I I would seriously consider after photos like these! Would love an interview!

  20. Sadly, I think this would be illegal in England. Female circumcision is against the law regardless of consent.

  21. Shannon – maybe they do, doesn’t make it a good attitude though. I think Trinity’s comment applies equally to those women.

  22. I think that looks really neat too! It looks like she was born like that. But I think I will keep my labias and hood because they are things that I can get pierced and labias can hold a shit load of jewelry! But if my labias get saggy and gross from too much heavy jewelry then I will know what to do :) Also getting my hood removed would probably make me TOO sensitive. Just having a hood piercing makes me feel really sensitive. Sometimes its too much and I need to take the jewelry out for the day.

    I also think that circumsizing babies is cruel. They should be able to make the choice for themselves and if they really want to be circumsized then they can get it done as an adult :)

  23. 19: Actually, from my experience, most men either do not care or agree with the anti-foreskin sentiment of 75% of women. I agree whining about how ugly vaginas are is stupid, but so is almost everyone I know saying how disgusting and ugly foreskins are without even knowing what they’re talking about. At all.

    This mod is absolutely beautiful! Personally I’m gay, but I would fuck that vagina in an instant ;D I’m sure she’s happy with it, as well

  24. 19 and 40: What’s this anti-foreskin sentiment? The only anti-foreskin sentiment I’ve ever heard actually came from my own dad, who acted shocked when I mentioned to him that some people consider circumcision of male babies to be a bad thing. He thought it was horribly disgusting that anyone would “leave that on” — it kinda makes me wonder if he spent all his youth staring unswervingly at the wall in locker rooms or bathrooms. HELLO?

  25. oh thats very interesting! definitely very different looking. thats great she and her husband both enjoy it!

  26. i’ve always considered this at the back of my mind but never saw it done before. now i want to do it even more

  27. LOVE this!!!

    I wonder if outer labia can be downsized as well..? Not hers, but in general… I’m going to have to look into this, I didn’t know this was even done as a mod, I’ve wanted to do this for over ten years…

  28. It looks pretty :) Mine looks a bit like that naturally – not quite as smooth, but my inner labia are practically non-existent!

    Regarding foreskins, I’m indifferent as to whether or not a guy has one, but I think it’s something that should be their choice. I don’t like the idea of circumcising babies :( I think – I could be wrong about this – it’s a more common practice in North America than here in the UK? I’ve actually never heard a British woman complain about foreskins – although I’m sure some of them do, which is daft. It makes me think of that episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte is completely freaked out by the guy who’s uncircumcised and basically won’t fuck him… Bloody ridiculous.

  29. NeonSally – Interesting, most people actually want the opposite and get fat injections and son on in their outer labia.

  30. WOW. I’d love to fuck something like that and judging by the third pic it almost looks like someone just has.

  31. Hearing more from her in an interview would be great.
    It looks fantastic on her!!

  32. how does she keep her pussy moist? i ask because my class was talking about female genital nullification(spell?), and the one thing we wondered was if the lips are removed how does the remaining tissue hold moisture?

  33. larger labia are often associated with aging, childbirth..I wish that the ideal of a female vagina wasn’t being handed to us in a manner that constantly tells women that your pussy is only hot when your 12.

    I love that this woman did something she wanted to and loves the results.

    I don’t love the suggestion that a natural women’s body is flawed.
    If lots of women say the same about a foreskin who cares?
    It is just as wrong for a woman to judge the body or genitals of another.

    Like i said i honor the choice- but when so many people have their genitals altered in disfiguring ways without consent I am fairly turned off by comments alluding that more women need to look similar.

  34. Looks like a baby vagina :( but whatever makes her happy. And to those of you who are hating on big labia/labia in general.. If you had not seen so much porn, or if all women in porn had roast beef do you think you would dislike it so much? Probably not.
    I am surprised people like you go to BME. BME is unconventional, preferring the vaginas fed to you by porn is conventional. Way to let an industry decide for you what is attractive or not!

    I am not saying it is all porn, just the majority. Still.. women can’t help that they were born with the genetics for biggish labia. So inconsiderate. It’s like men and their penis size. You wouldn’t like being told your penis is too small and a woman doesn’t like being told her lips are too big.

  35. “Larger labia are often associated with aging, childbirth..”

    Why is that? Have these people never seen young people with large inner labia before?

  36. Oh and #24: I’d say the real insecurity comes when people have to generalize. It’s scary to say “I’d like to find a person with that mod (or that kink, or that body shape, or that personality, or whatever), though I know it’s rare and requires some searching.” It’s much easier to suppose that whatever your preference is reveals something that the unwashed masses around you simply haven’t noticed. It’s difficult for some to fit themselves into a world where their desires are not the norm.

    I spent a long time when I was younger thinking that my sexual tastes made me “more enlightened” than others and making pronouncements on how everyone should act. Then I realized that guess what? most people actually *don’t* share my interests, and that’s OK.

    That’s why I was put off by “More women should do this,” when I wouldn’t be put off by “Man, I’d love to meet myself a girl with no inner labia — that’s fucking HOT.”

  37. ooh pretty. I’ve always thought of doing something like this but would be afraid of scarring/uneven result. Also I am pretty squeamish – scalpels near my bits and all. Damn, that is a gorgeous vag! I’d like to see an interview too. Fascinating stuff.

  38. The pictures, and the visual effect (of both the subject and the pics) kinda remind me of Hans Bellmer’s ‘Doll’ models from the 1930′s and also Duchamp’s Etant Donne.
    I’m glad she’s ecstatic with the results though.

    I do think that foreskin removal isn’t very widespread in the UK, I’m not sure why that is…whether it is due to religion or culture…or a bit of both?

  39. It looks really pretty and smooth. Wow… I wonder what it feels like.

    I don’t think foreskin removal is very common in most of Europe. At least I never met a circumcised guy (as far as I know:p).

  40. Very clean look and unusual, definitely a turn on with all political comments aside. THANKS!

  41. Interesting look but I prefer the natural look since there is so much more to play with and suck on.

    I live in North America and unconsented male circumcision is rampant here and really makes my blood boil. But then again I had the same reaction when I first heard of and every time I hear of female genital mutilation in the middle east.

    Consent is everything.

  42. I’m all for natural looking vaginas, but I have to admit that’s really attractive. It looks so exposed,I wonder if that was uncomfortable at first.
    Kind of looks like my ex’s vagina, with a hood of course. Just because her inner labia were fairly small.

    As for comments about foreskin, I’ve never had a negative reaction to mine. Either they’ve seen one before or never have and just comment on how much skin there is.
    I’m glad I was never circumsised, being born in the 80s where it was bit more common.

    I hate to think of young baby being strapped to that table and having a piece of flesh that’s supposed to be there without any say so. It should be left alone unless it causes complications or he decides later in life that it’s not aesthetically pleasing. Hygeine shouldn’t be an issue at all, I mean you play with it in the shower anyway, might as well wash it.

