Pierced Couples Have More Fun

A teaser from the next BME/HARD update…

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60 thoughts on “Pierced Couples Have More Fun

  1. Ooh. Nice.
    She has like, THE best body ever. He’s also quite big.

    I am impressed by the whole thing.

  2. MORE PICS LIKE THESE PLEASE!! x_x…gosh…that was quite nice…
    i’m pierced..but..no couple is formed with one xD

  3. is it just me or does it look like the tips of his fingers are missing in the first shot?

  4. Both incredibly sexy AND incredibly sensual–it’s photographed in a way that makes it seem really intimate and personal, which is really touching AND sexy. Very, very nice!

  5. I would just like to give a big thank you to these two for sharing these with us!
    He has all of his fingers, it’s just the perspective.
    These two have made some really nice choices with their piercings.
    Also they’re nice to look at.

  6. *runs away from huge weiner*

    now you are going to have all these lurkers coming here looking for free porn pictures! ha

  7. Haha, I can’t tell, is that a long Christina piercing, or a Nefertiti piercing?
    I’d love to have the latter.

  8. They’re certainly having more fun than me!
    *toddles off to make a spaghetti dinner for one*

  9. These are so hot… I want a pierced boyfriend now, ha. Lucky girl! Lucky both of them actually, they have incredible bodies.

    This photoshoot was probably tons of fun… jealous.

  10. Holy Shit. That is one huge dick.

    Wow. This is just awesome on so many levels.

    1. Her ass is awesome.
    2. Spankin’ it.
    3. His dick is huge and yet – not gross.
    4. Love the piercings.
    5. Her ass is awesome.

  11. I agree with #11 – there’s something strangely sweet and almost… not pornographic about these pictures, especially the one where she’s lying on her side. Lovely :)

    Not that they’re not totally hot pictures as well!

  12. Amazing, sexy, beautiful.

    Damn i need a boyfriend, i miss those things. Boys, and the things you can do with them.

  13. Hot, especially the second picture.

    Really missing my boyfriend right now… :P


    Gosh, sorry. That was totally inadvertent.

    Sheesh, it’s lovely, and so is she. I’m in actual factual love with these guys. NOM.

  15. wow awesome penis
    most all of the modified penii that i’ve seen have bbeen most definitely on the small side, so this was a nice change.

  16. Beautiful set. Very healthy-looking, heavily pierced cock he has. Most of them that I’ve seen on here really look battered up.

  17. thats so cute:)

    and I love her piercing, I’m getting it next year :)

    PoisonBubbleGum x

  18. Wow, they are a smokin’ hot couple! His penis looks quite delicious, too.

  19. Did we figure out if it was a long Christina or a Nefertiti yet? I also would love the latter.

    And fuck, I think I need to bootycall the boyfriend after looking at that – hot!

  20. i am so envious of her it’s not even funny, why can’t i have that? Whenever i mention a genital piercing to a guy i speak to the reply is usually ‘You fucking crazy?! hell no, my cock is the thing that does all the piercing’!Ughh, i am so fraustrated with Jamaican men, they’re terrified of a little needle.

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