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  1. Wooooooooooah!! That is fucking gross. Why would you let it get as bad as this???? I mean really, there’s no need for it.

  2. fuck i was actually eating when i clicked on that,i should have known better surely that dosent happen overnight?

  3. Whoa. My problem nipple would occasionally get pus bubbles before I switched the jewelry, but never anything of quite that magnitude.
    Have to say, I kind of want to pop it.

    And sheldo- sometimes this does happen literally overnight. This probably isn’t a great choice of jewelry for him, though.

  4. as an after though.t…that CANT happen over night? can it? surely there must have been some inkling thTat something wasn’t quite right?

  5. oh god, oh god, oh god… i should have learned by now that if SHANNON says it’s gross then it’s probably REALLY gross. *cringes*

  6. I’m a biologist, and I can unfortunately assure you that the human body can produce an immune reaction worse than this within a very short period of time (as in hours), so this guy could very easily have gone to sleep with a slightly tender (ie grumbly) nipple and woken up with this little shiner.
    It’s quite incredible what the human body is capable of really: Pus is infact just an accumulation of dead phagocytes – white blood cells- that have absorbed as much pathogenic (foreign matter or dead self matter) as they can and then seek a way to the surface before dying.
    It’s an incredibly efficient way of forcing ‘non-self’ material to the surface and out of the body; in other words this is the body on the first steps to rejecting a non-self item – in this case the PTFE tape wrapped jewellery. Most likely there was something on the PTFE that introduced infection into the body.
    I feel for this guy, that must be hells sore.

  7. Is the use of PTFE tape a standard thing? Do other people do this with no ill effects?

  8. I’ll post what I said when I saw it.

    Ohhhhhh my god.

    Oh man!

  9. holy shit. I had to spend a few minutes looking at it to figure out what was going on.

  10. Maybe this guy never hear of a taper. I’ve stretched my nips with tapers three times, it’s not that bad.

  11. I recommend NOT squeezing things like this, it will push the infection into the body. Instead get a hot wrung out towel and press it. The heat should let most of the pus drain.
    Then go get your doctor too look at it, and see if you need anti-biotics.
    And if you want to keep your nipple piercing, downsize, now.
    Still, FUCK ME SIDEWAYS. Thats hideous 😀

  12. I have experienced a similar phoenomenon with previous generations of my nipple piercings before and whilst it’s never been quite this bad it’s always been unpleasant. I have never, however, used PTFE tape to stretch a nipple piercing and wouldn’t have thought that it is a sensible location in which to be using this technique. I know it is used commonly with stretching lobes and have seen it used in septums and lip plates before now, but nipples? I use plenty of nipple play to provide a constant stretch finished off with a taper…

  13. This is one of the reasons I use bondage tape over teflon tape. It’s also not as dry!

  14. oww…i thought mine was bad…geeze…at first i thought there was some sort of tape wrapped around the ring

  15. “Most likely there was something on the PTFE that introduced infection into the body.”
    the fact that the way the way the tape was used is probably the culprit. lack of smooth surfaces. All the little nooks and crannies, that you can see clearly, caused by the fact the tape was wrapped around a fuckin’ cbr . Those nooks and crannies give dead cells, fluid, and, everybodies favorite, anaerobic bacteria a great place to mingle. smart move.

  16. ive had lil bumps on my nips but nothing like that!
    nuff said…i sorta wanna touch it…!

  17. Than CAN happen overnight..
    I got something similar to my 8 months old cartilage piercing(but i didn’t use any PTFE, i actually have the same surgical steel CBR)…in a week or so it returned to normality..
    I can’t imagine that on my nipples…man it got to hurt!

  18. Huh. I had smaller versions of the same thing for months with my nipple piercings when they were fresh. I tried switching jewelry, tried cleaning differently, nothing seemed to work. Didn’t really hurt, never got ‘infected’ per se, just got what looked like pimples at the exit points that had to be lanced regularly.

    They eventually healed completely after I tapered to 10ga and switched from a CBR to a Ti BB.