    I read an article awhile ago that stated the removal of foreskin at birth will result in a loss of so many yards of potential skin and sensitivity that would be present in adulthood if left alone.

  43. Wow,

    Just wanted to post to say that nothing on BME ever creeps me out or barely triggers a reaction in me other than thinking it’s cool, but for some reason this has me feeling very uncomfortable and im not sure why, because it does look nice, but at the same time i dont even want to look at it.

  44. Mel;
    Maybe it’s because it’s not a common thing to see a woman without labia, female circumcision is almost never practised in the open in modern society, unlike Male circumcision. I’m sure if it were the other way around people would react the same way!

  45. I’m going to agree with 67 on this one – I find it a bit too creepy and prepubescent. However, it does look very clean and I can totally see this kind of surgery becoming popular with the porn crowd, especially since labiaplasty is already becoming so mainstream with people in that industry.

  46. #62 – Possibly because it’s rarely done as a consensual mod and is almost always performed in unsanitary conditions on a pubescent or prepubescent girl in order to prevent her from having or enjoying sex, thereby ensuring that she remains the sexual property of her father/husband/male guardian? The vast majority of female circumcision does NOT come out looking like this and is NOT pleasurable. I’ve got no problem with Lunette’s mod, but I think there needs to be a much larger distinction drawn between what she’s done and the female circumcision (FGM) that’s practiced in Africa and the Middle East. I mean, I’m sure her husband didn’t have to slice her open on their wedding night.

    As for the comparisons between FGM and male circumcision, I really don’t think the two are comparable. Yes, no mod should be performed without express consent, but male circumcision is done for hygienic and aesthetic reasons (not that it makes it right). The vast majority of female circumcision is done to reinforce feminine subjugation and prevent female sexuality.

  47. Wow. That is stunningly beautiful. Kudos to her; I’d be way too chickenshit to actually have that extreme a mod done.

    I’d love to see an interview with this woman.

  48. I personally think this is amazing and looks alot better than normal. Kudos for trying it out =]. I do wonder how it feels etc.

  49. Wow. very clean, smooth look– actually, it looks like it would be more comfortable. :/ But I’m not so big on taking the risk of scarring, as I assume there’d be loss of sensitivity…

  50. I’m with those who’ve said that this looks way too much like pre-pubescent genitals to be a turn on at all.

    Kudos to her for taking control of her body/sexuality like that…. I just feel a little weird looking at it.

  51. Beautiful.

    I don’t think it looks prepubescent either. Some people naturally have small hoods or almost non-existent labia. It isn’t THAT far of a stretch from being natural.

  52. I’m so attached to my bicycle that I hate walking, so the biggest thing I think about re: female genital mods is whether or not it would make being in the saddle uncomfortable. No hood == OW. =D

  53. I gotta say- i question the use of the term “circumcision” in regards to this modification.

    I think it confuses an issue that should be straight forward. Seeing comments suggesting this looks so great why are people bothered by female circumcision is disturbing. I am bothered by the thought that anyone would walk away thinking this is what female circumcision looks like.

    I would consider this labiaplasty- just my personal opinion.
    Those who make the connection with these images and stories about the horrors of female circumcision should be aware that this isn’t the vagina of a women who has been subjected to traditional female circumcision- this is more than likely a woman celebrating her sexuality. In a traditional circumcision the idea is to *prevent* sexual enjoyment. The labia is often sewn tightly closed- the clitoris is often removed all together- the “female” is generally a child or young girl who has not consented- the equipment is typically not sterile and have been found to be rusty and dull.
    I suspect if an image of a vagina after a female circumcision was shown the comments would be rather different.
    I hope at least.

  54. can this actually be call circumcision? her clitoris is still their right? I always associate female circumcision with the removal of the clitoris…perhaps the real definition is any removal of the genital area?

    also someone brought up a good point, wouldn’t the removal of the hood basically be like removing the foreskin of a guy? therefore making less sensitive because it is always in contact with the outside?

  55. I’m a little late on this, but….

    I think it looks amazing! Very cool. Personally, I follow Badine’s lead: “I think I will keep my labias and hood because they are things that I can get pierced and labias can hold a shit load of jewelry!” Amen to that, sister!

    I have what I call the Dumbo ears of labia…I used to not like them at all until I started piercing them and putting shit (okay, not shit, plastic beads) in them…now I think they’re fucking awesome!

    So, kudos to being able to change your body in whatever way pleases you the most…whatever form those changes may take.

  56. I’m gonna say it again. SO FUCKING HOT.

    H O T


  57. ummmm….duh!!…of course he is happy!!… can swan dive into that sucker!!…..but it’s like the vag of a five year old!!…..(not speaking from experience….haha)

  58. I laugh at all the people saying it looks better. Makes me think you are pedophiles and react the same way to images of girls under 12. You all prefer vaginas that don’t look a day past 12, eh? Cuz usually with age a female’s vagina will develop more labia and darker pigment. But that is unattractive because that means she doesn’t have a little girl vag anymore. And little girls are so hot! Sarcasm

  59. Ugh. Not hot at all.

    Now, I support her right to do whatever she wants to her body, but it looks like some kind of sanitized, 13 year old boy’s IDEA of a vulva.

  60. I’m not going to get into the politics of this, but OMG, I would love to get into that! Yum. Absolutely delicious!

    PS – This would be an interesting interview, curious how it has effected her, and her husband’s sex lives.

  61. male circumcision has fuck all to do with hygeine. it’s called soap. i’ve never in my 32 years had a hygeine problem unless i’ve been camping for a week and not been able to shower properly. i’m proud to say my son has his foreskin, and i teach him how to clean himself properly. p.s. a childs’ foreskin should NEVER be forced back before it is ready. in some cases it can apparently take until puberty to fully retract. the reason is that it’s attached to the head , so forcing it back is actually ripping it free from his poor little head. ow. this is why it has nothing to do with hygeine… it’s attached. there is nowhere for bacteria to go inside the foreskin.

  62. I guess it’s kind of nice looking though overal it looks rather boring to me. Too sterile/clean/whatever. Almost like a child’s or something which makes it a bit creepy.

  63. It’s lost that “flower” aspect that the inner labias provide. I can see how the gay male commenter above would happily fuck that–it looks more like an asshole now (no judgement on the aesthetics of that, just an observation). So maybe more men like this look because it isn’t as alien to them, they get what a hole is, they don’t get what labia are. Like another commenter pointed out, there are masturbation sleeves that look like this.

    Yay for her for doing a mod that healed up so nicely, and it looks clean and I’m glad she’s happy with it, but would those of you advocating “more women should do this” please consider that what you apparently want isn’t actually a vagina–it’s a nonthreatening, familiar-looking hole with no scary extra bits that you can’t place. (Wonder what it looks like unshaven?)

  64. I think this looks pretty good, and good for her for having something she loves, but anyone who thinks people SHOULD change the way their genitalia normally looks seriously scares me. If you don’t like normal vaginas, don’t play with them. But don’t tell those of us who do like them what we “should” do with ours.

