Bathtime Gamer Girls


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38 thoughts on “Bathtime Gamer Girls

  1. I know, I know… nor every tattoo has to have a great story or beeing just amazing piece of art, but I just dont understand why you would put such design on your skin for ever.
    I think its quite a shame to consider your body just as a blank canvas where you can put whatever comes you in mind.
    Bad for your karma… ;-)

  2. I secretly love gamer geek tattoos but probably will never have the (proverbial) balls to get one. However, I’m distracted from the tattoos by the awkward pose… boob squished against tub can’t be comfortable. :o

  3. How could it possibly be “a shame to consider your body just as a blank canvas where you can put whatever comes you in mind.”? Who exactly should I consult with next time I get tattooed? Do you have an email where I could submit ideas for your approval?


  4. #5, I thought OPFA’s point was not about the blank canvas but what he/she viewed as the frivolousness of the tattoo.

    It’s not crazy or stupid to deplore thoughtless acts with permanent effects.

    Before you all leap all over me, I’m not saying those tattoos were IN FACT frivolous or even that I deplore frivolous tattoos. Just that #1 may have been misread.

  5. TripleHelix – Perhaps, but telling someone that their choice of tattoo is bad for their karma and that they shouldn’t be allowed to put just anything on their skin is not productive. I firmly believe in expressing your own opinions when they are legitimate, but telling someone that something as cherished as a pair of (what appear to be) SNES controllers is bad karma, you don’t get to hide behind the old “you misread my intentions” arguement.

  6. Wow, I thought she looked incredibly hot in this, but I guess nobody else thinks so.

    And it’s pretty funny (or at least to me) that OPFA said something about her considering her body as a blank canvas, when her IAM page says something along the lines of “I consider my body a blank canvas for art”

  7. tbh somebody said some bullshit – excuse my french – comment about gamer geek tattoos being bad for your karma….
    seriously :|
    people get dragons tattooed on em and they arent even real! i think it was extremely obtuse of u to say that!

  8. nothing wrong with game controllers, I am happy for her if she loves that.

    I have a problem with the “I find that image cool” i put it on my skin. Nothing to do with geek tattoo (some of the ggek gallery are brilliant), I have the same reaction with more than half of the tattoos.

    I love skateboard, I put a bord on my leg.
    I love dolphins, I put a dolphin on my shoulder.
    I love hotdogs, I put a big giant hotdog on my stomach.
    I love my daughter, I get a scratcher to put her face on my back…

    A bit simple minded too mee, and not very respectful of the inherent beauty of the human body.

    The fact is, I must admit I have a problem with figurativ tattoos. Sorry.

    Thats said, everyone put what he/she wants on his/her skin… ;-)

  9. gah shannon u beat me to the hot comment! she is insanely hot, and the split tongue? Sigh, too much awesomeness :D

  10. #18 Shannon: Ahah, in fact, this site was an experimental “organical” and graphical work about the ideas of anarchism, intend to break the fake old-fashioned fist-star-red-black revolutionnary visuals.

  11. Good for her. :-) I like that she’d not afraid to put something she enjoys on her body, as is her prerogative. :-)

    The vitriol that gets spewed here (though it’s greatly reduced lately) is one reason I doubt I’ll ever submit pics of my new (and first!) inking. :-)

  12. bad for your karma? your body isn’t your own blank canvas to do what you wish with?

    as a believer in karma, you make yourself sound like a very ugly person. oh well, i guess you can big as big a cunt as you want to be.

    i love the ink and she’s a very pretty girl. those SNES controllers bring back so many memories. who wants to get their asses kicked in street fighter?

  13. 1. Beautiful lady with neat tats. I love gamer girls so I’m a bit naturally predisposed

    2. wtf bad for your karma!? OPFA if you knew anything about karma you wouldn’t have even posted anything negative. gotta be positive dude.

    3. Your site might be an experiment but I hope you’ve learned your lesson about user experience and ease of interaction. Your site scores terribly in both.

  14. ok, next time i will say “coool awesome tattoo, great, made me want the same” as majority of the comments.

    Anybody is free to ink whatever he wants, so am I to say I really dont understand it and dont like it, no?

    The place would be quite boring if everybody think the same and finds the same things great.

  15. OPFA – You are completely free to say you don’t understand the motivation behind a tattoo, and yes this place would be a bit boring if everyone followed the bandwagon. But don’t expect anyone around here to glaze over the fact that you denounced her views of her body as a canvas, and then went the extra length to say that her choices were bad for her karma. Constructive critcism is one thing, essentially damning a person does not fall into that category and you can’t expect to have it go unaddressed.

  16. OPFA, no one’s is telling you to be a non-opinionated mindless drone (the is BME!) but saying that that her choice of tattoos is a “shame” cannot be too good for your karma either.

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  18. I usually never post a comment in regards to this kind of thing, but I tend to agree with OPFA, kind of…sort of. It’s a nice, well done tattoo, it looks great on her, but, I do believe you should respect your body, it’s the only one you have. (and I don’t know this girl, so I’m not saying that she doesn’t respect her body, just saying that I can see where OPFA is coming from.)

    I guess I just don’t have a very good sense of humor or something, tattoos like these do seem frivolous to me, BUT (stressing this point), that’s just me.

  19. i never realized the picture of her sucking my cock with her split tongue was on modblog….unless i completely just forgot. oh well. yay

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