Tattoo Healing

After the wearer of this tattoo broke his back in a fall, the doctors put pedical screws in his back, an infection set in under the cast, and he had four follow-up operations which left him with a giant wide central scar and a back full of smaller scars. People who’d see him on the beach in Daytona would ask him if it was a shotgun injury over and over, which is what it most resembled.

He went to multiple tattoo artists, none of whom wanted to go near the project, until one day on the beach he met a girl who turned out to be Anna from Anna’s Artat2 who told him she could fix it. He’s twenty-five hours into the project now, with about ten hours to go, and says he can now take his shirt off and feel proud.

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20 thoughts on “Tattoo Healing

  1. another great story of how tattooing can take something traumatic like surgery scars and make them beautiful! i know that after my spinal surgery (nowhere near as major as what this poor guy has gone through) i felt very self-conscious of my scar until i got my wings tattooed. Anna has done a fabulous job with this piece and i’m so happy to hear that he’s proud to show off his back – and rightly so, it’s a beautiful piece of work!

  2. That’s definately the most tasteful nude tattoo I’ve seen. It’s beautiful

  3. he’s shifted the burden of explanation of his “shocking” back appearance from himself to the viewer. now when people see his back, it’s no longer up to him to explain the “weird” scars, it’s up to the viewer to decide how they will react to this easily-readable image

  4. Glynnavyre: the wonk that i see is the tigers head, it looks like the head of a small dog on a giant tiger.
    at least he’s happy with it though and hopefully won’t get asked those annoying questions anymore.

  5. would it be better if the tattoo of the lady be lower? there’s a deeper scar there…

  6. @ #12 That’s what I was thinking.
    Although if it were me, I would use the “crack” in his back for a Buttcrack. Sortof a rear view of a nude, possibly. MAkes a more efficient use of the entire length of the scar.

    Or I would just get a tattoo of a big shotgun wound.

  7. Love this, great story, great tattoo.

    12, I think the placement is good, because if she were lower, her whole body would be divided by the scar – this was the placement works and the body stays clear.

  8. I’d love to see this when it is finished. You can barely tell where the smaller scars are! I’m glad your happy now.

    Andrea – I think the head looks strange because it’s tattooed on a bulge. The way he’s standing it kind of squishes together, so part of the head is lost. I think it would look fine if he was laying on his stomach or something.

  9. i would have dropped the figure by an inch, make proper use of the scar/hole

  10. I think the water being kind of symterical is a really good way of disguising the scarring, i like!

  11. that’s lovely. i like the scar on my back, but while it’s much longer, it doesn’t have a hole in it, and people never ask about it because both the scar and i are white.

  12. love the story, don’t so much love the tattoo, coulda been done better. kudos though! reclamation!

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