    Also, I think the question about whether or not this is actually circumcision is rooted in the fact that female circumcision as we know it today generally involves cutting everything off, regardless of the actual meaning of the word itself. Anyway, if anyone has seen photos of women who were circumcised as children (i.e. without giving consent), it doesn’t look much like this.

    Lastly, foreskins are great, and women who complain about them are just as stupid as people who think more women “should” cut their labia off.

  65. this is gorgeous! my girlfriends vulva kinda looks like this, sans modification.

  66. Perfect, My wife is going to talk to her Doctor about getting hers’ done as well. Beautiful

  67. I actually like more inner labia BETTER than less. It feels better for me, hopefully better for her as well. I refuse to jump on this fucking recent trend of saying “a vagina looking like anything more than a line is gross”.

    Women should feel more comfortable with how they look, without assholes telling them what “MEN” like. Different men like different things.

    as far as the person who opted to get this modification, I fully support her decision to do so, and it does look nice, and hopefully it achieves everything she set out for.

    I believe modifications should be made to please the wearer, not to conform the idea of beauty invented to sell products to the general populace.

    To quote Sir Mix-a-Lot, “Cosmo aint got nothin to do with my selection…”

  68. Yeah, um, it does look like a baby’s vagina. That creeps me out. And the fact that so many guys are calling it so hot. I’ve never looked at a baby’s vagina and thought “hot” . . . creepy.

  69. i love this!

    I would really appreciate more information and articles on mods like this.
    They have always interested me and i wouldnt mind having removal / reduction done myself.

    Very beautiful. x

  70. #96; Well said, is all I can say. Cheers!

    Personally, I have to agree with the others who have said this looks like a pre-pubescent girl’s vulva (vagina = inner). I should know, being female ‘n’ all. I can see why some people would find it aesthetically pleasing, but meh… Each to their own!
    I, myself, have quite big inner lips, and my boyfriend enjoys them a lot. So if they’re good enough for him, they’re good enough for me, as much as I might not be their biggest fans. I would never go and get them cut off though. They’re that size for a reason, and I’m completely comfortable with them.
    And as for the anti-foreskin crew. Wtf? Foreskins are amazing, at least my boyfriend’s is. I’m currently in college (I’m in the UK), and whenever the oh so frequent topic of sex/penises pops up (no pun intended), the amount of girls that are grossed out by foreskin is unreal. I once heard a girl saying she would dump a perfectly great guy just for being au naturel! Then again, I’m an 18 year old stuck in a college full of 16 years olds. What do they know?

  71. How could one be willing to chop off such a erogenous part?
    Plus, I agree with LeeLee about this lookign like a baby’s vulva. The 2000′ are defnitely boring with all that shaving. I like better moustachioed women (and men!).

  72. Am I the only person that thinks this looks quite strange and alien? It doesnt look like much fun to play with and certainly not to eat. hey as long as she likes it… to each his own.

  73. I think this is a really bad idea. It may look nicer aestetically(sp?), but in truth, the inner labia serves a purpose-ugly or not( although as a lesbian, I like vaginas just the way they are). Without it, a woman is much more prone to yeast and other kinds of infection as the inner labia helps to protect the vaginal by allowing the vagina to only secrete as much mucus as it needs to at a time to clean itself- in fact, a man’s foreskin serves the exact same purpose. And female mutilation serves the opposite purpose btw- to close up the vaginal opening almost all the way, allowing the woman to still be able to menstruate but that’s about all.

  74. YAY! for # 96!!! (more men like this please!)

    and NAY to barbie cunts!!!

  75. ugh. I mean, it’s her body and all, but that is horribly unappealing to me.

  76. well… it look very nice but what about sensations….
    i’m still big inner labia fan …and i think it much more nice with the inner labia in place the woman got a beautiful vagina after all …tasty pinky colour, very smooth look ,nice skin …but to give a good openion we must see before and after pics

  77. i’m so used to the natural state of the vagina that, that looks quite alien to me… but so do uncircumsized penis’ since all i’ve seen is this cut up one all my life… so i assume given time i and others shall become accustomed to what ever is shown to us with enough repetition. That said, i do quite enjoy and find refreshing when someone does what they feel to be the right thing for them. i wasn’t even given a choice about whether i wanted mine done or not.

  78. I have to repeat the request for the back story on this picture. The comments have ranged from the supportive to quite negative. I’d like to know how everything ‘works’ now. Is there a moisture issue? Is the clitoris open to more stimulation, if not constant stimulation? Most of us here have taken a small step in modifying what Nature gave us so getting the urge for a change here and there I can understand – I’d like to know what brought on such a big modification.

  79. I myself looked into getting this same proceedure. If u go to a plastic surgeon they call it “labiaplasty” and it costs $2,500 here in Canada. Apparently, LOTS of women do this. :)

  80. A few points. This would be legal in the US, as the clit hood is removed..not the nerve bundle itself.

    As for the people who are saying “saying a vagina looks better like this is wrong, what would you say if someone told you would look better sans some part of your bits”? I’ve had that. I’ve gotten to the naked/forplay part of sex, and then been kicked out of bed because of my clean, healthy forskin. Not just “eh, I don’t like it” but “i won’t have sex with a man who’s not cut”.

    And as for the “it looks like a babies bits”…how many of you are looking at babies bits to compare it to? She looks a lot like my 19 year old ex girlfriend. Some women have almost no inner labia. Very pronounced clits, and so on, naturally.

    preferring one look to another is normal. There are some female porn stars I don’t look at much because I dislike how their organs look. It’s all personal taste.

  81. Hot? I feel sick. :)

    Praise his/her courage and commitment, though.

  82. I’m from the UK and have only come across a circumsised guy once. I was certainly suprised; as it seems to be uncommon over here. Personally, I definitely prefer uncut guys! So much more fun ;)

  83. #114 – “I’ve gotten to the naked/forplay part of sex, and then been kicked out of bed because of my clean, healthy forskin. Not just “eh, I don’t like it” but “i won’t have sex with a man who’s not cut”.”

    WTF?! That’s ridiculous! Girls seem to have it drilled into their heads over there (US) that foreskins are dirty and unclean. That’s absolutely crazy. Isn’t one of it’s sole purposes to keep that area clean?
    I’m still gobsmacked, Dra. I really am.

  84. #114 I know what a baby’s looks like because I am a woman and I have changed diapers. I have seen thousands of vaginas and none of them look just like this without the aid of surgery unless they belong to a little girl or a baby girl. I don’t care what this woman does but I don’t want anyone hating on natural vagins (or natural peens) Genital shallow is so ridiculous.

  85. 28: Mine as well.
    I have a general lack of hood and inner labia, but I find hers very pretty.
    I love my outer labia piercings just as she loves how she chose to modify herself.
    Good for her…putting a needle near there was one of the hardest decisions yet.

