Doughnutello Articulatio Radiocarpea

Is that a doughnut in your wrist or are you just pleased to see me?

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You’re probably best asking Jorge of Spirit Bodyarts, Chile. He was the man that put it there!

9 thoughts on “Doughnutello Articulatio Radiocarpea

  1. I think I could handle everything up until Jorge manipulates keeps manipulating it. I’d appreciate the end goal of getting it to look right, but I’d also want to punch him.

  2. I’m glad to see that a video has been sent from my country. I don’t know these guys but I’m sure they are just part of the thousands of people living in Chile that enjoy the bodymod and are pleased to see this kind of media. I’d like Shannon to visit chilean websites and see the quality and high status that body art has developed in our country.

    Saludos a los hermanos chilenos que pasan por acá. El bodymod se ha hecho bastante conocido, tanto en Chile como latinoamérica. Ojalá pueda ver más material enviado desde mi país, y que bueno que ya no sean sólo tatuajes y piercings, y podamos ver implantes, suspensiones y arte más heavy.

    Esto me motiva a retomar mi blog y salir a tomar algunas fotos.

  3. Ahh implants are beautiful…..just the process looks brutal eeek…even with anesthetics!

  4. yeah i dont know that i could handle that one myself…

    my question though: does anyone know what song that is in the background?

  5. Fake, don’t worry, I have many friends in Chile and I know that there are lots of top quality artists there!

  6. I was wondering what the song was in the video too..

    The finished implanted circle looks awesome, but all that manipulating looks soo painful.

  7. i made the song with frooty loops and the edition with moviemaker
    and y made the procedure, thank to all

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