26 thoughts on “Bring on the bare/bear ass jokes!

  1. I’m trying to think of a grin-and-bear-it joke, but I keep coming up with grin-and-bare-it jokes. 🙁

  2. I could barely see his balls and couldn’t bear the thought. So I tried to click thru (I’m embarrassed to say) and it didn’t bare them at all.

  3. 5.he’s gonna need another tattoo so he can be Man-Bear-Pig. 🙂


    for some reason this reminds me of something my dad would get as a tattoo lol

  4. Un-blur it please, Shannon.

    This is so much nicer than a clichéd bear paw tatt

  5. He looks just like my friend’s dad! I showed it to her and we had a good laugh. And yes, I did try to click through!

  6. I’m surprised at the censorship, especially since the pic is on the web uncensored – but not so well enhanced (not ‘doctored’, just cropped well and enlarged)

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