  86. Referring to #12 and #14:

    TrinityVA is (in my opinion) the type of militant bitch who has to start fights. Explain to me why a you gotta jump that dudes shit because of a comment like that? I don’t feel your response was anywhere near warranted. I’ll even go as far as saying I agree with him. Some girls have enormous lips that just gross me the fuck out and I won’t eat it either.

    So step down off your horse and let everyone speak there mind. What happened to the days where Shannon would post something, we’d take a look and give our comments in a friendly, open manner without having to worry about people acting like an ass (such as yourself)?

    Seriously, STFU.


  87. I personally think this looks absolutely gorgeous. To any females who have a problem with men enjoying the aesthetics of this, I’d like to point out that both sexes are constantly reminded of any suspected faults in their bodies, it isn’t just women. If the girl who had this done got what she wanted, and it looks like she did because many of us find this very attractive, then I’d kindly ask you to step off your high-horse and allow us to appreciate the photos. This modification, while rare, is no different than anything any of us have done to ourselves.

    Also, I read a lot of comments regarding male circumcision. You have every right to personally think it shouldn’t be done, but keep in mind that many of us (while we did not have a choice in the matter) are very appreciative that our parents opted to have it done. I won’t place my personal thoughts of aesthetics here because it would negate my previous point, but suffice to say that I don’t appreciate those of you considering it a bad practice.

  88. Ashent – your comments on male circumcision raise some interesting points – you say ‘many of us’ (refering to forcibly circumcised males) appreciate having been circumcised – it would be interesting to know what you base this ‘knowledge’ on.. also, i would like to propose that, just maybe, many men ‘appreciate’ childhood circumcision because they’ve grown up knowing no diferent, or that they were told by their parents ‘its for the better’ or other such reasons, which, children being children, they would naturaly accept as an irrifutable truth…
    personally i find the idea of forced childhood circumcision abhorant and barbaric; but, when done electivly and at an age when the recipient is able to truely grasp the implications of the choice THEY are making, i have no problem with it…
    as for Lunettes mod, i’m still not sure, although it will be interesting to see my girlfriends’s reaction to it…

  89. i like how it looks aesthetically, no hatin’ on the bacon curtains for me either though. labiaplasty is pretty sweet if that’s what you’re into, aside from being more susceptible to infection and scar tissue possibly interfering with future childbirth i don’t see cons in modifying your body. there are no right or wrong reasons. personally though i think vaginae shouldn’t look like something you swipe your credit card in.

  90. I came to this discussion via a reposting of it to a different site (chubbyparade). I understand this is a list for those who have elected some body modifications.
    I would assume that these modifications are associated with attractiveness and/or sensate enhancement. What the first part implies is a change that will help you attract the kind of person you would find attractive. So the gal who pursued this option has her reasons – hope it works well for her.
    That said, the sexiest, hottest pussy I’ve ever seen is the one that is part of the woman I’m in love with – whatever it looks like. I love labia, inner and outer – and for heaven sake, keep the pubes! These pictures don’t look sexy at all to me – it looks like a, well, a gash. It looks… sexless, undeveloped and immature.
    But then again, she didn’t do it to please me, did she?
    I have a close friend – a former lover – who had to have reconstructive surgery due to cervical cancer (she’s just fine – 10 years out with no sign of a relapse). She lost her pubes and some of her labia from the reconstruction.
    She has the most beautiful, hottest pussy I’d ever seen – because it’s hers.
    PS: Yes, there are a few body modifications I’d consider for myself.

  91. dhtseany

    I disagree, fully.

    Trinity jumped on someone saying all women should get this done. I think what was said is massively offesive and deserved to be jumped on.

    Dra, above, relates the he was kicked out of bed for being “uncut”, is that ok? Of course not, so saying all women should be modded like this, is encouraging the exact same attitude, that our bodies aren’t up to spec, and should be changed for the pleasure of some other person.


    If YOU want to mod YOUR bod, do so, but don’t tell others this is how they should change themselves, just to be aesthetically pleasing to you.

    Noting above that labiaplasty is a very common procedure: mostly it’s for reduction or evening up the symmetry of both lips. It is not common to have the labia completely removed.

  92. i say, if both like it, than do what you want and whats your desire. i think she has this horny desire for genital cutting and her lover or loverin too. so she will be happy during cutting and with the result too!
    and what the other people think – this will be for her like shit, equal…
    because, who is brave for this step, who will not hear to others meanings….

  93. Thank you, Biscrunch; that’s exactly what I meant.

    As far as me being a militant bitch, I’ve got no idea what that’s even supposed to mean, but hey, it sounds pretty cool.

    *buys nightstick and mirrorshaded sunglasses, puts them on and glowers at general commentariat of ModBlog menacingly*

  94. well, her pussy do look good & tidy….but I’m a fanatic of large labia minora. I enjoy eating a large pussy with flabby labia minora. Anyway, if she feels good about her pussy, then it should be all right…that’s what matters most!

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  96. Ya know, I’m really not excited for this to become a fad. All of a sudden everyone will be saying their pussy is ugly because it’s “jutting to and fro” as a previous commenter has said.

    I like my sexy, full labia thanks. It creates different sensations than just clitoris-to-object contact.

    Though, I have known some ladies who have an incredibly hard-to-find clitoris who can’t seem to give it enough contact. For them, this would make sense.

    In fact, that could be the reason the couple chose to do this.

  97. It’s got to be a labioplasty. Every definition of female circumcision I’ve seen involved removing at least part of the clitoris, and bringing the labia together, not apart. It seems like an insult to women forcibly mutilated to use the same term.

    …I love people touching my labia. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I’ve gotten off without playing a little bit with my labia first. It seems weird everyone here talks about them like they’re just in the way, as if they don’t contribute anything by themselves.

    Maybe this woman wasn’t a fan of her labia (and don’t get me wrong, grats to her for doing what she thinks is best), but I’m not a big fan of the idea of vaginas without lips. Barbies and babies…not sexy. Labia reductions were scary enough, but complete removal? Please, please, please don’t let this become a big trend.

  98. I wish I had the guts – it looks clean and beautiful and H O T as mant poeple put it. I wish I had the guts – not yet ….

  99. What I think is very disturbing in this culture is that more and more women want to or are supposed to look like little girls. It is perverted. We are now supposed to shave every little hair off and now mutilate our bodies to look like a 8 year old? Is that what women want or what they think men want? There is something very wrong.

  100. people are talking about this as if all desires develop in an absolute vacuum, with no out side influence what so ever. If no woman at any point in history had ever had this done to her, and if our pornified culture wasn’t constantly feeding us images of pre-pubescent female genitalia, it might be something radical. But it’s not, there’s nothing radical about it at all; it’s the misogynistic status quo personified. She chose it for herself? Why? Why did she think her natural genitalia weren’t good enough, and that a chopped down version would be better? Her husband likes it? Big fucking surprise there!

  101. KaliWolf – Most people are talking about the aesthetic reasons for this, but how do you know why she had it done? Why are you so sure her husband adapted her thoughts into thinking her pussy wasn’t good enough? Precisely.