    Still, I don’t think that the PTFE was a wise choice for stetching this piercing, not at that gauge, and esp. not with a CBR/CBB.


    (Or someone who is mentally incapable of handling a piercing properly)

  20. I’ll second what several other people said – you think I’d know by now that if there is a ‘this is gross, keep that in mind before you click’ warning, that it’s there for a reason.

    Fortunately, I’ve already finished dinner. For some strange reason, this pic makes me want a custard donut for desert…..

  21. For those of you who are complaining he shouldnt have let it get to this point, please read the text that goes along with the photo.

  22. is it bad that the hairy nipples bother me more…
    i really would just like to pop it…

  23. OUCH! It looks like the tape would have irritated the piercing pretty quickly – it’s all crinkled from being wrapped around the awkwardly-shaped jewellery, which would leave plenty of room for bacteria, as well as the ridges of the tape causing irritation. Poor guy 🙁

  24. PTFE tape can do this overnight,I know for a fact!

    Twice I tried using it for stretching my lobes.. The first time I put a few wraps on my plug and stretched ( not a huge stretch) It just was a little warm from the stretch. went to bed and woke up with my ear looking as if it was going to rot off with infection. I didn’t think it was from the tape though…

    Later about a year after I used the tape again and the same thing happened overnight..

    Needless to say I wont to that again.

    The best thing for the puss filled bubble would be sea salt soaks.

  25. That right there is my worst nightmare…
    Had each nip pierced 3 times, NEVER had anything like that happen!
    And yeah… ummm people, should this happen to you…
    LEAVE IT ALONE! Don’t pop it! Hot compresses!!! Let it do it’s thing, or you’ll make it sooo much worse!

  26. yuck! that’s terrible.

    I totally am hands-off when it comes to piercings, especially irritated ones…. but I don’t know if I could resist poping that…. I mean, think of all the pressure it would relieve. haha 😉

  27. I bet if he soaks that thing it’s going to go off like a friggin bomb. And feel much better.

  28. The only thing I can think of is how fun that would be to squeeze..

  29. I periodically have similar (much smaller) bumps to the above developing at either ends of my nipple piercings. I have had Bio-Plast jewelery in the piercings the whole time and they have been healed for about a year and a half now. I find the best solution for me is to clean them thoroughly, lance and drain them and then apply Fucidin cream which is a topical anti-biotic cream of which the active ingredient is Na Fusidate. I also apply a warm (HUGE EMPHASIS ON CLEAN!) compress before rubbing the cream in with a fresh earbud (q-tip)
    This generally cleans everything up and they are back to their former happy state within a few days.
    I have no idea if Fucidin is available overseas, but here in South Africa it is Shedule 4 and only available by perscription – unless you chat nicely to the pretty pharmacy lady and explain that there is no possible way for one to abuse it! (or is there???)

  30. See? We get a warning for a bubble of pus but not for someone chopping half their knob off! Weird…

  31. OOOH MY FUCKING ZOMBIE CHRIST ON A POGO STICK!!!…..my nip did that once but not that badly

  32. FuckingClassy ~ Some people never have any problems using tape for stretching.. and some well.. have horrible problems.

    Some of my friends swear by it, but I can’t use it.
    Probably a better idea to not use it though, just so you don’t have to find out if you can or can’t use it.

  33. I’ve gotta go squeese some spots now just to get over the huge urge to pop that thing!!

  34. I had something like that on my tit ring once but I think thats just because I didn’t clean it for a couple of days…

  35. As someone who frequently reads and sometimes contributes to the TMI forum on IAM…. this is awesomely gross!

  36. How would you like to suck that nipple. Man that would be so great . o-boy just made myself puck……….

  37. yuck. looks like its gonna explode! Draining that must have been a traumatizing experiance!

  38. it’s not that hard to soak that shit a few times a day. a rocks glass, a gallon of distilled water, and some kosher sea salt….

    granted, it’s like 200% magnified or some shit, but that looks pretty damn septic…

    take care!