    Although your point about desires developing in a vacuum are true, maybe it spawned from her own dislike of her labia? In the same way I can like a painting for no reason, and you could hate it for no reason. Maybe her labia were so large it hurt to have sex? Maybe they were damaged or scarred, possibly for piercings or other reduction surgery? Maybe it’s her own fetish? Maybe she had to talk her husband round on the idea? Maybe she had it done before she met her husband?

    You don’t have enough information to give your opinion on her reasons for doing it, so don’t judge them.

  102. i want it.
    its gorgeous.
    better then a normal vagina.
    so much more atractive.


  103. I don’t see what is unusual about the look of this woman’s genitals? I would have to see before and after pictures to see the difference.

    I look similiar to this, except I think my labia minora is a little bigger and my clit hood might be a little bigger, but it is very similar. I guess women have a wide variety of looks down below. I thought we were all the same.

    Personally, I don’t think it matters what you genitals look like as long as they are clean and healthy! I am afraid that this practice could make women feel bad who have large labias. With everything else we have to worry about, the size of our labias should be safe from scrutiny! :o

  104. It’s ever-so-pretty I wonder if it takes more careful cleaning? I’m quite neat and tidy down there myself though, so I’m not too bothered by my own lips, they wrap round a cock a little but that’s all good. :) xx

  105. I think the removal of the inter labia and hood is gross.
    I am gay and I personally would not eat something like this!!
    I have to say it healed up nice but no way would I want a thing like that.
    I have a fedish for big inter labia lips so why would I like this??

  106. I know I’m coming late to the party here, but from the feminist camp, here are my thoughts:

    The problem is less the individual mod than the cultural pattern behind it. I think the reason so many women have an automatic “saying people ‘should get this done’ is WRONG” reaction is because there is a very, very long history of the cultural female body being something shameful and dirty that ought to be cleaned up in any way possible. Female circumcision, menstruating women being ‘unclean’, even our recent epidemic of eating disorders, the predominance of a porn aesthetic in society… these all fit into a millenia-long pattern that says women should be pliant cock receptacles that do not take up space, have no ‘extraneous bits’ (i.e. bits that are not specifically for male usage), etc. A mod that caters to such a long social history is difficult to endorse.

    While I understand that BME is all about what an individual wants to do with his or her body, and in no way am I saying that this particular instance was a case of the woman being pressured into it, mods don’t exist in a vacuum. It’s why there’s a difference, in my thinking, between breast augmentation and scarification in terms of body mods.

  107. Just stumbled across this pic when I was searchin for pictures of VCH piercings. To me, this does look alien, like…plastic. Like another user said, it looks now just like a bare, pink hole, not interesting at all o.O
    But well, if the girl/woman in question thinks it necessary…

  108. I was looking at vhp because I had mine done a while ago and found this page
    now guys will expect perfect pussies just another thing girls have to be self consisous about woooo
    looks really hot but is not a real girls vag good enough/?
    seems like guys expect us girls to look like cassandra lyn and be perfect
    sorry its not like that sadly
    sorry about the moan lol

  109. I agree with Itxaro. And I dont think those who think its beautiful should force it on those who dont. We dont have to like it if we dont want to. If we think its wrong we think its wrong. Get over it!! I think sex wouldnt be enjoyable for this woman anymore. If you doubt me maybe you all should research female genital multulation. Especially those who want to go get the same thing done.

  110. Why are so many people on this blog saying that male circumsation is wrong but on a female to THIS extent is right? What the FUCK is wrong with you sexist pigs? I dont care what the majority of you are saying this is fucking sick and female circumsation is more multulation rather then a piece of skin getting removed from a dick. THIS is the the equalavent if a man was to get the head of his penis removed! They do this to little girls who dont give their consent in third world countries. THIS IS WRONG

  111. the outcome is similar in appearance to a woman who has had technical difficulties delivering a child.I once dated a cougar who described the gruesome opperation like the ob/gy was peeling fruit with a scalpel. she says she lost alot of sensation which ,to my benefit ,awakend her to more deviant sex practices.personally though, as another girlfriend of polynesian decent once said, “what looks the best doesn’t always feel best”(referring to her juicy posterior), I lust for big meaty piss-flaps on a woman.but hey, whatever butters yer toast. I dont know how to descibe it ,but i believe I had a botched circ. myself. Leaving a piece of skin reattached to the head that forms a loop almost big enough for a small pinky to fit through. I was self conscious of it very early in life, but to my surprise , It is most always greeted with amazement. so, “fixing” it wouldn’t have made anything any better, nahwameeen?

  112. I have to say to everyone that said “More women should do this and women with Labia look disgusting”…Fuck you, and fuck off and die in a hole. Thanks.

    Okay to answer some questions first off, taking off the clitoris can lose a lot of sensitivity. In some countries such as Africa and places over there, little kids at approx 12? I believe it is, preform a ritual where they are “accepted into womanhood” and get their ENTIRE genitals removed. Meaning NOTHING but a teeny hole that is the size of a match.
    To me this picture looks rather…well just not something I Would want to deal with. If i saw it i would wonder where her clitoris was and if that was actually natural, to be plainly blunt it looks gross. Now i do respect woman’s decisions but i totally disrespect people that say all women should do this. That is like saying every man should be circumcised. To me it really does look like a 5 year old’s vagina, i would know because i have two sisters who feel the need they should run around naked everywhere, gross LOL
    Anyway my point is, you can say its hot, you can say you would like this in a woman, you can say its gross but do NOT disrespect other women, you have no clue how this surgery is performed and over 50% of the women that this happens to is used with RAZORS or SCISSORS and WITHOUT anesthetic, meaning they feel ALL OF THE PAIN, as well as they don’t get any choice whether they want to keep their genitals or not, they’re brainwashed and in those eastern countries a woman is considered just a thing for a man to get pleasure from, and make babies with. That. Is. It.

    Disgusting society, no?
    So take a moment and think when you say more women should get this. So more women should be subjected to looking like 5 year olds, feeling ALL of the pain (which i would estimate it is about as much as cutting the head of a man’s penis off slowly, and taking the foreskin off as well.). Sorry but i would prefer a non pedophile world, thank you and have a nice day.

    Sorry if i may have came off a bit rude but i am beyond sick of those comments “all women should look like this” and “The -natural- female pussy looks so disgusting” So to all those people, Fuck the hell off and go die in a hole.
    To those that respect women and are just saying that they think it looks good and whatnot, good for you and i respect the fact that you are not stating all women should look like this, because personally a natural vagina looks more attractive to me than this, and i am a female and not a lesbian LOL so you can see my point. My boyfriend finds this to be a bit disgusting too and god..he cringes EVERY time he hears female Circumcision

  113. I have to say as a man this is pretty disgusting. It doesn’t even look like a woman’s vagina anymore, it looks like a child’s vagina for cryin’ out loud! Seriously guys for those who said that more women should do this, and it looks better than a regular vagina, GET A GRIP OF YOURSELVES! Do you not hear what you’re saying? You are telling all women out there(majority at least) that their vaginas are not good enough? That they should get a razor to their vagina and just cut away what you find grotesque? I am a man and i wouldn’t even want to touch this, it doesn’t look normal, it looks fake, barbie-ish, and just plain plastic. Her vagina just looks like an open canal, and I’m sure she has lost some sensation and doesn’t receive the same amount of pleasure as before. I for one like my vaginas to be normal, and natural. I can’t imagine eating this thing out, i mean..really that would be gross. As for her “Juicy posterior” she probably slapped some water on there and rubbed it around a little.

    “I laugh at all the people saying it looks better. Makes me think you are pedophiles and react the same way to images of girls under 12. You all prefer vaginas that don’t look a day past 12, eh? Cuz usually with age a female’s vagina will develop more labia and darker pigment. But that is unattractive because that means she doesn’t have a little girl vag anymore. And little girls are so hot! Sarcasm”

    “I actually like more inner labia BETTER than less. It feels better for me, hopefully better for her as well. I refuse to jump on this fucking recent trend of saying “a vagina looking like anything more than a line is gross”.

    Women should feel more comfortable with how they look, without assholes telling them what “MEN” like. Different men like different things.

    as far as the person who opted to get this modification, I fully support her decision to do so, and it does look nice, and hopefully it achieves everything she set out for.

    I believe modifications should be made to please the wearer, not to conform the idea of beauty invented to sell products to the general populace.

    To quote Sir Mix-a-Lot, “Cosmo aint got nothin to do with my selection…””

    “Yeah, um, it does look like a baby’s vagina. That creeps me out. And the fact that so many guys are calling it so hot. I’ve never looked at a baby’s vagina and thought “hot” . . . creepy.”

    Totally agreed. It LOOKS like a baby’s vagina and here all you men are saying it’s hot. Well i for one wouldn’t leave my baby sister with you for babysitting! You might sit there and want to stare at her “hot” vagina.
    Didn’t that sound gross? Well just LOOK at the comments, and really look at them. They ARE gross aren’t they? Also I personally HATE those types of nails, i had a girlfriend who had those and it drove me insane. It makes them look like fu*king porno whores when they do this……

    Leave your vagina the way it is, if a man doesn’t like it then Fuck him. He isn’t a real man!

  114. Without the lips I have no real indication what it is. It now looks like a gaping asshole. Too much goatse I guess… meh I am just overall displeased as well as disturbed. The clit just looks like its floating around there. Aw it’s lost <3 Yea I would not hit it.

  115. ummmm does it realy loook good?!?!?! omg i cant believe it…. this looks like a small plastic gap. :s :s

  116. if u want to c how its done look it up on google images idnt no if its the same here but in africa i looks painful

  117. I like this, it reminds me of the Muslim world. Some immigrants from Africa bring this practice to America so we may see more of this in coming years

  118. you would have to worry about small things getting inside of you. on the other hand it does look nice. also looks like easier penetration.

  119. this is nothing like what they do in africa, google it. They cut off everything and then sew it shut, leavein a small hole for urine and menstruation.

    I think everyone should be able to do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. Whether its plastic surgery, periceings, tatts, whatever…….however PLASTIC is the keyword…to me its only cosmedic if there was some kind of injury or illness that cause a deformatiy that you are repairing…Boob jobs, face lifts, all that kind of stuff leave you looking PLASTIC.

    As for this pic, I have to agree, it looks like that of a child. Which is fine for her I guess, but I’d be afaird of any man that thinks this is an improvement…its too close to child porn. And considering this is the only part of her you see, there’s no face telling you she’s older than 18 SCAREY that so many think its “hott”

    Male cirumcision is done for lots of reasons includeing reglion. I have had boyfriends that were and weren’t. I prefer the look of those who have had it done. But is it just me, or by the time you see that part of the body, you already love that person, and don’t care what it looks like(size, cut, uncut, shaved, unshaved) Its just a part of someone you love so you love it….I notice some people said hygene is not a part of it…..there is such thing as “cheese” which is really NASTY. I am a woman, and not sure if this is common or if it just comes from someone not takeing good care of it, but its gross.

  120. you guys think that $hit look cute!!! look at these links then tell me you want your box looking like this. Besides your cutting off tissue that’s filled with nerve endings similar to those on your fingertips. you’re just going to end up aesthetically correct with no functionality. I’m also completely against circumcising your children, it’s not the parents decision to make.

  121. i don’t understand why she removed then…
    I have no inner labia by nature( was born without orso)
    and i feel incomplete because of that…
    and its also not really “easy”or something because you have more slime or something
    and clitoral stimulation can be painfull sometimes

    can anybody tell my why she chose to remove them?

    (sorry for my bad english, i’m european)

  122. Looks delicious! I would love to bury my face, penis, fingers, toes, etc. in this beautiful vagina. Although, I would also feel the same if there were lips jutting to and fro.

  123. Good for them, it is very nicely done and interesting.
    I kind of feel bad about mine now.

  124. Seems a bit strange to me. I wouldn’t go that far to satisfy a sexual need. I don’t underdstand the girl in the UK saying she has friends who say they don’t like foreskins on males, as hardly anybody in the UK who isn’t Jewish would do that to their children. I thought it was mostly done in backward USA society where they do all kinds of cruel things, such as having their cats claws removed.

  125. I thin this looks very cute. Pink and pretty! And obviously she has done this voluntary, so why not.
    Congratulations for this decision.

  126. I am indifferent to this. It does look unusual and ‘clean’ however quite a lot of people have brought up the issue of yeast infections which I would be worried about.

    It is not unusual though to be turned on by something which is out of the ordinary so wonder if this would get the same reaction if more women had a nymphectomy carried out.

    I personally have large lips and although they can get in the way, as someone else pointed out they are fun to pierce. My partner loves the sensation of my dangling inner labia piercings whilst we have sex and can roleplay with chastity etc.

    I am more shocked by the removal of the clitoris, but am beginning to understand more why women have it done. But this woman still has her clitoris intact.

    Vaginas are so varied and they all look so different – even more so that cocks. I get the feeling that this woman feels empowered by her surgery and is proud of it and that at the end of the day is the main thing!

    I love my body mods and expect that most people on this site do, however those without mods often judge and think the same about us. Why would someone want to put metal through their eyebrow, etc. If it makes you happy and doesn’t harm others then do it (shit I’m sounding like Jerry Springer).

  127. With regards to male circumcision, I don’t the idea of babies having it done because it takes away the choice. I am from the UK and it isn’t really done here, however my Dad is American and he had his done as a baby as it is the norm there. Obviously never asked my Dad about sensitivity issues (yuk – some things are NOT discussed). I Have encountered circumsized willies and just thought ‘oh that’s different’ but I don’t mind foreskins. Maybe I am hardwired because that is what I am used to.