  39. #74 is right, I had almost the same problem (I just did not let it get that bad) by using tape, clean, just one wrap around and it started forming a buble in less that 1 hour and half (also on a niple). Later I redid with proper (titanium) jewelery strenthing probably faster and I had no problems… Just someone has sensitive skin…

  40. Not sure if anyone else has noticed how dirty the BCR around the ball and where he hasn’t taped it. I’m not suprised he’s got an infection like that!

  41. Donna – ME TOO

    ahhh it looks like a maggot is skewered onto it!!!

  42. oh man, think of the RANGE you would get if you popped that thing!

    ugh, obviously a very bad idea, but i couldn’t resist!

  43. wow…how that happens i’ll never know…mine has never been that bad. and i did mine myself with a safety pin and a piece of ice on new years day in 2005…i don’t think i’ve even had it get pussy. it bled after i did it, was sore for a few days, lost feeling while it was healing for a bit–then it was fine.

    i hope it gets fixed or something. drained or better or whatever. good luck with that.

  44. both my nipples are stretched to 3mm, and i have never had a problem like this… i always use a sterilised insertion pin and jewellery… People should research the correct procedure, or get a pro to do it….

  45. looks as though the ring is a worm of some sort… fuckin’ ring worms *barf*

  46. Ouch 🙁 I hope that got better…and it sounds manky, but I’m desperate to pop the pus bubble xD

    PLEAAASEEE LET ME POP THAT!!? :):))) ok?

  48. Pretty much same happened to me too. I was using a barbell with 4mm balls, so the whole jewellery got inside the nipple. And it happened just in one night.

  49. I don’t understand the purpose of using PTFE tape to stretch. I have stretched my lobes to 2 gauge and my nipple to a 8, no tape was ever used and there was no infection. I have had both happily for more than a decade. Any PROFESSIONAL piercer should know that you DON’T use tape to increase the gauge. The tape has adhesive which is a foreign substance to your body, not to mention the other person’s body oils and whatever else sticks to the adhesive before administering; infection is inevitable.

  50. Hola!
    This modblog had more comments that other my modblogs, strange :O

    And yes, popped it was biiig ‘pleasure’ and gave me biiig relief, uh.

    I always using PTFE tape for stretching my holes, I never had problems with it, really. I stretched without any complications my double apadravya from 1.6 to 4 mm, double frenum from 1.6 to 4 mm, one septum from 1.6 to 3.2mm, two septums from 1.6 to 2.5mm and tongue from 1.6 to 7 mm, but I had only problems with both nipples, this one is right, but very similar infection was on left one.
    And yes, this shot was taken after night, only few hours after using PTFE tape.
    I have pierced nipples from 1998, ten whole years, now everything is all right, I have 3.2 CBR in each nipple and no more problems with it. I’m in this business from over ten years, I know a lot about bm, but I never seen something like this before on myself or clients/friends. I was very surprised that my nipples goes wrong, fortunately those infections was less then one week, I healed them with sea salt & salvia + mayweed.
    Thx for all comments and greetings for all volunteers for pop this :*

  51. Having got a nipple piercing I can kind of imagine your pain. Got mine caught in a few things and ouch that’s bad enough!! xx

  52. haha i completely forgot what i was looking at and i thought the swollen bubble WAS the nipple at first but then realized OH WAIT… thats ON a NIPPLE… now the situation just got crazy.

  53. ummm…i think our favorite comment was the person who said “Oh my fucking zombie christ on a pogo stick” cus that was pretty much our reaction to this shit….who the hell is stupid enough to use tape to gauge their piercings? does anyone have any idea how unsanitary that is? Your body is programmed to react to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that is not you…external use only guys…derrr da derrrr

  54. Omg…I want to see that sucker pop…what a weird fascination. I’m obviously no the only one who likes popping puss bubbles. I used this kind of tape once on my ears and I thought they were gonna rot off. I lost like 3 sizes and was pissed. NEVER use this tape.

  55. I’d hate to have that happen, but it looks so temptingly deliciously awesome to squeeze the puss out of….just saying what everyone is thinking but not saying, you know. You know you’re all thinking that inside. You know you are.

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