    I had two friends from India, one was a Muslim and the other a Hindu and the Muslim guy was teasing the hindu about his foreskin expecting me to be on his side. He thought that all British men were circumsized and was shocked when I explained that was not the case. The Hindu was a bit paranoid about his foreskin which I thought was odd (we later got a lot closer). But over there it was more of an indicator of what religion you were. Funny how a bit of skin can cause such debate!

  128. This looks amazing!

    I too have no problem with a normal vag. But the results of this surgery is just beautiful! I wish my wife looked like this.

    I wish this was the norm, after all in NA male circumcision is the norm.

  129. It’s actually horrifying to think that any little girls I bring into this world may someday feel pressured to undergo surgery to look more like a porn star.

    It’s frightening enough that women are expected to starve themselves like models, shave their bodies completely to create an aura of adolescence, get a breast augmentation if they’re too small, or a reduction if they’re too big or “saggy” (natural). She will be expected to colour her hair when she starts to get older, because apparently “the new woman” that we are creating should look, act and mutilate herself to be a teenager forever.

  130. always a pleasure to see a girl improve herself. getting much bigger breasts, waist reduction, body hair removal, lyposuction, fuller lips [on mouth], and tidy labia are all postive forms of improvement that enable a girl to look more feminine and appealing for a Man. a form of assisted evolution

  131. DaddyDom is that meant to be some sort of joke?

    It says that they are both pleased with this, but female circumcision means the girl ‘endures’ sex rather than enjoying it.

  132. I love how her cunt hole is now always exposed, and the way you can see it’s full of pussy juice. Bravo!

  133. label_us…you are wrong. In some female circumcisions, like those performed in Africa, the clitoris is removed…and in those cases, you would be right. But this lady has only had the inner labia and clit hood removed…her clitoris is in tact. She should have no problem fully enjoying sex.

  134. I was looking for medical notes on reduction surgery and came across this by accident… no really!

    Am I the only man that thinks this looks weird, and not at all sexy?
    Or am I just the only one to be un-PC enough to admin it?

    Hey, it’s her body and I’m happy she’s happy and all, but still… dosn’t look right to me.

  135. The beautiful smooth look is awesome!! Women with big labias and hate them should consider this,but be sure to find a GOOD surgeon. Most girls shave these days and having protruding labias makes it more difficult to maintain. I love the smooth slit look!

  136. I think it looks beautiful my girl had it done only she had her clit removed too plus she had her outer labia fused. We had it opened just enough for me to gain entry. I didn’t do it though she had it done in Egypt when she was 14 against her will and I feel bad for her. She moved to the us when she was 16 and I met her when she was 24. I didn’t know she had it done or even what it was until we got drunk and she told me and showed me her pussy. Arab women are the best she cooks cleans and fucks and all she wants back is love plus I know she will never cheat on me. She is so beautiful. I will try to get her to let me to post some pics for those of u not as lucky as me


    we should emulate them

  138. Do women really choose to be circumsized or are they brainwashed from birth so that they believe they want it? All you need is a change of general opinion: uncircumsized women are NOT whores; they are (as you say) as God made them. So why do you change that? You think God did a bad job which you have to improve???

  139. In New Zealand, where I live, almost no one at all is circumcised. The foreskin is a part of the male anatomy and it’s there for a reason guys. I don’t like to discriminate so I don’t really mind if a guy is cut or not (not that I’ve been with a guy who was, but I’ve seen it) but I guess I prefer if they are not cut, because they have more sensation and it’s fun to play with :)

  140. WTF! most guys don’t care what yur inner lips look like. as long as they are clean and disease free. and i agree with lola and ferry, here. they are right. but lola, in the U.S. (and many parts of the world), men are circumsized due to religious reasons, or because their parents chose to get that done to them when they are little. as for girls, in islam (i think, correct me if i’m wrong) yu get a part of your vagina cut out (i think its the clitoral hood). and circumcision reduces sensitivity for everybody. long story short, this girl made a mistake (unless she had a seriously good reason, like disease or foot long lips).

  141. I can’t believe people on here thinking this looks good. It does NOT look good. It’s just a hole that’s left. What is WRONG with people and their obsession with cutting and plastic surgery?! This is NOT natural. And I bet the sensation is not the same. My inner labia loves getting rubbed and sucked…I know everyone is different but I am sure God created women the way he did for a reason. Gosh such losers!

  142. I think every single person who has commented on here thinking this is cool or looks good has a problem when it comes to human genitals. If you were ok with what’s natural, you wouln’t think this is ok. Another point is that this can be a marketing ploy, to encourage a certain trend among people, go make plastic surgeons richer…I can’t believe people are like “Oh I high 5 her and her husband” DO YOU EVEN KNOW THEM and WHAT THIS WAS REALLY ABOUT?! I don’t think so. Gosh people can be SO STUPID sometimes, no thinking, no insight, no intelligence. They also sound like these muslim clerics who promote this act. Another issue is that YES in Africa and other countires, this is IMPOSED on girls. So please, go research and don’t buy into some stupid 2 lines someone says about a picture…Also male circumcision is bad too.

  143. I can’t decide if I like this or not. In one sense it does look clean and nice. But in a kind of disturbing way it looks like a childs vagina. Don’t think I am a pedofile I have changed many diapers and that is just what comes to mind. I think inner labia is what makes a womans vagina look like a womans and not like a barbie or a baby. But, then again knowing it’s an adult its a strange thought process. Idk.

  144. I don’t understand all the praise for that open gash of a vulva. It is extremely unaesthetic. There is no mystery and no feminine allure. It is just a slit and a hole. Inner labia is necessary to create that beautiful flower shape. This looks like a rose that’s been divested of its petals. Sad, really.

  145. And there goes the last bit of confidence I had in regards to my inner labia. Her transformation looks wonderful though…

  146. 1.) Ban Male Circumcision in the USA.

    2.) Make Female Circumcision mandatory in the USA.

    3.) This will eliminate all STDs’ and sexual dysfunction in the USA.

    You’ve now been enlightened and brought out of the Dark Ages.

  147. People shut up. it’s her body and it’s her choice. so it’s none of your business.
    I am a girl too and I even have a right to do whatever anything with my vagina. you men don’t have a right to push what you think right on to us.

  148. i am arabic girl and most of girls do it in my country and i didn’t do it but really i wanna do it because its better because we suffer without doing circumcision

  149. Looks a thousand times better than natural woman(no matter how many men say they like to suck flooppy lips,minus well go suck on another dude’s scotum,that look and smell unpleasant),all woman should go for this.Much neater,aesthetically pleasing to the eye,not to mention hygeine(smegma),so it probally smells better..Now I know where the clit is and do not have to go looking for it.Penetration ,for both the male and female,must be easier and better without the lips getting in the way.Who did it? How much does it cost? and how long does it take to heal?

  150. i am arabic girl and most of girls do it in my country and i didn’t do it but really i wanna do it because its better because we suffer without doing circumcision .Its cleaner ,its sunnah and if you notice the clitoris is still there ,only circumcised,so there is no real damage

  151. I wonder how it feels when she masturbates or gets eaten out. :) I would assume the eating out is more plesant for her husband then going down there and first seeing all that skin which would be atotal turnoff right htere and then finding smegma and the bad rancid,fishy smell….

  152. more possibility for sensation, more for my partner to play with and take in his mouth, etc. That is disgusting I do not know how a man would like to suck on a ball sack and have all that foul smelling smegma full of bacteria ,must be a real nasty man.

  153. I 2nd the foreskins… and wished more men still had theirs.. but damn mainstream society. I love the USA as a country,but I hate living in the USA cause most men are circumcised.While this looks great on adult conscenting women,male circumcision looks terrible :the glans is dry,the glans(head) is bulbous and the penis scarred,looks terrible,nothing good about it.

  154. can this actually be call circumcision? her clitoris is still their right? I always associate female circumcision with the removal of the clitoris…perhaps the real definition is any removal of the genital area? I think the removal of the clitoral hood fits in the word circumcision as in males cause it means to cut around in a cirle.The other forms can be called excision of the clitoris where it is excised or hacked off(literally) and infiblutation where the opening is sewn jsut leaving a small orifice(literally an orifice)

  155. there is such thing as “cheese” which is really NASTY. I am a woman, and not sure if this is common or if it just comes from someone not takeing good care of it, but its gross. That is why she circumcised the clit and removed the labia minora,because if not they accumulate smegma(cheese)

  156. I wonder if outer labia can be downsized as well..? Not hers, but in general… I’m going to have to look into this, I didn’t know this was even done as a mod, I’ve wanted to do this for over ten years…Yes,they can it is called labia reduction ,you can look it up on the internet

  157. I am very interested in doing this. I would like to know where and how much this was done for? My husband is from Egypt, and who has a egyptian wife there and he said the women there have this done and it is so much better…granted over seas a lot of times it is done wrong when the women doing it do not know what they are doing, but I trust in the US a doctor would know exactly what needs to be done and all would be clean and good.
    Can someone pls post the info of how to go about having this done?
    Also the topic of male circumcision being disgusting or wrong, for the muslim women who posted. It is also a requirement for the men…so? And to be honest my first husband wasnt and my current husband is and by far my current husband is cleaner, smellls better, and looks better then my last. My son is 5 and I made the mistake of not having him done and now will have to have it done with him more grown.

  158. how does she keep her pussy moist? i ask because my class was talking about female genital nullification(spell?), and the one thing we wondered was if the lips are removed how does the remaining tissue hold moisture? you wonder how circumcised men hold mositure?

  159. People ask why male circumcision is not popular in the UK? It is not popular in 85% of the world,cause fathers who are not circumcised know what their male sons would be misssing if they were circumcised,why would you want a dry,scarred penis instead of a moiste head/glans? I do not see male circumcision as upgrading , but rather downgrading

  160. I do not see anything good from male circumcision,unless in the uncommon event you are suffering from a medical condition,The penis with a foreskin is much funner to play with for the owner of the penis and his partners as well,much easier for masturbation both the natural lubrication and the back and forth movement of the foreskin over the glans,As far as oral sex ,some like the bland smell free,taste free penis,but the natural smell of a male is an afrodisiac ,I mean natural not foul and it is way nicer sucking on a smooth glands then a dry one.So I see no benefit of male circumcision,but to each there own.

  161. why is any form of female genital modification ,no matter how small such as taking off the clitoral hood,called a body modification and male circumcision is not,male circumcision should be called what is a body modification or alteration.cause that is what it is.

  162. My son is 5 and I made the mistake of not having him done and now will have to have it done with him more grown. Most likely he will not need one,most uncircumcised men do not need an adult circumcision,but if he chooses to as an adult,it is his decision as adult as was this woman’s as an adult.

  163. Eevn though it looks better isn’t thethe vaginal opening now more open,more exposed.and who did it ? where di she get it done?

  164. What most people don’t realize is that female circumcision was initially used traditionally in the muslim culture before a woman’s wedding. It was used so that the woman would not enjoy sex and only have sex to produce offspring. But the reason this made sex so unwanted is because every time the woman had sex the closed wounds would open and bleed every where and be very painful. I think it’s a barbaric thing to do to a woman and that everyone is naturally beautiful. I’m happy for this person for the reason that it was done properly but I still think that this is just a barbaric thing to do. There should never be a time in a woman’s life where they think they should have this done because all women are beautiful either way.

  165. I’m somewhat suprised with all the terminology being thrown around nobody seems to realize that the circumcision practiced in Africa and among muslims is specifically the removal of a woman’s clitoris to remove any enjoyment other than being a receptacle and breeder. It has nothing to do with male circumcision or what was done to the subject woman above. That’s basically skin modification and up to the individual’s taste. Some people like foreskin and labia and some don’t. Sooooooooo?

  166. Not even close to female circumcision, where your tribal elder cuts out your entire clit and labia with an old knife or a piece of broken glass.

  167. what the girl had her wish. had no choce .my mother had me circumcised at14yrs.said it is best to be done.i do agree with her.

  168. I have to say it is hot as hell. this coming from a lady that loves her girls. I have been wanting this done for years. just haven’t found right place yet. if anyone has any ideas where to have this done in Montana please hit me up

  169. It is good to get it closed by putting rings to inner and outer libia at least 12 paired.this will keep the girl intact and present herself to Herman pure.later you are pure forever to your man.

  170. I don’t mean to bash a body mod but this is pretty gross looking. It doesn’t look right at all, like a finger without a fingernail type thing.

  171. Removal of outer and inner labia is said to prevent the cunt from getting shut firmly, thus reducing inside humidity (moisture) and by this producing severe pain. Therefore, women are induced to permanent masturbation or a nyphomaniac livestyle in order to keep the inner juices flowing. In regard of this it`s not important whether the clit is removed or not.

    Does anybody know more about this saying? Could you confirm or repell the argument?

  172. Think it looks great and if she is happy with that is what matters. A person should be free to do what ever they like with their own bodies, and modify remove whatever they like.

    As long as it’s consensual, thats

  173. I was circumcised of my inner labia and clitoral prepuce in UK when I was sterilized at an NHS hospital some years ago.
    I retain my clitoris and my sex life has never been better.
    The inner lips were completely excised and not just reduced as is the case very often and the resulting cleanliness and comfort is of great importance to me and my husband.
    My clitoral glans has keritonised and although takes longer to reach an orgasm is still sensitive and looks very inviting with the head always visible between my outer labia.
    To be recommended voluntarily.

  174. Circumcision is a MUST in our family:
    Males do not provide a channel for cervical cancer to develop in their partner due to lack of smegma, aural and vaginal sex is more intense and circ is more aesthetically pleasing and less smelly.
    As for women the reduction in labia minora is more comfortable when wearing tight clothing or swimwear, looks better in the bedroom and a partly exposed clit. gives fine sensations all day long!

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